7 things that can happen when you give up dairy products

In recent years, well-known to all from childhood postulate that milk is very useful, is being seriously questioned. There is growing research on the dangers of dairy products and lactose-free diet has become a trend, along with the abandonment of sugar and alcohol. Heroine gathered a few things that can happen if you decide not to drink milk.

1. The skin can be cleaner

7 things that can happen when you give up dairy products

For some people, dairy products may trigger acne. According to research by the Dartmouth Medical School, testosteronopodobnye milk contains hormones that stimulate the sebaceous glands in the skin and contribute to acne.

However, this effect is not all face, is the individual response of the body. In addition, as a rule, the cheese does not cause skin problems, even in people who are sensitive to dairy products.

There is only one way to check whether your skin affects milk - at the time to give it up. Eliminate dairy products from your diet for a month and see how it will be reflected on your face.

2. You will need a new source of probiotics

Dairy criticized for lactose, which with age more and more difficult to process our body and hormones. But there is in it and definitely helpful for us bacteria - probiotics.

They improve intestinal function, strengthen the immune system, balance hormones.

The good news is that probiotics are not only in dairy products, but also, for example, sauerkraut, pickles, Kombucha.

3. You can recover

7 things that can happen when you give up dairy products

The refusal of dairy products is promoted as a good way to lose weight, but not the fact that such a diet will give the opposite effect. It all depends on what you are going to replace the usual sources of protein and fat. Often people unknowingly replace missing nutrients simple carbohydrates, which is much likely to lead to weight gain.

If you decide to give up milk, find other healthy sources of protein and healthy fats: nuts, legumes, eggs.

4. The bones become weaker

The most notable feature of dairy products - it is a good source of calcium. 35-40 years, our body time to regenerate bone tissue faster than it begins to break down, and then the degradation process dominates the growth process.

Our body absorb calcium from milk is much better than the rest. Nevertheless, there are still many products that contain this element: broccoli, collard greens, tofu, orange juice, sardines. Only consider that their diet should be plenty. In addition, calcium can always get in the form of vitamins, but consult with your doctor to understand what you really need more support.

5. The risk of developing cancer will decrease

7 things that can happen when you give up dairy products

The Swedish researchers found that consumption of large amounts of dairy products increases the risk of ovarian, breast and lung. Another study conducted at Harvard University found that men who consume more than two daily doses of dairy products per day, a 34% increased risk of developing prostate cancer compared with those who did not drink milk or drink it in small quantities. The reason hormones contained in milk. They increase the amount of insulin growth factor in the blood - the hormone that has been found, feeds the growth of cancer cells.

6. Attempts to replace the milk can lead to intestinal problems

Milk are often advised to give to those who have problems with digestion. It really is poorly absorbed in some people. If you often experience bloating, stomach pain and other uncomfortable symptoms after consuming dairy products - sure thing in them.

However, an attempt to replace the milk can also harm the intestines. The most popular alternative - soy. Soy milk, butter or cheese in texture and taste reminiscent of the familiar milk products, so it is often used as a substitute.

Soy contains sugar molecules - oligosaccharides - are not well absorbed by the body. So if sharply increased the number of soy products in your diet - it can cause bloating.

7. Your breakfast can be a useful

7 things that can happen when you give up dairy products

The habit of milk for breakfast cereals is not as useful as we were taught in childhood. This dish is much calories. Also, when cereal milk boiling lose more fiber and other nutrients than when cooked in water.