"Shiseido" shampoo "Tsubaki": reviews

Japanese cosmetics became known to consumers in our country recently. At home, it has been quite a long history. High demand "Shiseido" shampoo enjoys in our country. On it will be discussed later.

A few words about the manufacturer

Concern Shiseido is the oldest cosmetics company in Japan. This is the fourth largest company in this industry in the world.

"Shiseido" literally translated as "feeling better". A company with that name founded the Japanese pharmacist. Initially it was a small network of pharmacies, and subsequently expanded by acquiring the size of a large group.

Shiseido company stores were opened across the country in 1923. Currently, there are about 25 thousand. Presentation of products sold around the world. 4 years later the owner of the company became the youngest son of the founder of the group. The company since then has changed in pharmaceutical activities. She has specialized in the manufacture of cosmetics. The owner put a huge amount of effort. His brand Shiseido has received worldwide recognition.

One of the most famous products of this company became Shampoo "Shiseido".

A bit of history

One of the first products that the company began to supply the Japanese market of cosmetic products, has become a hair oil. It contained camellia flower extract. This tool has made "Shiseido" popular at home. Its production began in the early twentieth century. At the same time there was an innovative tonic for hair. Funds are still in demand, and its structure since ancient times was not even slightly changed. Shampoo for hair "Shiseido" are known for their high quality.

The company "Shiseido" focuses not only on the means of production of hair care products. Initially it produced powder, creams for skin care, as well as different flavors of perfume and lipstick. Production of shampoos and other means of hair care products is only part of a wide range of company activities

"Shiseido" firm Shampoos

Shampoo "Shiseido", reviews, fully lived up to its promise. Although to know that truly offers the manufacturer, it was enough difficult. Official website of Shiseido in Europe did not offer shampoo, even though this brand is present on the market for about 50 years.

In the Japanese official website users to promise complete restoration of hair that have been damaged by various environmental factors. The strands according to the manufacturer, are elastic and shiny, get healthy, well-groomed appearance. It means giving them a fresh feel thanks to a delicate floral aroma.

The composition of the shampoo

The popular series has become a means for washing Tsubaki hair. The line includes a variety of different formulations. What is included in the list of ingredients of shampoo "Shiseido Tsubaki"? The basic detergent ingredient is typical for most detergent cosmetics sodium laureth sulfate. It has a slightly better quality than analog formulations. Also in the list of components represented by agents includes several lung surfactant. One of them is the agent for foaming, which in Europe is used in the manufacture of toothpastes expensive series. According to experts, a set of ingredients in Japanese shampoo allows to wash hair without damaging their structure.

as a component of quality care, in addition to several types of silicone used special protective substance. It creates a film on the hair. It protects against adverse external influences. The film also gives the curls soft and elastic. These components and create a special effect cosmetic Japanese manufacturer.

Also the various shampoos of this mark are plant extracts, amino acids, vitamin supplements. They contribute to reducing, therapeutic or cosmetic effect. Developers offer three series presented shampoos.

Shampoos white series

One of the most popular cosmetic shampoo detergent compositions are considered "Shiseido Tsubaki" white series.

Presented compositions are used to restore the normal state of dry, damaged hair. Shampoo strengthens hair, nourishes and heals them, eliminates split ends. The therapeutic effects of this agent is not immediately, but within a few weeks. Therefore use a shampoo during shampooing is recommended for at least a month.

As a result of the constant use of the composition, the strands become strong, as well as more soft and manageable. Therefore, a series of white is best to choose the owners of coarse hair.

After applying this shampoo should use the additional funds from the presented series. This balm conditioner. To enhance the effect should periodically strengthen the structure of the hair by using a mask of the same series. Her need to put on a clean, damp strands. Duration of the procedure up to seven minutes.

Red series

Popular in the market of cosmetic products also enjoys Red Series, which includes shampoo, "Shiseido" Tsubaki.

Means of this series carefully take care of locks and restore its structure. The Red Series are able to restore the cuticle of the hair roots.

The shampoo is characterized by a delicate, enchanting aroma of flower honey. It is designed for weary temperature effects or color-treated hair. To enhance the effectiveness of consideration, should also use other compounds represented by the series during each wash. Periodically applied to the hair and a mask in this series. The result is not only beauty, but also a therapeutic effect. The hair becomes thick, as well as get healthy shine.

Gold Series

Gold Series is also in high demand among domestic consumers. It also includes shampoo "Shiseido". Tools can restore the health and nourish the strands and scalp. Shampoo Gold Series has excellent detergency. He makes the hair thick and smooth.

In the shampoo includes essential oil. It nourishes and strengthens the strands at the cellular level. The composition protects them from harmful environmental effects. Flower and oil components help enhance hair growth. This improves the subcutaneous blood circulation.

In the shampoo includes an extract of angelica root. He has a positive impact on the curls. Shampoo provided series is recommended for fine hair.


Shampoos production represented the brand received a lot of both positive and negative reviews. Consumers distinguish good detergency white series. Already during the first use in the process of this washing means strands become soft. They are easily combed and less polluted. However, some users did not notice the positive effects of this agent. Remain damaged ends. Means white series were rated 3, 9 (on a scale).

According to reviews, shampoo "Shiseido Tsubaki" red series received the praise of buyers. Strands healthier, more volume and more luxuriant. Some customers have complained that the shampoo made them much drier strands, hair began to look sloppy, individual hairs sticking out of the hair.

Another part of the customer, on the contrary, said the quality moisturizing curls. Hair has become much easier to comb, even without using additional funds provided by the series. Means received 4, 1 (a five-point system).

According to the negative reviews, after using this tool oily hair began to look worse. They have acquired a greasy shine. We had to wash my hair more often.

Consider the features of shampoos "Shiseido", it can be concluded that the composition corresponds to the description of the manufacturer and is well able to wash your hair. It restores the appearance of even the most damaged locks and protects them from the harmful effects of curling, ironing and hair dryer. For some users, this shampoo is not suitable due to the individual characteristics of the hair.