Lesson solidarity: how to support other women and why it matters

Unconscious striving all the time to compare yourself with other girls, not only harms the self-esteem, but also arouses an unhealthy sense of competition. We often compete with each other where this is not required, and perceive the achievements of other women as a threat to their own success. Heroine I understand why women in the society, it is important to support each other and learn how to do it.

Why women should support each other

Lesson solidarity: how to support other women and why it matters

Unfortunately, the negative attitude towards women just because of their gender is not peculiar only to men. Internal misogyny prevalent in Russian culture. Distancing themselves from the whole female, arguing that it "easier to find common language with the men," releasing the contemptuous comments, girls subconsciously try to add the values ​​currently in the eyes of men, come close to this privileged group in our society. As a result, we are often subjected to harassment not only from men but also from "their" same.

Patriarchate internal misogyny only plays into the hands - it separates women, forcing them to view each other as rivals (even if it has no objective reason) and generally supports the discriminatory attitudes in society towards this group. To us it does not offer anything other than a constant struggle, hatred, loneliness and lack of support.

If we become kinder, more solidarity, more positive towards women, in the end it will make the success of each of us. That is why it is so important to learn to express support not only her friends, but the other girls in your environment: colleagues, friends and passers-by. Here are a few ways to do this.

to admire someone - let her know about it

Lesson solidarity: how to support other women and why it matters

Women are subjected to criticism on a daily basis. Society makes us ruthless and often conflicting requirements: dictating how to look what to wear, when to start a family, and even that we have. As a result - and the girls often cruel to her. Many of us find it difficult to love your body, cease to be torn between the desire to build a career and be a good wife and mother.

Under constant harassment, race and compete with themselves and the world any good word is important. In our culture, a compliment is often perceived as an element of courtship or attempt to ingratiate himself in person mercantile purposes. But pleasant words - is also a great way to express support. Often we mentally admire hairdo colleagues, friends or wit impeccable style random fellow traveler on public transport. Feel free to talk about the most attractive other women openly, without double meanings and fear of appearing vulnerable.

supports the ideas and opinions of other women

There are many reasons why the ideas and opinions of women often fall on deaf ears, and one of them - our own uncertainty. In a society where men are accustomed to speak from a position of strength, menspleynit not perceive women as appropriate interlocutors, is not so easy to express their position.

We can help each other, supporting women, making them more visible voice and defending ability and merit. This does not mean that you have to agree with something, just because the initiative comes from the woman. But if you hear that your colleague says the right things in your opinion, do not be lazy and do not hesitate to support it and announce it. The more women's voices sounds, the more difficult to ignore them.

Be attentive to him

Sometimes, to express support and a good attitude to the man, to show him quite sincere attention. Listen to enthusiasm, eye contact, ask questions, smiling approvingly.

Try to be in the moment when communicate with women. We all sometimes lose concentration and immersed in his own thoughts. Controls these points and outputs themselves from this state. Not only due to the fact that it is not polite, but because it is important to help your interlocutor feel valued and needed.

Do not be afraid to seek advice

Do not neglect the cooperation with women in the working environment, as well as in everyday life. No matter how small the help you need: to know where to find a good doctor, to borrow a book, ask for a professional opinion. Instead of telling yourself that can handle herself, and spend twice as much time than I could, on an unfamiliar task, ask for advice from the women of your environment.

The ability to cooperate and seek support not only make life easier for you, but also help the other girls feel needed (of course, if such courtesies are not frequent indecent). Through requests and advice, we establish contacts, give yourself and others to feel that we are not alone with their problems.

Create a support network

Many of us tend to downplay their successes or do not attach importance to them. Everything that is connected with pride in yourself, in our culture is closely adjacent to the negative traits: boastfulness, arrogance. But attention to their achievements and the realization that you deserve love, care and respect, it is necessary for a healthy self-esteem. In your environment must be at least one person with whom you can safely celebrate their successes, not being afraid to seem immodest.

Well, if these people will be more. Seek Minded and organize together a network of women's support. Allow yourself to talk about how much you have worked, what we have achieved and what goals you face. Each of us needs a space where he can not be afraid of condemnation and always receive unconditional support.