Tar shampoo "911": reviews, composition, indications for use

The vast majority of shampoos, which can be found on the shelves, designed to cleanse the hair and scalp from the excess fat. Components included in their composition, have a softening and therapeutic effect, restoring the structure of the curl and preventing dandruff. At the same time when detection of diseases of the scalp need special means to facilitate the removal of inflammation and regeneration of the skin. This article will talk about tar shampoo "911". Reviews about this drug will help to understand its properties and features of the application.

What is the use of tar?

It has long been the product of processing of wood tar was used in folk medicine to treat most skin conditions. On its basis, we produced shampoos, balms, ointments, soaps, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antiparasitic activity.

Tar shampoo

Today, for the treatment of skin diseases of the head are made of birch tar, extracted from birch bark. This tree, including its aerial part, valued high in nutrients and minerals that are necessary for the person to maintain health, youth and beauty.

Efficiency tar shampoos proved over the years. The only drawback - a specific, sharp and unpleasant smell.

Tar Shampoo "911": the composition of

The effect of this drug in the treatment of skin diseases of the head is explained by the content of powerful active ingredients. Natural components and special agents exfoliate the dead flakes, gently cleansing the skin and without drying it. Birch tar provides anti-inflammatory effect, relieves irritation, promotes regeneration of damaged portions. Tar shampoo for dandruff, "911" is widely used not only in the treatment of this disease, but also for hair loss, helping to strengthen the bulbs.

Tar shampoo

The main active components are:

  • birch tar - relieves intense itching and pain, inhibits inflammation, reduces flaking after the first use;
  • Glycerin - softens the scalp, make hair more shiny, moisturizing them;
  • coconut oil - promotes regeneration of the epidermal cells, has a soothing and softening effect, prevents dandruff.


Itching, peeling, irritation on the scalp, brittle hair and dropping deliver a lot of inconvenience. Tar shampoo "911" helps to cope with them by acting on the cause of the disease and provide an effective therapy.

Tar shampoo

Indications for use:

  • seborrhea - active components in the composition means provide exfoliating flakes regeneration, removal of itching and irritation;
  • dandruff - the disease may be caused by drying of the scalp cosmetics, vitamin deficiency, unfavorable environment;
  • psoriasis of the scalp - provided by purifying and regenerating effect;
  • fungal disease - suppressed vital functions of bacteria, reduce inflammation, and other unpleasant symptoms, restores the natural balance.

How do I use?

In the treatment of the above diseases tar shampoo assigned rate for a period of from 4 to 7 weeks. The duration of treatment is determined by a specialist - a dermatologist or trichologist. According to reviews, tar shampoo "911" of dandruff can also be used as a preventive measure, alternating it with the usual means for washing the hair. But abuse properties of birch tar is not necessary. Otherwise, the effect can be strictly opposite - the hair will become dull and brittle.

Tar shampoo

Use tar shampoo is necessary so as usual means for washing the hair:

  • expanded with the necessary amount of shampoo in your hands and apply it massaged on the hair and skin.
  • Leave a means to head for 3-5 minutes.
  • Rinse lather with warm water.
  • Apply the balm-conditioner as tar shampoo, remove excess sebum, desiccate hair.
  • Rinse balm in accordance with the instructions.

Positive reviews about tar shampoo "911"

Most people have had a good impression after using this tool. In his review of the tar shampoo "911", they note that they were able to quickly get rid of dandruff. In addition, the lost shine at the roots, and the hair stay clean longer. It should be quite inexpensive shampoo and contains a minimum of chemistry and the most natural ingredients.

Tar shampoo

In addition to getting rid of dandruff tar tool helps alleviate the condition of the scalp with seborrhea and psoriasis. Shampoo relieves itching and irritation, strengthens hair and makes them shiny. However, according to reviews, most people used it just as a means to get rid of dandruff. And with this problem, he coped very well.

Disadvantages tar shampoo

In addition there are positive and negative reviews about tar shampoo "911". Most people identified the following means of disadvantages:

  • has an unpleasant smell, which is hard to washed hair;
  • bad foams, because of which is difficult to lather on a thick and long hair;
  • bottle has a small volume and grabs him for a short while;
  • desiccate hair.

Based on the reviews, we can conclude that the shampoo is effective against dandruff with regular use only. But in this case it can dry up hair, and they become dull. That's why most people recommend this facility to owners of greasy hair, who need to get rid of the excess sebum on the head.