The basic rules of carbohydrate-free diet: lost weight reviews

Modern girls and even some young men tend to lose weight more often for some upcoming holiday. Reviews of the carbohydrate-free diet lost weight allow us to understand that this diet really helps to lose considerable weight. Low-carb food is specifically used to burn fat reserves.

The basic rules of carbohydrate-free diet: lost weight reviews

Reviews lost weight on the diet with carbohydrate-free photos are presented in the article. Because this diet constantly approached not only ordinary people, but even athletes and bodybuilders, it will be interesting to all. Thanks to her, in a fairly short period of time can significantly reduce the percentage of body fat and to identify the muscles.

Below you can find the rules of the carbohydrate-free diets, lost weight ratings, as well as its main advantages and disadvantages. All of this information is bound to be useful to those who want to become the owner of a slender body, without spending too much effort, time and money.

Features diet

The main reason for the popularity and respect of such a diet is quite satisfying and delicious food, which helps to burn body fat exactly, not muscle mass. Upon completion of power resulting effect persists for a long time, but only subject to the rules and principles of good diet.

The basic rules of carbohydrate-free diet: lost weight reviews


Positive feedback on the results of lost weight carbohydrate-free diet often come because of its advantages. These include:

  • to freely combine with exercise;
  • experts call the most effective diet system for weight loss;
  • is burned only fat, not muscle;
  • diet provides not a complete rejection of carbohydrate and a decrease in their number;
  • limitations do not apply to the amount of protein consumed;
  • the body is saturated with the necessary amount of calories and vitamins.
The basic rules of carbohydrate-free diet: lost weight reviews


Sometimes there are reviews of the carbohydrate-free diet lost weight, which point to its disadvantages. Their number is much lower benefits, but to take into account these nuances is still needed. Their list includes:

  • if you stick to the diet for too long, losing weight can just stop, and the state of health deteriorated;
  • is not all easy for people to get used to the new diet;
  • required to check daily caloric intake with the special tables, that they were not eating more than normal.


Often, you can see the negative reviews lost weight on carbohydrate-free diet. All of them come from people who do not consider it necessary to draw attention to contraindications and only worsened their health a new diet.

Experts categorically forbidden to start a diet in the presence of the following issues:

  • heart disease or blood vessels;
  • recent surgery;
  • during pregnancy or breast-feeding;
  • diseases of the digestive tract and liver;
  • failure to reach the age of majority.


The first positive results are already noticeable in the early days of the diet. This occurs for the reason that because of the absence of large amounts of carbohydrates human body begins to use as an energy source fat.

The basic rules of carbohydrate-free diet: lost weight reviews

The effect is based on the reduction of body weight, as well as changing its appearance. Since the reduced percentage of fat and muscle are stored, the figure becomes clearer, leaving sagging hips and abdomen.


Reviews lost weight on the basic rules of carbohydrate-free diets go only positive. The basic rule is a limited amount of carbohydrates consumed. Variation depends on their diet allowed rate (from 20 to 250 g per day).

Classical diet involves the consumption is 250 grams of carbohydrates. But it is to learn, the faster I want to get a result, the smaller their number should be.

Permitted and Prohibited Products

With the new diet losing weight, you can eat the following carbohydrates:

  • acidic fruits and berries;
  • vegetables that do not contain starch;
  • cereals are high in protein;
  • leafy vegetables and fresh herbs.

During the diet is prohibited to consume these products:

  • alcohol;
  • the water with gas;
  • vegetables with high starch content;
  • sweet fruit;
  • sugar and its substitutes;
  • chocolate products;
  • baking.

Good reviews of the carbohydrate-free diet lost weight leave the people who expressed a preference for smaller meals. It should consist of 5-6 meals a day, while the latter must be made before 8:00 pm or 4 hours before bedtime.

The basic rules of carbohydrate-free diet: lost weight reviews

After a snack for an hour should refrain from any beverage. But at the same time just a day you need to drink about half a liter of pure water.

Special attention should be paid to the diet of the type and amount of carbohydrates allowed in it. It is on the basis of this and build a menu. The very best deal diet - 2-3 weeks, then be sure to make a holiday for a couple of months.


To date, losing weight is given a choice of several diet options. All of them are quite effective and not too complicated, so they can adhere to each person. The most common modification is the diet for up to 5 days. Every girl has tested on itself like the menu, really thin on the carbohydrate-free diet. Responses about it, there are only positive, since the effect is stunning. Approximate schedule power for one day will be like this:

  • breakfast - a couple of eggs or 3 quail, a small piece of cheese and a cup of coffee without sugar;
  • lunch - a small apple green curds and 9% fat (less than 150 grams);
  • lunch - ear / broth / vegetable soup without potatoes / baked or boiled fish;
  • lunch - a glass of milk, kefir or yogurt.

Not less popular and diet for a week, thanks to which it is possible to lose about 6 kilograms:

  1. throughout the day are allowed to eat boiled chicken or rabbit, as well as drinking juice from citrus fruits, but with no added sugar. For lunch we recommend making fresh vegetable salad with a teaspoon of olive oil and lemon juice to improve its taste. In between meals you should drink pure green tea.
  2. In this day should cook lean meats, stewed with vegetables. In finished form the amount should not exceed 400 g - all divided into 3 doses (core). At the same time do not forget the water and green tea without sugar additives.
  3. There should be five meals. Each of them must consist of beef and vegetables (50 g) and one half of grapefruit. For breakfast and dinner you need to eat a boiled egg, and before each meal to drink a glass of grapefruit juice.
  4. This diet consists of a couple of boiled eggs, grapefruit, a glass of kefir (not more than 1% fat), boiled fish and green salad (cucumbers, cabbage, greens). All these products must be divided into 5-6 receptions. Morning and evening, in addition to the main dishes you should drink a cup of tea (green or black).
  5. For breakfast you can drink coffee without sugar and at lunch to eat vegetable soup, but without potatoes. dairy products are allowed between them.
  6. Weight day to eat stew, salad, assorted fruits, citrus juice, and yogurt.
  7. The final day consists of a stew with pork, a boiled egg, fruit and green tea among the main methods.

How to get out of the diet

Save the results from a new diet can be only if the correct exit. There is no need for the first day after the diet to eat everything that catches your eye, and had previously been strictly prohibited. Increase consumption of foods rich in carbohydrates, it is necessary gradually. If desired, re-low-carbohydrate diet, you can take it again, but after a month after the end of the previous one. At first, the need to continue to drink plain water without any additives, pure green tea and eat more fruits and vegetables.

The basic rules of carbohydrate-free diet: lost weight reviews

In addition, it should support the tone of the figure and physical activity. Experts strongly recommend to regularly visit gyms or spend time home training. To improve the physical fitness to do a daily morning run, immediately after which there is to take a contrast shower.

carbohydrate-free diet: reviews of physicians and lost weight

Diet has a lot of positive reviews due to the nature of high performance. This is indicated as a slimming people and doctors. Most people have achieved stunning results in just a couple of weeks, which was a surprise to them. Comments and opinions on the carbohydrate-free diet lost weight are reduced to one - it really is effective and bears no harm, provided that all the requirements and taking into account contraindications. Often, consumers say that this diet is quite rich. Thanks to him, do not need to limit yourself to protein foods, thus getting enough calories and various vitamins.

Nutritionists and other doctors say in a diet and some minuses. First they say that the state of health is deteriorating due to the low carbohydrate content. This is true, but that losing weight does not need to limit yourself to the necessary food for too long. In addition, experts say the probability of development of an organism phobia to carbohydrates on the background of the new diet. Themselves as losing weight all completely satisfied, because they do lose weight and achieve their goals in a short time.

The basic rules of carbohydrate-free diet: lost weight reviews


In conclusion it is necessary to emphasize the most important points in your diet:

  • carbohydrates are not under complete prohibition, and can be consumed only at a certain rate;
  • the result is caused by the burning of fat;
  • diet has a considerable number of drawbacks and contraindications.

All of this must take into account those people who want to lose weight, but it does not worsen the state of health. But before embarking on such a diet, it is best to seek help from a doctor to precisely everything went well.