Dress with one sleeve: the model selection rule

Asymmetric Women's clothing - it is incredibly fashionable and original things. With their help, you can emphasize the individuality and subtle sense of style. No wonder it is such wardrobe items dearly loved by designers. In the collections of many fashion designers asymmetrical dresses, skirts and shirts appear with enviable regularity, and a worthy place among these are dresses with one sleeve.


Do not think that all of the dresses with one sleeve similar to each other like two drops of water. In fact, quite a lot of styles. They differ in length, the type of cut and are not suitable for every woman. To accurately choose the perfect option for myself, it is worth considering the characteristics of each style:

  • Greek style. When you create a fashion model in the Greek style, designers often use this kind of asymmetry, as one strap. It may be thin straps or wider strap with drapery. A distinctive feature of the Greek dresses - flowing light fabrics that are in tandem with the asymmetry look even more original and elegant.
  • Dress-Case (dress pencil). This style can truly be called one of the most spectacular. It favorably emphasizes the elegant lines of the female figure and makes an elegant image. However, it is worth remembering: sheath dress without sleeves - quite provocative model. Choose this outfit is very carefully, because the slim silhouette emphasize not only the advantages but also disadvantages figures. Dress with one sleeve: the model selection rule
  • A-Line. Dress this type are suitable for almost all women, regardless of height and build. Thanks to this dress can successfully mask the small belly or full hips. Dress with one sleeve: the model selection rule


  • Dress "mermaid". This outfit to choose for a celebratory evening, as the model "mermaid" - a long dress with a slim silhouette. The sleeve in this case may be performed in the form of a wide strap overlying or long flared sleeves.

Dress Color

Choose the color of the dress is usually not so simple. The fashion stores sellers certainly offer a heap of multi-colored patterns that just will not leave indifferent even the most discerning buyers. That the choice was a good one, you should not rely solely on the first emotions, should take into account the type of appearance and purpose of purchase. Equally important is the design of the product itself.

Dress with one sleeve: the model selection rule

Since the dress with one shoulder itself is quite original and unusual, it is best to look plain options. In this case, there is only one focus - an unusual cut. All other details only complement the image.

Afraid to make a mistake with the color? Feel free to choose black, because black dress in the wardrobe of a woman - a win-win, especially if it is such an unusual cut.

Where can I wear?

Many believe that sleeveless dress with one sleeve and fit only for special occasions, but this is not true. The fact that such products may vary in length, and the type of finishing material.

Short dress, made of thin lightweight fabric in neutral colors, it is suitable for everyday wear, especially if the sleeve is made as a broad shoulder straps and flounce. This outfit looks strange, but at the same time restrained and elegant. For summer days, a great option would be a long dress without sleeves or with a single shoulder strap, made of type sundress.

Fitting model of expensive fabric is best left for special occasions. There will be appropriate not only black and beige color but ruby ​​red or shade of Prussian blue.

Dress with one sleeve: the model selection rule

What kind of shoes to choose a dress?

Every fashionista knows that in order to complete the stylish image simply can not do without a good pair of shoes. In this case, short and long dresses with one sleeve in different ways may look with shoes of the same type.

For short dresses should choose shoes with heels. This may be as a pin, and moderately thin heel. Ideally, if the shoe upper is quite open as closed shoes will be sharply contrasted with the open shoulder. Long dresses look good with shoes and wedges.

Suitable accessories

That's accessories make the bow, without them the whole image can be boring and bland, even if the publication is selected evening dress without sleeves. However, this is exactly the case when it is very important not to overdo it.

  • Bracelets. Lover bracelets can easily complement the dress a little decoration, that will not be the soloist in the image, but only to complement a luxurious dress.
  • Necklaces and pendants. Open arms - is not the reason to choose massive necklaces or necklaces. It is best to pay attention to the short ornaments "under the throat." Appropriate to be thin chain with a small pendant.

In any case, the dress with one sleeve - this is a luxury idea to dress in everyday life and at social events. It is absolutely suitable for every woman, just need to choose the right model and color. The only thing that should be remembered - a careful selection of additional parts and hairstyles.