Weekend Case: healthy menu plan for the week

Heroine continues a series of articles that will not be bored on the weekends, and use the time usefully. Today we offer you to create a healthy menu for a week, to save time on cooking and stimulate your body with useful elements.

Check Inventory

Weekend Case: healthy menu plan for the week

Before you make a list of what you would like to eat, it is wise to check that, in principle, it remains in your refrigerator. Perhaps at the back wall hides great chili-sauce, in a drawer for vegetables is a whole head of cabbage, and the presence of some spices and you forgot to do. Assess which of these products you can use in the near future, and let them move. Take into account the fact that if anything the whole week seemed unattractive to you - it is doubtful that on Sunday you changed my mind.

Make a list of recipes

Each of us from time to time maintained some recipes that would like to cook, but does not find an excuse. Check your bookmarks in your browser, or deferred in Instagram repostnutnoe wall VKontakte. If you're ready for a family - ask friends, what they would like to eat in the near future. Even if interesting recipes require from you more than half an hour - at least once a week you can afford this diversity.

outline plans

Weekend Case: healthy menu plan for the week

Remember that you usually prefer to eat for breakfast, and that - after work. Bear in mind that if you have a Monday meeting will be difficult, it can lead to what you want more food than usual, but after Thursday training with a personal trainer dinner should be replaced with something easy. Let your menu will be flexible: we do not always want to eat exactly what was planned on Saturday. Calculate how much food you can cook on the weekends, so as not to waste time on weekdays as well as on how many meals you can stretch one prepared dish.

Look for discounts

Restocking wisely - use specific applications to keep track of what discounts are now operating in nearby stores, such as "Edadil" or "purse". If you are serious about their finances, the promotional offers are a great way to save money without giving up your favorite foods.

Before you go to the store - write down a list of those products that you really need and which are worth to buy now as long as the sale. Follow strictly the list to avoid impulse buying or purchasing of "harmful" food.

Consider kalorazh

Even if you do not aspire to lose weight and focus only on what to improve your immune system and increase energy in the body - you still should start counting calories and count how many foods you should consume daily. Install a special application that will help you not only to calculate the energy value of products, but also the content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates as well as vitamins and other trace elements.

Prepare foods

Weekend Case: healthy menu plan for the week

During the working week or the weekend of stormy nights you can not find the time for it to prepare a complete and delicious, so Provisions on Saturday morning. Prepare nutritious snacks for a few weeks, we will cut the meat and vegetables so that they could fry immediately after defrosting. Decoction broth, beans soaked in water. Not to turn this into a routine of cooking - Podcast or hilarious show.

Use the remnants of

Once you've prepared a few dishes for the next two or three days, and even laid on a container blank for the end of the week, think about how you can use leftovers. For example, if you have stayed carrots, half of the bulbs, the last pinch of seasoning, or even half a glass of wine that you're not gonna drink up, - they can also create an interesting sauce, which diversifies the usual dishes.

Do you plan on cooking for a few days?