6 things that should not stop you grow in your career

The road to success is always full of contradictions, especially when it comes to women. Keen on a career - you are accused of being selfish; sitting on the favorite, but low-paid work - reproached for a lack of ambition and development. In addition to the specific material obstacles hinder us own beliefs, other people's advice and close people. Here's what you should not ignore if you want to fulfill your potential.

1. Failures of others

6 things that should not stop you grow in your career

It is important to soberly assess their risks and take into account the experience of other people. But do not let other people's failures affect your confidence. The fact that you have before your eyes there was no successful examples, does not mean that you're up to something impossible.

You can make mistakes, but you can not, but you will not know that until you try. Even if all ended in failure, this experience will provide new solutions and push on to the next step.

2. Social disapproval

6 things that should not stop you grow in your career

A further obstacle to the dream - public disapproval. When the area in which you plan to develop, associated with certain stigmas, be ready to fight fear not to please others or damage their reputation.

This is not necessarily related industries to openly taboo subjects such as sex industry. In our society, to get the social disapproval, not be enough as all - for example, to take a leadership position in the company where they work mostly men, or simply select "nezhenskuyu" from the point of view of the surrounding profession. The biggest impact on the world have people who are pushing the boundaries of acceptable. When faced with negative reaction, remember why you're doing so that chose, and surround themselves supporters.

3. Money

It is difficult not to think about finances when choosing a job. But as long as you can secure a relatively comfortable life, money should not determine your career.

The world will always be a better paying job than you. And the people who have achieved higher positions. But if you do what pleases, inspires, and thus can afford a delicious dinner and dull vacation - you're already successful.

4. Family

6 things that should not stop you grow in your career

From childhood, we get used unconsciously do things that will please the people on whom we depend - the parents and other family members. Many of this momentum is maintained into adulthood. So people find it difficult to defend the independence and follow their desires, if they do not approve of family.

The family could influence what kind of education you have received. Perhaps the parents have invested a lot of effort and money to make you a doctor or a lawyer. Despite all this, you do not meet their expectations. They can not believe in you, do not support, and even interfere with, but once you know how to make yourself happy. Eventually, when the family will see that you realized and doing things you love, they will receive you.

5. own failures

Learn to get motivation from their failures. If you made a mistake - a chance to make it even better than it was. You can find constructive solutions and develop only when sformiruesh positive view of setbacks. They are, as you know - a part of any success.

6. Your partner

6 things that should not stop you grow in your career

How many good inspirational goals broke a marriage in which the partners believe that having family and home - exclusively female responsibility. Or I believe that a girl should not earn more than a Man. Or perceive your success as their own defeat.

Relationships must maintain your confidence, give strength and not become an obstacle. Do not let the guy talk you from following your dream. Maybe he just can not stand next to a strong woman, but your not at fault.

For what are you willing to give up their success?