Object of desire: florarium interior

For people with a spatial hunger, thirst greenery in their apartments, but do not want to take up the gloves and dig into the ground, florarium - perfect. Heroine spoke with representatives of the company FLANDRISS and tell what are florariumy why they are so popular and how to properly fit into the interior.

The first prototype of the modern florariuma was invented by the British biologist Nathaniel Ward in 1829. Dr. Ward has been fascinated by plants, carefully cultivating and studying each hold of the germ.

He was interested in exotic plants living conditions in closed glass containers, because the drop off England whimsical specimens from around the world in open pots was not possible. They died under the influence of sea water and salty air. So he designed a small portable glass greenhouse, which was important in the development of indoor flower.

What is florarium

Florarium - a decorative garden, placed in a closed container made of durable transparent plexiglass. It is an ideal solution for those who love exotic plants, but climate usual city apartment does not contribute to their breeding. Care for flower arrangement florariuma very simple and not very different from the usual gorshochnyh watering plants. Watering the plants should be just as drying topsoil - once a month.

Why so popular florariumy

Florariumy - this is not a new concept, but they can be seen almost everywhere in recent years. Florariumov popularity grows with good reason: they do not require careful maintenance, look stylish in décor and are ideal for people who live in small apartments or do not have your own garden outdoors. Modern florariumy with built-in lighting system works on the principle of the greenhouse. They provide optimum temperature and a unique medium for the growth and activity of plants.

Where can I install florarium

Object of desire: florarium interior Object of desire: florarium interior

Florariumy - it's not just pots with flowers, are living decorations, allowing to diversify the interior of even the smallest room. Especially impressive wall florariumy able to become a stylish and prominent object of decoration. They can be a healthy alternative to our usual paintings, murals and posters - fresh flowers are a source of fresh oxygen, which is so lacking in the apartments of residents of large cities. You can put florarium to any free wall in the house - the choice of location depends on your imagination. It will be important to look in the bedroom or children's - over the head of the bed; in the living room, hallway or in the kitchen - on the side wall. Buy a living wall planters can be the company's website FLANDRISS - the first and only manufacturer of wall gardens of the same name. FLANDRISS Florariumy patented and assembled in the company's own production in Moscow. This little corner of nature will become an additional source of light in the interior of your house, and the company's designers help correctly pick a place to install it. Also on the website you can order the wall of the bowl with plants and flower arrangements to choose from a wall of spherical florariumov.