Weekend Case: Speeds up their gadgets

No matter how modern and popular nor was your gadget - it does not mean that we should not constantly monitor his condition. It does not matter what brand of products you prefer, your phones, tablets and laptops need regular general cleaning. Editorial Heroine was guide to help you get rid of excess, to make room for new files and memories, and speed up the work of the whole system.

Clean Desktop

Weekend Case: Speeds up their gadgets

The space on the first screen that you see when you turn on your phone or computer - the main factor affecting your productivity. Take away all of the files, folders and shortcuts that have got there by accident. Get a habit of repeating this procedure regularly before going to bed.

Change your screen saver on your desktop, or even the color scheme to stimulate the brain and develop new patterns of interaction with technology. Install motivating inscription or photograph places where you'd like to go - they regularly have to remind you that for which you are trying so much.

Dismantle your documents

Weekend Case: Speeds up their gadgets

to distribute files in folders: Start by creating three major catalogs. The first to be sent all the files that belong to your personal life or work, resumes, essays, scanned documents, receipts and the budget table. The second folder can store photos and videos. In the third - that can be downloaded from the Internet, such as movies, TV shows, music and programs. Once you divide all three categories, create subfolders within each folder, describing in detail what contents, or even indicating the date of creation.

Set the default of

Check, through which applications you usually open documents and whether it is comfortable enough for you. Minimum computer easily change the settings, and then it can save you a lot of precious time. We are paying attention to the browser, which is the default, the first tab, the program for viewing and editing photos, music players, and other services.

Take away unnecessary applications

Probably on your computer over time, there were many applications, and the appointment of some of them you even have time to forget. Check the list of installed applications and delete everything that came in handy for a long time you do not. If necessary, you can always download them again.

The more applications - the more space they occupy in the system, and even consuming CPU resources on the background work, which means that your computer or phone will eventually run slower and slower. Use special software, which not only removes all the application files, but also entries in the registry of your computer and other hidden files, such as CCleaner.

Weekend Case: Speeds up their gadgets

Get rid of duplicate files,

Not only is that prevent you from duplicate files are all carefully divided into folders, and they are also consuming a lot of memory in your gadgets. You will be surprised to discover that some of the documents in your phone's memory have been saved three times.

You can also use special software to remove duplicate: Duplicate Cleaner Free Gemini or 2 for the Mac.

Disassemble pictures

Weekend Case: Speeds up their gadgets

You can accumulate millions of photos from travels, everyday life, or even the sunset sky. Most likely, you have them really are not revised, but clearly realize that would not like them to disappear into oblivion. Use the cloud service to upload photos - Yandex. Drive, Google Photo, Flickr or any other service that will provide you the ability to recover files even if your phone or laptop to break or be stolen.

Make backup

Create a hard disk backup, in order not to lose anything of value in the event of system crash. Lose their entire digital life - cruelly, and it happens more often than you think. You can do the physical image of the system on a separate USB flash drive, which then will recover less than a few hours - such as the possibility of providing all modern operating system and individual application.

Be sure to duplicate the important work files and documents to their e-mail, for example, multiple copies of your dissertation or recent blood tests. Install a secure password and turn on two-factor authentication to protect data against tampering.

And which applications to accelerate the work you are using the system?