9 things that need to get rid of every girl

If you're going to start a new life with a spring - preparing for change should be done in advance. To begin to pay attention to get rid of unnecessary things, that scatter your attention and do not give enjoying every day.

1. Uncomfortable shoes

9 things that need to get rid of every girl

It does not matter how bright look of your favorite red pumps and how they perfectly underline your office autfit. If they cause you pain with every movement, the skin is covered with blisters, and his knees are buzzing after hours of walking - you really should forget about them. Even if the shoes are so beautiful, that the hand does not rise to throw out - put them on the shelf waiting for the photo shoot, but do not use the device as a daily torture yourself.

2. Cards

It is doubtful that you bring the pleasure of store cards, inside of which is not even sincere wishes, but there is a hypocritical recognition in respect of those who have long vanished from your life. Preserve the value of postcards from important people, which are written requests or unusual motivational quotes, and send to the trash all the formulaic greeting.

3. Old dishes

9 things that need to get rid of every girl

A mug that you bought another for his first rented apartment or dorm, you are well served, but if you have a few years of living on their own - it's time to update your kitchen cupboard on a bright and pleasing to the eye sets. Do not be afraid to get donated service, waiting for better times, - it should put to use to a happy moment has come now.

4. The old cosmetics

Makeup should enhance your natural beauty, not to cause infection. Disassemble the contents of their cosmetic bags and get rid of everything, whose shelf life is suspect. You can take advantage of our simple and Girl Guide, which will help you to release the bag by the method of Marie Kondo.

5. Jeans, in which you dream to climb again

9 things that need to get rid of every girl

In any one of us can find things that are no longer suitable in size, but we are waiting for it to change. Skinny jeans - the worst motivation to achieve the desired shape, so get rid of them and buy clothes, your body right now. Use processing capabilities, such as taking advantage of the action H & M, to get an additional discount. You can also go to the charities and learn how to convey the wrong you need clothes.

6. Outdated documents

If you do a lot of attention is paid to organize their things, for sure all your documents, receipts, photocopies and major checks are already stored in the same folder. Spend 10 minutes trying to go through it - some of these papers do not carry any value after all these years and just create an unnecessary amount.

7. The old underwear

9 things that need to get rid of every girl

It is not necessary to wear something lacy and sexy every day, but what is hidden under your clothes, a significant impact on how you feel. Panties, bras, socks - everything that is adjacent to your body, to be clean, convenient and quality, so eliminating what does not meet these criteria.

8. Unnecessary equipment

Older DVD-players, fastener telephones and iPod nano - it is highly unlikely that these things ever again be useful to you, so that you find next to the receiving points b / y technique. Some utility companies also offer discounts on subsequent purchases of those who help to collect the missing parts for the repair, so you can get not only money from the sale, but also savings on subsequent calls.

9. Books that you're not going to re-read

9 things that need to get rid of every girl

In the post-Soviet space, there is still a special relationship to books and home library, which is a sign of high status and education of the owner. It's not even that with the advancement of technology is more convenient to store all data on your smartphone, or an e-book, - is much more important that some of the books you read are not interested in you for the second time. Leave space on the shelf for the books you want to read exactly six months later - and give all the rest. Organize Bukkrossing, join a book club or just passes them to the city library, or a literary cafe.

From what things that seemed important, you've got rid of?