Vladimir Beschastnykh: biography, personal life, photo, children

Vladimir Beschastnykh - known domestic footballer who currently plays as a striker. In his career he played for the capital's "Spartacus", the Spanish "Racing", Turkish "Fenerbahce", Kazakhstan "Astana". As part of the Russian national team has scored 26 goals in 71 match. Currently he works as a trainer of sports youth school of Olympic reserve "Change" in Moscow.

Early career

Vladimir was born in Moscow. Footballer was born in 1974. Born Vladimir E. Beschastnykh - 1 April. He is a graduate of the school's football capital "Dynamo". His first coach to teach him the basics of the sport, says Alexander Minaev, Trunina Vitali and Vladimir Kozlov.

In this case, first it drew attention to the Moscow "Spartak". In 1991, he received an invitation to play for this team, playing for the reserve team, but in the first team and has not appeared.

Vladimir Beschastnykh: biography, personal life, photo, children

The debut of Vladimir Beschastnykh football in the Premier League was held in 1992. March 29, he scored his first goal for "Spartacus," while he was not yet 18 years old.

At that time, he quickly became one of the top forwards in the national championship three times in a row won the championship of Russia, scoring 35 goals in 62 matches. Not surprisingly, at the prospect of the Russian striker drew attention abroad. In 1994, Vladimir Beschastnykh has signed a contract with the German club "Werder Bremen", acting in the Bundesliga.

In the German championship

With the "Bremen" while he worked the famous German coach Otto Rehhagel. He highly appreciated the quality of the attacker, noting that he plays with his head down, no one else looking rushes to the gate. When Rehhagel Vladimir Beschastnykh regularly hit the compound, but when the coach changed his de Mos, this began to cause problems. 1994/1995 season's "Bremen" with Beschastnykh finished second in the German Championship, losing only one point Dortmund "Borussia".

The team won a ticket to the UEFA Cup, where confidence has passed "Glenavon" from Northern Ireland (2: 0, 5: 0), then the Minsk "Dynamo" (5: 0, 1: 2). At the 1/8 finals of the German club has conceded on a visit to the Dutch PSV 1: 2 home match ended in a goalless draw.

Vladimir Beschastnykh: biography, personal life, photo, children

Although the silver medals of the championship at the end of the season in the "Werder" again passed coaching permutations and a team led by German specialist Hans-Juergen Doerner. He saw the high potential of football constantly put him in the first team, scored by Vladimir Beschastnykh not long in coming. However, at the end of the season the team performed significantly worse, failing to take the only 9th place.

For two years in the "Werder" Beschastnykh scored 11 goals in 56 games. Before the start of the new European season, he moved to the Spanish "Racing".


Modest "Racing" Santander at the time played in the top division of the Spanish championship. For Vladimir Beschastnykh whose photo is in this article, this club will become the premier in his European career. It is in this team he played for the next five years.

In his rookie season with the Spanish team had to fight for survival in the elite division of the local championship. "Racing" was able to do it, taking 13th place at the end of the season. In this case, the gap from the relegation zone turned out to be relatively small - only 5 points. The following year in the Premier League Spanish Cup teams was smaller number was reduced to 20. If previously flew four teams, one is sent to the stage of the playoffs for the right to play in the example, it is now high-grade losers became only two clubs and two more fighting for survival in the play-offs.

Vladimir Beschastnykh: biography, personal life, photo, children

In the season 1997/1998 "Racing" was again doomed to struggle for the preservation of a place in the residence permit, with a very modest structure compared to most of the grandees of the Spanish championship. At this time, the team finished in 14th place, just one point behind the playoff zone.

The struggle for survival of the club Vladimir E. Beschastnyh engaged throughout these five years, until in 2001, luck finally turned away from him. "Racing" at the end of the season ranked last place in the championship, having taken off in the Segunda. In total, the Spanish championship Beschastnykh has played 140 matches and scored 28 goals.

The return to Russia

After this failure footballer returns to Russia, he begins to play "Spartacus" in Moscow. In 2001 Beschastnykh has become one of the most effective players in the team, came to the club after the opening of the season, he managed to play 12 games and scored 9 goals. Following the results of the Moscow championship, "Spartacus" won the gold medal, ahead by 4 points the capital "Locomotive".

Together with the "red-white" Beschastnyh got a chance to play in the Champions League. "Spartacus" immediately got in group B, showing its most dismal performance in the European Cup. It all started with a defeat away from the Swiss "Basel" 0: 2, followed by 0: 3 at home against "Valencia", 0: 5 - from "Liverpool". In the home match of the fourth round against the British Danishevskii he scored the first goal for the "Spartacus" in the Champions League, but keep the winning score they can not, in response to Muscovites get a hat-trick from Michael Owen. In the end, this is the only goal in the draw. In the end, "Spartacus" again plays "Basel" 0: 2 and "Valencia" - 0: 3. The problems in the European Cup added unintelligible speech in the championship. In the season of the "red-white" won the bronze medal, losing to "Locomotive" and CSKA Moscow 11 points. The leadership of the club it was decided to draw conclusions, embarked on a dramatic rejuvenation of the composition.

Turkey and Russia again

Beschastnykh possible to conclude a contract with the Turkish club "Fenerbahce", but express themselves in the new championship he can not. He scored just 1 goal in 12 games. Already in the middle of the season, he leaves the Turkish club, which sees no prospects. In Russia it fails to conclude a contract only with the Krasnodar "Kuban", which at the moment stands in the First Division. In the second round Beschastnykh scored 8 goals in 16 matches, helping the "Kuban" to take second place, giving the right for the next year to play in the Premier League. Krasnodar just one point ahead of "Terek" and "Tom".

Football player holding the first round of the 2004 season in Krasnodar, but in the starting line-up does not fall, affected by health problems, and the team is fighting for survival. During the break, he moved to the metropolitan "Dynamo", which at the end of the season is just one ochke from the relegation zone, but "Kuban" crashes. In 11 games in the championship striker differs twice.

at a reduced

In the middle of next season Beschastnyh leaves and mill "white-blue". In the mid-season in 2005, he managed to conclude a contract only with the club "Eagle" from the First Division. He becomes the player base, but in 22 games differs only three times. His team at the end of the season ranked 7th.

Vladimir Beschastnykh: biography, personal life, photo, children

Season 2006 Beschastnyh starts in the other team of the First Division - "Khimki". In contrast to the "Eagle", this team is fighting for promotion to the grade. Football player spends on the field all 42 games of the championship, which scored nine goals. "Khimki" scored a landslide victory, gaining 99 points on the season. 2007 Beschastnyh starts with the club in the Premier League, but lost a place in the lineup. On the field only appears twice, and then switches to the "Volga" from Tver, which acts in the area of ​​the "West" of the Second Division. The team is in deep crisis. In the championship ranks 14th, ahead of the outsider FC "Smolensk" only two points. Beschastnykh club can not help. He is 8 times out on the field, but effective action is not marked.

His last season in the professional career of Vladimir holds the championship of Kazakhstan, speaking for the "Astana".

The Russian team

For the Russian team Beschastnyh spent 71 match. He was a member of the European Championship in 1996, the World Cup in 1994 and 2002.

Vladimir Beschastnykh: biography, personal life, photo, children

The most successful was the qualifying tournament for the World Cup in 2002 for it, when he scored the most important goals in matches against Switzerland (1: 0) and Yugoslavia (1: 0) scored twice in a game against the Faroe Islands (3: 0) and in the final match with the Swiss team he scored a hat-trick (4: 0). Then the attacker managed to achieve remarkable achievements: he scored 7 goals in qualifying, with 5 of them head.

Coaching career

After graduating from professional football, Beschastnyh in 2009 he graduated the High School coaches. He worked at the Academy of Fedor Cherenkov, which prepares young players for the Moscow "Spartak". With young players he managed to win the championship in Moscow, and then the whole of Russia.

Vladimir Beschastnykh: biography, personal life, photo, children

In May 2014 became the head coach of the youth of the "red-white", but was forced to resign a year and half. Since the summer of 2016 was a member of the coaching staff of the club "Tosno", which made access to the Premier League. He was fired after two losses in a row of "Krasnodar" 1: 3 "Zenith" 0: 5. Now Vladimir Beschastnykh working in the sports youth school of Olympic reserve "Change".


Footballer has been married twice. His current wife named Svetlana. When she met with the football player, she was a flight attendant. She was married to Vladimir, he graduated from Moscow State University. He is currently working in the company Max Mara.

About the personal life of a footballer is not much known. Only the fact that the children of Vladimir Beschastnykh and Svetlana have. It's two sons, which name is Andrey and Maxim.

Vladimir Beschastnykh: biography, personal life, photo, children

Also known brother Vladimir, Mikhail, who was also a professional footballer. He played for the Nizhny Novgorod "locomotive" Stavropol "Dynamo" Yaroslavl "Shinnik" Kazan "Ruby".