How the moon can affect your body and mood

For many years, people have attributed to any change in the human mood and behavior of the lunar cycle. Now this may seem to us to mythology, but scientists continue to conduct research and look for the link between the lunar calendar and the mental state of a man - and they find them. Today, we are waiting for the full moon, and on this occasion we decided to collect all known facts about the influence of the moon.

Helps to gather strength for the next case

How the moon can affect your body and mood

When the first half cycle of the moon is growing, you may feel a slight increase in energy and motivation. People are more likely to start new projects and to take decisive steps in this period - it makes sense to mention this in your diary. This relationship was found in a study published in the journal Current Biology, in which scientists analyzed the psychological state and the level of hormones, including melatonin. If you have not you can take some difficult decision, drag it to the growing moon, and perhaps because you quickly realize that you need to do first.

The full moon causes anxiety

But the full moon brings more negative effects - and all because of the energy of the peak, which you accumulate. In the full moon you can experience anxiety, ultra-high emotionality and even obsession with certain things. Research participants often show sleep problems and nightmares, which also affects the state of your day. On the waning moon, these symptoms gradually taper off, as well as the level of energy in the body. According to psychologists, working with sleep centers, this is a great time to think about on what is to refuse life.

How the moon can affect your body and mood

The New Moon is the desire to reflect

Amazing effect, but the study participants often report that at the time of the new moon feel tired and want to constantly pay attention only to himself and his own thoughts. New Moon is like a tendency to self-reflection, and if you wish to start from scratch, then that day is best to think about what you want in life.

The full moon causes bursts of aggression

Statisticians working in the police, have long noted that the full moon causes more violence than at any other time of the month. For example, if we take account of the National Reference Service for Criminal Justice in the US increased in several times the full moon killings and violent attacks. Pattern was followed for the past five years and is now going to extend the analysis to all states of the country. Of course, that relationship is found, you will need a huge amount of data and the testimony of staff of psychologists, but the results will be worth it.

How the moon can affect your body and mood

The Moon as a whole can disrupt sleep

A study in 2013, published in the journal Current Biology, showed that lunar phases can significantly affect a person's sleep. During full moon the study participants spent less time in the deepest phase of sleep. They basically slept less and less rest - but were in a controlled environment, and did not know what day and hour. Direct correlation has not yet been found, but a definite relationship was confirmed by biological rhythms of the lunar cycle.

Do you pay attention to the lunar cycles?