I eat everything: whether you need to take care of combination products in the diet

Among the many diets and diet tips for organizing one of the most persistent theory - the idea of ​​a separate food. Its proponents argue that some products are in any case can not be combined with others, and opponents believe it is important to eat a balanced and varied. We understand what food combining, and whether or not to care about whether the products fit in your plate.

What is food combining

I eat everything: whether you need to take care of combination products in the diet

This is not a modern trend of power: the idea of ​​combining the product originates in the Ayurvedic medicine of ancient India. In the 20th century a widespread theory of a separate food of Herbert Shelton and Howard Hay. About the same as it is followed by adherents of a separate food today.

In fact, food combining - is the belief that some foods go well with each other, while others - not. Separate food draws attention to the digestion product, the enzymes necessary for its collapse, and tries to combine different product groups so that they are better absorbed. According to supporters of food combining, thanks to the right combination of products, they get rid of the swelling, heaviness or other discomfort after meals, as well as allow the body to get the most out of food.

of digestion time

I eat everything: whether you need to take care of combination products in the diet

Each time the product of digestion. food combining the idea is that the combination of the products on the digestion of that same amount of time required helps speed up digestion.

For example, proteins are digested longer than carbohydrates. Since proteins - are complex molecules that our bodies need a little more time to put them into amino acids. Carbohydrates (both simple and complex) is simpler than whites, and are able to pass through the digestive process more quickly. Proponents of food combining believe that the combination of rapidly digested food more slowly digested foods can delay digestion in the intestine.

The acid-alkaline reaction of the blood during meal

Adherents combining products believe that if two products require different pH levels for digestion, while the use of the body can absorb them incorrectly. For example, they believe that if the acid and alkaline enzymes are activated and operate at the same time, they can neutralize the digestive environment and slow down food digestion process.

According to the theory of a separate food to maintain health, a person should have as many alkalizing foods: herbs, vegetables, fruit - and limit your intake of acidifying foods: beans, potatoes and cereals.

I eat everything: whether you need to take care of combination products in the diet

Here are the basic rules of food combining, followed by supporters of food combining:


  • greens can be eaten with fats, carbohydrates, starch and proteins. Vegetables which contain no starch, can be combined with other products. This is the simple rule of food combining;
  • fats, can be eaten with starches, proteins and green vegetables;
  • starch can be combined with herbs and healthy fats, but not with proteins. Also, proteins can be eaten with greens, healthy fats, but not with the starch. Proteins and starch, just do not get along, so that the mashed potatoes with chicken canceled;
  • fruit should be eaten separately from all products on an empty stomach. By themselves, the fruit is digested quickly, but with the use of other food makes them linger in the intestines, which can lead to digestive problems. The best way to eat fruit, according to those who share the idea of ​​food combining, - to do so for at least an hour after eating.

For products for single on the theory of separate power supply also includes milk, water, melon and watermelon. They, like sweet fruit, should have separated from the main meal.

Among the recommendations of Shelton and Hay were the rules of healthy nutrition, which are now known to all: to chew food, diet fill 50% of fruits and vegetables, avoid junk food, do not eat before going to bed and move more.

Criticism of the theory of a separate food

I eat everything: whether you need to take care of combination products in the diet

Despite the popularity of the idea of ​​a combined power is still not enough convincing scientific evidence of its benefits. The study was published in 2000, which sought to establish whether the combined feed to weight loss is better than balanced. As a result of observation of two groups of people, scientists found no significant difference in weight loss between those who ate separately, and those whose diet was balanced.

Critics of the idea of ​​a separate food believe it underestimates our body's ability to multi-task. In addition, not all the tips are really useful food combining. For example, a separate food does not recommend eating carbohydrates and starches with protein, whereas modern nutritionists, on the contrary, it is advised to combine them in order to stabilize blood sugar levels and to ensure saturation. And the myth that water dilutes the gastric juice and harms digestion, and therefore it is not necessary to drink immediately after a meal, also refuted.