10 medical reasons why you gain weight

There is nothing wrong in the fact that you won a little overweight, but if it happened suddenly and is accompanied by other negative symptoms, it is necessary to pay attention to their health. In many cases it is necessary to address to the therapist that could prevent any serious complications. Heroine collected several diseases and conditions, which may signal a sudden weight gain.

1. Violation of the intestinal flora

10 medical reasons why you gain weight

All of our immune system depends on the stomach, so if there is an imbalance in it, it affects your whole body. Inside of your bowel can begin to breed harmful bacteria that contributes to bloating, weight gain and slow digestion. It also affects what you consume enough fiber, dehydrated, take some medicine or just eat not the healthiest food. To cope with the problem, you can use probiotics and also go to a gastroenterologist for consultation.

2. Admission contraceptive

Contraceptives may cause additional delay in the body fluid, which also leads to disruption of your metabolism. the Mayo Clinic experts, claim that the body requires several cycles in order to accommodate a drug, so it pays to be patient, if you recently started taking the pill. At the same time, if you have other symptoms, you can talk to your gynecologist about replacing the drug on another method of contraception.

3. Thyroid disease

Sudden weight gain - a common symptom in violation of the thyroid, such as Hashimoto's disease or hypothyroidism. Swelling of the neck, fatigue, slow metabolism, galloping temperature - all of which can be very harmful to your health, so you should immediately consult an endocrinologist.

10 medical reasons why you gain weight

4. Depression

Depression can cause errors of metabolism, and changes in appetite, which also leads to weight gain. All the matter in the growth of cortisol - a stress hormone, which enhances the process of formation of glucose by muscle breakdown. The result: your muscles are broken down and begins to form the visceral fat. See if you really have a depressive syndrome, it is not very difficult, and if you notice that your mood for a long time is bad, it makes sense to consult a specialist.

5. The lack of nutrients

If your body is ill to absorb nutrients or do you generally eat unbalanced meals, it can also disrupt your metabolism. For example, vitamins A, D, E and K - fat soluble, and they should consume, along with healthy fats. Add to your usual meals are several foods that contain them: pieces of avocado, salmon, olive oil and nuts.

6. Violation Graphics

10 medical reasons why you gain weight

In the case where you have recently moved, changed the schedule or start to go to absolutely any other time, this can also worsen your sleep cycles and cause weight gain. The less you sleep - the worse the stands leptin, which suppresses appetite. In addition, you'll probably begin to make less effort on something to cook a healthy meal, and move a little less - and it all affects your metabolism.

7. Insulin resistance

Insulin resistance often becomes the result of chronic inflammation. In this state, fat cells grow and immune pull that increases the anti-inflammatory signals. To see if you are faced with something like that, try to refrain from any foods that may cause mikrovospaleniya in the body, especially from processed food.

8. Excessive exercise

If you do regularly, then you feel like exercise increases levels of endorphins and make you happier and more productive. If your occupation is too much, it can lead to accumulation of fat in the body, as well as an increase of cortisol. This is especially true of strength training in which a high risk of microscopic muscle and fluid retention.

9. An imbalance of electrolytes

When you forget to drink enough fluids during the day, or eat too much salty food, this can lead to water retention in the body and even bloating. Correct this imbalance is quite simple, so if you think your overweight is the result of dehydration, simply develop a useful habit to drink water regularly.

10. The tumors

But if your weight is deposited only on the lower abdomen, it can indicate a really big problem. Sometimes it may be indicative of cancer, such as ovarian cancer. To exclude such a diagnosis, you should consult with your doctor, especially if you experience pain in this area.