Electronic decoy for hunting: the best description. Homemade electronic decoy for hunting

The attention of hunters on the shelves of specialty stores have a wide range of different lures devices. Products come in manual and electronic. Judging by the numerous positive reviews, the greatest demand is electronic decoys. Hunting can choose any product modifications. All devices are ideally mimic the sounds of different animals. This article provides information about the most popular electronic Manco for hunting.


Monkey are manual and electronic. Hand-held device lures are made of various materials. The articles may be plastic, wood, metal, and so on. D. Whatever the device, the desired effect of its use will be achieved if the hunter has perfect hearing. However, they can not boast of one. It is for the consumer who does not have a special hearing, an electronic decoy designed for hunting. This device, as well as manual and has one destination: maximum plausible recreate voices of animals and birds in order to entice them to the shot distance.

What is the difference?

In contrast to the manual device, use an electronic decoy for hunting much easier. It can be operated without prior training. It is enough to properly configure the product to the voice of a particular animal or bird. As a result of incompetent use manual semolina often echo effect that a depressing effect on the animals. If you use electronics products this is not observed. Judging by the numerous reviews, electronic decoys for hunting are guaranteed to publish high-quality sound.

On the selection criteria

When buying an electronic decoy should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • It is necessary to pay attention to the material from which the device is made.
  • It is advisable to purchase a decoy, with a wide-range and large number of votes.
  • The product have to be certified. Longer serve the products that are on sale with a certificate of quality.
  • It is best to purchase a decoy in a hunting store or retail outlet. In this case, the product will be staffed with a warranty card. If the decoy does not meet expectations, the owner will be able to replace it or to pass back.

Types of electronic devices

Electronic decoys are:

  • cluster.
  • equipped with chips.
  • Equipped with memory cards.

To date, the first two types are considered obsolete. Monkey memory cards will allow more accurately select and play back the sounds of the animals.

Electronic decoys for hunting, "Huntsman-56D"

An electronic device that uses the processing power system is very user friendly and ergonomic. Decoy has a range of up to 150 m. The device is equipped with a removable memory card microSD. Equipped with a digital display and a special speaker amplifier. Calcd product 206 to reproduce voices of different voices of birds and animals in 16 bits. If necessary, it can be connected to external speakers. Decoy is equipped with: a clock, a flashlight and a special system that allows to control the battery charge.

Electronic decoy for hunting: the best description. Homemade electronic decoy for hunting

On the characteristics of the product

  • Internal speaker has an output of 0, 5 watts.
  • The external speaker is connected to the device using a special connector. Its size is standard and is 3 to 5 mm.
  • The power supply is represented by: batteries (4 pcs.) LR6 size "AA" and an external source, the capacity of which can vary within 6-12 V.
  • Weight electronic semolina - 300 g
  • Green Device.
  • Made of impact-resistant ABS-plastic.

On the strengths and weaknesses of

The product has the following advantages:

  • Wide range of reproducible sounds and prolonged time of their sound.
  • increased memory and high-quality sound.
  • Very user-friendly interface.
  • For the product, you can use two separate power sources: an external or built-in battery.
  • Judging by the numerous reviews of the owners, the decoy is a very compact and lightweight.

In addition to its advantages, the electronic device is not without some drawbacks. These include:

  • high cost.
  • Having too bright indicator light, unmasking device while hunting.
  • According to some owners, equipped with decoy inconvenient cover.

Mundi Sound MR104

Designed this electronic decoy for hunting geese and other birds and animals. For the product provides very high quality display. Reproduces the bait device to 40 different voices. The sound is adjustable. Using a special amplifier animal sounds can be played in diameter and 1, 5 km. resistant plastic used for the housing. Weighing device with the power supply 130 grams. The product is very compact. It includes a protective cover attached to it.

Electronic decoy for hunting: the best description. Homemade electronic decoy for hunting

"Biofon 8M"

Used these electronic decoys for hunting quail and any other bird. Also with this device can lure and animals. The total number of votes stored on the card device is 90 units. By choosing this model, the hunter becomes the owner very functional and user-friendly electronic device. A feature of semolina is its memory capacity to store four soundtracks. Indicator playback frequency varies 200-11000 Hz. Semolina dimensions 116 x 75 x 27 mm. The product has a maximum output of 3 watt. Decoy is very light and compact. electronic product mass reaches 150 grams. Simulator equipped with electronic sounds, the external transmitter, passport and bag.

Electronic decoy for hunting: the best description. Homemade electronic decoy for hunting

Model "Berkut Profi TWIN"

According to the owners, even in bad weather conditions it is a strong possibility of hunting for deer with electronic decoy this model. The product is equipped with two enhanced speakers, designed for 49 watts. Sound Range increased to 4 km. Judging by the reviews, the decoy can be operated without interruption for four days. Attached to the device remote control. Its range is less than a hundred meters. Playback quality - 256 Kbit / s. Decoy works correctly even at -20 degrees. Also, it can be operated, and in the heat to +40. Waterproof housing, so that the device can take with you on the hunt in rainy and snowy weather.

Electronic decoy for hunting: the best description. Homemade electronic decoy for hunting

About semolina Plurifon Micro-RDP

The product is equipped with a built-in speaker and is designed for mid-range. In case there are special connectors, through which devices are connected to additional external speakers. For powering bait device owner can use two methods: use a 12 volt power source or an internal battery, with power of 9 watts. Electronic decoy is effective in rainy and snowy weather. The advantage of this model is the presence of an LED charging indicator. In addition, the owner can put the audio playback is paused. After turning on the electronic decoy continues its work from the point where it was interrupted by the sound. Despite all the undeniable merits, this model has one drawback: the product sold without a memory card. After buying this model, the card format Micro-Card owner will have to buy separately.

Electronic decoy for hunting: the best description. Homemade electronic decoy for hunting

Tromba 10Canti

This model is an electronic decoy made by the Italian company Tecnoest. For the product provided a digital player. In his music library stored 10 kinds of voices of birds and animals. As the owners say this lure device differs sufficiently easy to use: select the desired sound, adjust its volume, you can set a timer with one button. This model is an electronic decoy is considered an excellent option for a beginner. About the state of the battery, can be found by looking at the display: if the charge is low, a warning message appears on the screen. Display brightness can be adjusted depending on conditions.

Electronic decoy for hunting: the best description. Homemade electronic decoy for hunting


  • It is possible to use an electronic decoy for hunting goose, mallard, gray duck, teal, wood grouse and other birds.
  • Power Rating speaker is 25 watts.
  • Power - 12 watts.
  • decoy Dimensions - 68 x 88 x 90 mm.
  • 350, the device weighs

Plurifon RDP-2 Stereo

Audio playback is performed using a two-channel speaker system and built-in amplifier. Submission is possible from four columns. As hunters say, the sound will be more voluminous and not scare off the flock, if the speakers are located on the perimeter. Such a result is not possible if the signal comes from a single point. Electronic decoy is effective to attract different species of birds. Reviews owners mostly positive. Strengths of electronic products include:

  • Easy to use.
  • In the product there are no mechanical moving parts.
  • can be controlled using the remote control.
  • decoy is designed to operate in all weather conditions.

The disadvantages of the device are its price is too high and the leak of the housing.

Electronic decoy for hunting: the best description. Homemade electronic decoy for hunting

How to make an electronic decoy for hunting with his own hands?

The one who decided to make their own lures device, experienced hunters are advised to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Homemade electronic decoy for hunting should be compact and impervious to weather.
  • The only reliable sound source is recommended to use as a home-made device. cell phone speaker will not work, as their power will not be enough to spread the sound over long distances. To enhance the capacity will have to use more speakers with external power supply. Best of all cheap digital players fit for homemade lures. Further, it should get a separate column.
  • The voices of animals recorded on the player. To it should connect a column which is used as an amplifier.


Hunting using electronic semolina is effective if the device has been set in advance. It should be borne in mind that part of the volume change may confuse an inexperienced hunter. Improper adjustment flush out game. Therefore, experts recommend choosing the best option for him and stop.