7 excuses that prevent you to take care of your mental health

Many of us put off trip to the doctor, even if they know that there is a problem, neglected preventive checkups or years do not pay attention to the pain in the body. Mental health is the same - very few people care about it, until the condition becomes critical. We have gathered widespread excuses, because of which you ignore your health.

1. I do not need

7 excuses that prevent you to take care of your mental health

I have no pain, I go to work, which means that everything is in order. What I have for many months in a row, or a sense of apathy irritated on each occasion does not mean anything. Everyone is in a bad mood.

Your life experience often seems ordinary, because you see only him. You do not come to mind that constantly criticize themselves, to be suppressed or to hide their emotions - this is not the norm.

It is likely that you feel that you're okay. But if you had a chance to feel better, would you like to try?

2. Go to a therapist useless

"I do not help" - saying this, you admit that you do not want to do anything. Change your life - this effort, which you prefer not to do. Easier to ignore the problem or put up with it, than to solve.

You'll never know if that helps you psychotherapy, if you try.

3. I'm already tired of digging through a

7 excuses that prevent you to take care of your mental health

Tired understand their emotions, seek the causes of problems, take responsibility for their lives. Tired to compare themselves with others and to scroll in my head everything that happens to me. Tired blame myself for what I was so tired. Suppressing emotions and ignoring their own needs, you only worsens their condition. Enough to reflect wasted, try to understand what's happening to you.

4. I'm too busy

Taking care of yourself - not a waste of time, as the same investment in their success as a good education and good nutrition. Improving mental health can affect all aspects of your existence. You establish relationships with loved ones, begin to more effectively cope with the work, feel better - is not sufficiently valuable to devote to his psychological condition a few hours a week?

5. I do not know where to go for the

7 excuses that prevent you to take care of your mental health

As with any other skill, should start by asking friends and search on the Internet. You may be surprised to find that many people in your surroundings have asked for help from a therapist. However, if not, it too should not stop you.

You can start by researching blogs of professional psychologists, reading articles on the topic of interest or to see a specialist over the internet. We already told you in detail about alternative forms of psychological support, many of which do not require a financial outlay.

6. In my life there were no serious disturbances

It is believed that the need for psychotherapy, only those who are exposed to serious challenges of life: violence, death of a loved one and other negative experiences. But the truth is that we are all different. Someone can move the hard emotional distress, but maintain his composure, someone unsettling moving to another city. When you know that someone is sick with the flu, do not draw the conclusion that he was not worthy of health care, because there is a more serious disease, such as cancer. The same goes for mental health.

7 excuses that prevent you to take care of your mental health

7. I tried once and did not help me

I went to a therapist and I did not like, tried to meditate, but do not feel the effect. It is not necessary to conclude that some activity is meaningless, one negative experience.

Wait for instant results when it comes to mental health, is erroneous. You can not approach a particular specialist or method of meditation. One missing a few visits, while others go to therapy for years.

To learn how to quickly relieve stress and relax, you need to repeatedly practice meditation and breathing techniques. As with any work on a mental health requires effort.

What are the reasons you think you strong enough to seek psychological help?