Protein - what is it? Which protein is best for gaining lean muscle?

What is a protein, now known to every athlete. And no matter how many there were a controversy and myths surrounding the use of sports nutrition, real enthusiasts and regular guests of the sports hall is well understood that the protein shakes - is not only a good support for the body, but also the need at high loads. They provide muscle power, which contributes to its strengthening and growth.

Protein - what is it? Which protein is best for gaining lean muscle?


Let us now consider a little deeper, what protein. This protein in its pure form, which is often obtained from the milk, or rather from whey. Today, there is a misconception that the protein - a food additive chemical compound that is used as doping. In fact, if you drink milk, eat meat, egg or protein - result for the body to be absolutely equal. He will receive a dose of useful protein.

Once again returning to the question of what the protein, I want to add that if the manufacturer and adds something to the protein powder, it is vitamins and minerals for a better regeneration after training and saturating it with useful substances.

How do you explain the popularity of cocktails?

It is the most demanded product in sports nutrition. And every manufacturer now offers the consumer is not one but a whole line of protein products. What is protein, tell each coach of a sports hall in which you enroll, as well as why you need one. This broad popularity is easily explained. For the normal activities of a person requires 20 amino acids that the body can synthesize only 10. Everything else should be done with food.

At the same time, if you lead a normal life, quite passive, then it can provide your body protein, eating a piece of meat for dinner. But when it comes to high physical loads, the question arises of how to replenish the supply of much-needed substance for us. That is the problem and solve the manufacturers of sports nutrition.

Protein - what is it? Which protein is best for gaining lean muscle?

In the sport nutrition store

Once in a department, you can easily get lost. A huge number of cans with different labels. And if also a consultant starts rattling off technical terms, if at all, you can turn around and go home. Gainers, Creatine, Protein 100% Casein and many more unique.

However, for the most part it's a marketing ploy. Not so many kinds of sports nutrition that is really necessary for beginners to muscle growth. In addition, most fashionable additions can be replaced by cheaper ones. Let's make a rating of sports supplements in the first place to place those most important for muscle growth.

Gainer - supplement №1

You need to use them in the morning, and after each workout. This protein of 100%, or rather its fast utilizable mixture with carbohydrates. It is the best tool to start muscle growth. At each power drill body require at least 150 g glycogen. Therefore, immediately after exercise, the body needs to restore the reserves. Keep in mind that the contribution of carbohydrates in weight set is often higher than that of proteins.

Whey protein

His sports consultants recommend taking during the day. Talking about what the protein for muscle mass set of important of all, it should be noted it. This is the main assistant to break the deadlock and to provide fast muscle growth. Athlete's diet should contain enough protein. Weighing in at 70 kg, you should receive at least 175 grams of protein a day.

Whey protein differs assimilation highest speed. If ordinary food is digested for hours, and gives the feeling of heaviness, the protein digest in just a few minutes. Just one scoop gives at least 25 grams of protein.

Protein - what is it? Which protein is best for gaining lean muscle?


This protein for muscle drink in the morning and after training. This is an important supplement to increase muscle growth and athletic performance. This is an additional source of energy during training, which optimizes energy processes. Athletes emphasize that the use of 5 grams of creatine a day just feels like the muscles become stronger.

There is one notable effect of creatine supplementation. He provokes water retention in the muscles. Practice shows that daily consumption of creatine leads to a gradual increase in body weight by several kilograms. At the same time visually increases the volume and density of the muscles.

What is the best protein for a set weight

Above we have listed the main types of sports nutrition which contains pure protein. But has not yet responded to the main question. Let's go back to the most popular among athletes whey protein. This is also a common name, because in this group there are several sub-types:

  • concentrate of whey protein - the most affordable product that contains no more than 65% pure protein.
  • Isolate - a protein enhanced filtration which has an increased rate of digestibility. About 85% - pure protein.
  • The hydrolyzate - partially digested form of protein. That is, the body does not have to spend energy on the process of digestion, as in the case of food and other protein shakes.

But that's not all. The market also presents complex proteins that are a mixture of several different types. For example, one component provides rapid saturation of muscle protein, and the second is absorbed slowly, gradually maintaining the working rhythm.

A separate line should be noted casein protein. It has the longest effect. Usually it is taken at night to supply the body with amino acids during sleep.

Protein - what is it? Which protein is best for gaining lean muscle?

The best whey protein

Each athlete chooses what is best for protein mass recruitment. Our goal - to give a detailed description of products that exist today in the market. Therefore, we consider the best protein complexes in each group:

  • 100% Whey Gold Standard. This is an effective complex which consists of whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate ultrafiltered and whey peptides. Excellent building material for muscle-building and the creation of a relief figure. The cost of 1300 rubles.
  • AN 100% Pure Platinum Whey - this is the perfect option for those athletes who want to not only build muscle, but also to get rid of body fat. Athletes claim that eating this protein, you will always be full of strength and energy. The cost of 1300 rubles.
  • AN 100% Pure Platinum Whey - a great option for those who are watching carbohydrate intake. While taking this drug, you will increase your muscle mass, but it will keep control of fat mass. This is the highest quality protein, and drink it turns out very tasty. The cost of 1080 rubles.
  • Platinum Hydrowhey from Optimum Nutrition - the most refined, instant and easily digestible protein. The main content of the mixture is hydrolysed whey protein. The cost of 890 rubles.

whey protein isolate

Since this product contains a high proportion of protein in their composition, it works great on the weight of the set. Which protein is best - we will consider today. In this family, many good names, but we will try to select only those reviews which are the most attractive.

  • Zero Carb by VPX - a unique sports nutrition, which does not have in its composition of fats and carbohydrates. That is why it is used in a comprehensive program set weight and weight loss. Since that time many people are interested in, it's worth a little bit more precise. Protein produces glucagon, which releases the fat and makes it possible to use it for energy. The more muscle, the more power they spend. However, their growth is possible only if you exercise.
  • ISO-100 from Dymatize - protein isolate which is the most popular among similar products. During its manufacture proteinaceous material passes five processing steps. The resulting finished mixture does not include fats, lactose and other carbohydrates. Ideal food for the muscles, especially in the period of their active capacity.
  • Ultimate Nutrition ISO Sensation - contains natural whey protein isolate, which is developed in the process of filtration. Protein - what is it? Which protein is best for gaining lean muscle?

Most complex proteins

The debate about what kind of protein is better for gaining lean muscle, do not stop. Therefore, there are constant new developments. Today, systems are often used, which include different types of protein. This allows you to maintain the required amount of energy and nutrients to your muscles. Protein complexes are mixtures of protein isolate, casein, and others.

They all have a different rate of absorption in the intestinal wall, as well as individual benefits. Acting complex, they can achieve the best efficiency of the different muscle groups. Among these additives may be mentioned:

  • BSN Syntha-6 - a unique development in the field of nutrition for athletes. This product includes several kinds of proteins having different release rate of nutrients, which are a part. In this regard, you can highlight the main feature of this protein complex. It is the ability for a long time to provide the necessary amino acids the muscles of an athlete.
  • Syntrax Matrix 5.0 - is the result of many years of efforts of specialists. the highest quality raw materials, denatured calcium caseinate and sodium led to a new quality sports nutrition. Sources of proteins and amino acids: egg albumin, milk protein and whey protein and glutamine.
  • MHP Probolic-SR - again a unique and revolutionary tool that has mikrosnabzheniya technology. That is, the muscles receive a steady stream of nutrients for 12 hours. That is practically the principle dropper. This makes it possible to saturate the body with amino acids in small doses. Protein - what is it? Which protein is best for gaining lean muscle?

Best complexes prolonged exposure to

Protein for muscle growth should not only give a rapid influx of nutrients that instantly will burn during exercise, but also to support them with the necessary amino acids for a long time. Therefore, the professional athletes use casein proteins. After drinking a cocktail in the evening, you provide intensive rehabilitation and food throughout the night. As a result, the next day you go to the gym rested and full of energy. What complexes may be mentioned in this group:

  • Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Casein Protein. With this addition weightlifters can forget about the hunger and the constant desire to eat. This way, you can concentrate on the exercises.
  • Syntrax Micellar Creme - it is a pure, natural product that has as its basis micellar casein. It is a protein extracted from milk and not lose its beneficial properties.

Do not forget that these mixtures can not replace eating habits. The essence of the protein - provide an additional source of protein and amino acids that are essential for the growth of muscle tissue. But this is only a supplement, low-calorie foods rich in vitamins and minerals. They can replace one meal, used as snacks.

Protein - what is it? Which protein is best for gaining lean muscle?

Instead of a conclusion

However, natural sources of animal protein is also rich in amino acids and essential and often irreplaceable materials. Therefore, the use of protein shakes - this is not a reason to give up a healthy, nutritious diet. However, conventional foods can not provide such a number of fast utilizable protein as cocktails. For the digestion of meat the body has to expend a lot of energy, which means that for a few hours to give up physical activity. In addition, nutrients muscles get only after the digestive system is fully completed its work.