Shampoo "Grandmother Agatha": reviews, composition and characteristics

Luxurious curls have always been considered one of the main decorations of women. And the men well-groomed hair will never spoil. Therefore, there are many recipes that can make your hair healthy and shiny. One of them is shampoo "My grandmother Agatha". Reviews of the vehicle and its features will be discussed later.

A bit of history

At all times gave humanity hair care essential, inventing many different means. They helped make the hair healthy and beautiful. Currently, the primary means of hair care products are liquid shampoos designed for different hair types. They appeared in the 30s of the last century. Slowly but surely, liquid detergents have superseded solid soap, which before the advent of mass used for washing hair. Shampoo "Recipes grandmother Agafia", which reviews customers leave is considered a relatively new tool. It was created based on popular recipes and innovative techniques in the field of cosmetology.


In ancient times, to maintain the purity of the body and hair, people used various natural resources. For example, in our country the head washed with fresh herbs in the summer, dry - the winter. We used for this purpose also soaked in water, rye bread, egg yolk, and more.

The main advantage of all the old ways of hair care products that only organic, natural ingredients have been used for this purpose. It is the use of public money with minimal use of "chemistry" has staked a Russian company "first decision". She launched a line of hair care and body care. It has given the name to this direction "Recipes grandmother Agafia" in the 2000s of this century. "Face" of the brand image has become a Siberian healer Agafya. The funds are very popular. Especially in demand, according to reviews, shampoo "Grandma Agafia" against hair loss. Also, buyers purchase tar, sea buckthorn collection.

The composition of the shampoo "Grandma Agafia"

According to the manufacturer, all the recipes shampoo, of which there are several dozen species, are prepared in the melt water. It is produced at the company's enterprises. The water is cleaned and frozen, which greatly increases its softness.


It differs from other means, according to reviews, shampoo "Grandmother Agatha". A hair composition includes a variety of herbal mixtures. For different types of used miscellaneous fees. List of natural ingredients depends on the purpose of a shampoo.

The benefits of shampoos grandmother Agafia

Instead of chemical components used in the classic cleansing compositions provided funds contain soap root. He is a natural ingredient that is used since ancient times to wash your hair. Soap root is known for its strong foaming.


The shampoo includes other unique components. Thus, in the composition, according to professional reviews, shampoos "Grandma Agafia" against hair loss, sea buckthorn, tar soap include herbs from Siberia and Altai. This Saponaria officinalis, Gypsophila silky, amaranth and others.

The main advantage of these cleaning components is the absence in the composition of sulfates and parabens, which have a negative effect on the hair. As the active ingredients that accelerate the growth of hair in this series of shampoos used medicinal herbs extracts.

Shampoos are not completely organic product because they contain preservatives and surfactants. However, these tools have soft and gentle action and do not harm the hair.

Shampoo hair loss

One of the most popular means is shampoo "grandmother Agafia" for hair loss. Responses about him mostly positive. This product line is especially in demand.

Shampoo against hair loss on linseed oil with an extract of the root of sweet flag and keratin found to be effective means. Its active ingredients make the bulbs healthy, stimulating their increased blood supply. Improves skin tone. Calamus root has been used since ancient times in folk medicine as a remedy for incipient baldness.


The tool comprises a large number of vitamin C, so has a marked antimicrobial activity. Linseed oil, part of the composition comprises linoleic unsaturated fatty acid. It improves cellular metabolism and improves the skin's barrier function. Keratin - a protein that is part of the hair and nails. He retains moisture, protects against dehydration.

The composition of this shampoo, as well as all means of a trademark includes soap root. It has a sparing effect than the chemicals used for that purpose in other shampoos. The present agent is produced in the package volume of 300 ml.

From hair loss with burdock root

Another popular remedy is, according to reviews, shampoo "grandmother Agafia" for hair loss on the basis of burdock oil. Popular means comprises a different set of herbs. The composition, in addition to traditional melt water and soap root, burdock root part.


Also, the list of ingredients adds oil hawthorn and coriander, Ural licorice extracts of oak bark, plantain, hops, sage and nettle. The shampoo also contains vitamins B6, B5, E. It perfectly washes the hair and has a strong firming and healing effect.

C by addition mumiyo

The sale is also a series that includes the composition of the mummy funds. For people facing the problem of hair loss, it is recommended this shampoo "My grandmother Agatha". Customer reviews indicate that it is a special tool. It prevents hair loss and brittle hair.


The shampoo is based on the 17 Siberian herbs. It includes red juniper and golden root. In combination with the mountain mummy creates a powerful healing effect. The use of funds leads to the cessation of hair loss, it gives them strength and ensures healthy growth.

Tar shampoo

Among the shampoo pronounced therapeutic effect has means based on birch tar. Since ancient times, this component is considered an excellent antiseptic, antifungal hair. Tar shampoo "Grandma Agafia", which provide reviews of professionals and buyers, marked by high quality.


This is a special dermatological anti-dandruff and seborrhea. Birch tar normalizes the function of the sebaceous glands of the head, accelerates recovery of skin cells and hair, improves blood circulation.

Also the structure of this shampoo include the high activity component antiseborrheic climbazole. It inhibits the growth of fungi that cause dandruff. The therapeutic effect of vitamin PP strengthens - the only vitamin that is considered a medical drug. It activates the metabolism, thereby improving the structure of hair and body healthy in their whole.


Buyers note the high efficiency of sea buckthorn shampoo "My grandmother Agatha". Guest experts make it clear that this is a qualitative means. Buckthorn shampoo gives the hair volume. The shampoo base includes the juice of wild berries of the Altai sea buckthorn. This substance nourishes the hair. Also included is an extract of the Amur velvet. This component revitalizes hair from the roots without weighing it down, and Baikal root extract gives the hair a natural shine and silkiness.

Customer Reviews

Reviews of shampoo "Grandma Agafia" mostly positive. The popularity of these assets due to their high quality, natural origin ingredients. Also, users select these shampoos because of the lack in the composition of harmful "chemistry."

Dermatologists have seen a marked therapeutic and cosmetic effect when using shampoos presented series. Those who buy shampoos with natural composition note that after the first wash the hair and scalp are much more beautiful and healthier. Consumers are also attracted by the low price of the goods at their excellent quality.

Those who use these shampoos, emphasize their excellent detergency, a pleasant smell and a good consistency.

A number of negative reviews because the buyers failed to properly choose the right shampoo, appropriate to their type of hair. Among all the variety of products "Recipes grandmother Agafia" everyone can find the best option. The cost of production of the brand allows you to purchase and test multiple assets at once.

We should also note the fact that the proceeds of this brand have a relatively low shelf life. This is explained by the presence in their structure of the lungs preservatives and lots of perishable natural ingredients. This once again confirms the natural composition of organic products. Manufacturers Shampoo "Recipes grandmother Agafia" have managed to successfully combine them in the best traditions of folk medicine of the past with high technology and scientific and technological progress of our days. Consider the features of shampoos "Grandma Agafia", customer reviews and professionals, we can note the high quality and efficiency of production of the domestic brand.