"Vichy" - Shampoo: reviews, types and effectiveness

Perhaps every person throughout life encountered such a problem like hair loss. Cosmetics Vichy products, caring for curls, known throughout the world. As equipped with the latest technology laboratories developed effective means of caring. "Vichy" (Shampoo) has only positive reviews.

Manufacturer details

Vichy The company was founded in 1931 in the French town of the same name. All caring agents are based on thermal water which has a positive effect on human organism. It is especially useful for hair. It is composed of 30 and 17 trace elements and mineral salts.

The application allows you to Vichy shampoo hair more healthy. Means relieves inflammation and irritation of the skin, eliminates dandruff and accelerates the growth of curls.

Vichy Shampoo strengthens with Amineksilom improves the elasticity of the skin in the root zone. Because of this the hairs do not break and are held firmly in the skin. shampoo effectiveness is proven by clinical tests.

Tool can improve the immunity of skin cells to fight the factors that have a negative impact on the human body.

The causes of hair loss

To decrease the density shag lead many factors. Therefore, before choosing a shampoo for hair loss is necessary to accurately determine the underlying cause of this process. As a result, you can get rid of many problems: save time and money for the purchase of such vehicles.

Trichologists identify several factors that can cause hair loss:

  • weakened immunity due to previously transferred disease;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • the presence of infection, which leads to disease of the scalp (seborrhea);
  • chemotherapy;
  • unhealthy diet;
  • impact of aggressive factors (perm, hair coloring);
  • a state of stress.

In order to uniquely identify the cause of hair loss, you need to visit a trichologist. Only a specialist can determine the exact cause of the disease and the appropriate treatment.

Food "Vichy" company aimed at solving the problems associated with hair loss. This is due to its special composition means.

The composition of the funds

By reviews, "Vichy" (Shampoo) contains in its composition:

  1. Thermal water. It is a special development of the company.
  2. Sodium laureth sulfate. Means to achieve foaming.
  3. aminexil (Diaminopyrimidine Oxide). Prevents baldness and prevents atrophy follicles. By aminexil properties include softening the scalp and natural rebalancing. Hair stops falling out, regardless of the nature of the origin of the problem.
  4. Citric acid (Citric ACID). It provides shine and normalises acidity.
  5. Disodium cocoamphodiacetate. It decreases the negative effect of the active substances and gives a thick gel texture.
  6. sodium chloride. It makes the product thicker.
  7. ammonium hydroxide. Provides getting nutrients into the bloodstream.

The firming Vichy Shampoo Amineksilom not contain substances that cause allergic reactions and can destroy the structure of hair. Active ingredients glossed curls and strengthen them.

Vitamins B5, B6 and PP normalize sebaceous glands and improve the protective function of the bulbs.

Features actions aminexil

By the properties of the substance may include softening the scalp, which helps to restore the natural balance. Component strengthens the hair structure and activates growth. This is due to maintaining the flexibility of collagen proteins. Therefore nutrients to freely enter the follicles and there is their saturation. The hair becomes healthier, and improves their appearance.

Aminexil stops hair loss. Especially well it affects the hair with vitamin deficiency, stress and negative effects of a hair dryer.

The basic properties of the shampoo

Drastic hair loss, dandruff and seborrhea appearance indicates the occurrence of dangerous diseases. If the hair is ill, they must be treated both inside and outside.

According to the reviews, shampoo "Vichy" from hair loss has the following qualities:

  • Improves hair growth.
  • effectively prevents hair loss, especially in the early stages.
  • has a pleasant aroma.
  • normalizes the root system.
  • Easy to use, the instruction is located on the packaging.
  • The product was developed with the participation of cosmetologists and trichologists.

"Vichy" in its arsenal has a universal means of caring (for women, men). Ideal for loose curls.

Shampoo is most often used in the treatment of complicated forms of alopecia. He was appointed doctors with seasonal alopecia, lack of vitamins and to restore strands in women after pregnancy.

Use of the means of

According to reviews, Shampoo Vichy Dercos ( "Vichy Derkos") applied to the hair lightly, making the scalp massage for 5-7 minutes. This time is enough to impregnate the hair. Shampoo foams well and has the ability to wash hair on the first try. Therefore, re-soaping is not required.

The tool can be used regularly. It is able to provide effective assistance not only in the treatment of hair loss, but also as a preventive measure. Shampoo can be used not only for women but also for men.

It should be noted that the means has healing properties, so it is not necessary to use a large amount of it. A few drops is enough to get enough foam. Overabundance aminexil can adversely affect the hair is dry.

According to the reviews of shampoo Vichy Dercos Technique, means possesses unique properties, but does not cure. Rather, it is used for prophylaxis. To get the result you need to use the shampoo for a long period. Means best used within 2 months. For 12 months it is necessary to carry out such a course of 2-3.

Studies conducted by the company, confirmed that more than 80% of people within 2 weeks of advancing positive changes in the structure of hair and improved the condition of the skin of the head.

According to reviews, shampoo "Vichy Derkos" hair loss combines mineral and organic compounds in its composition, therefore can be used in the treatment of head of hair after suffering stress and other illnesses.

How to enhance the effect of the use?

The consistency of the composition of the "Vichy" from hair loss for women has a creamy texture, so experts advise to apply it on hair as a mask. To do this, before the procedure are treated strands throughout.

To sustain such a mask in the hair must be within 30 minutes. If you carry out this procedure every day, the positive effect will come much earlier.

The advantages and disadvantages of the means

According to reviews, shampoo "Vichy" against hair loss has the following advantages:

  1. creamy texture.
  2. The unique cleaning properties.
  3. Good cleanses the hair and scalp of dirt and grease.
  4. does not cause aggravation curls.
  5. means universally and is suitable for both women and men.
  6. The pleasant aroma.
  7. In most cases, there is a rapid and long-lasting effect. Usually it is noticeable after 1-2 weeks of application.
  8. The products tested, so the cases when it does not suit the buyer, are minimized.

The shampoo can be applied to all people who are faced with the problem of hair loss. He is particularly recommended for oily scalp. Means adjusts the sebaceous glands, which allows the hair for a long time to stay clean.

One of the drawbacks of shampoo "Vichy" is the presence in its composition Sodium laureth sulfate, which desiccate normal and dry hair. In this case, it is best to use in conjunction with masks and balms of the same series.

The second disadvantage of Vichy shampoo for hair loss is the lack of results in the case of individual intolerance of its components, which happens very rarely.

The product is suitable not only for the treatment of hair loss, but also for the prevention of such problems in the future. Many people in old age problems associated with thinning hair. Application of the shampoo "Vichy" will help avoid this and keep thick hair to a ripe old age.

When it becomes noticeable results?

Does the "Vichy" from falling? Using the tool, you can have a few days to notice the use of improved hair condition. Loss curls decrease, they will become stronger and will be easier to comb.

More obvious result manifest after several weeks of use. If you use a shampoo constantly throughout the year, it is possible to achieve a significant improvement in the appearance of hair.

It should be understood that the problem of hair loss prevention is better than cure and then for a long time.


According to reviews, shampoo "Vichy" from hair loss has not only positive effects, but also has some limitations. The tool is not recommended for people who have individual intolerance aminexil.

Completely negative effect was not proven, but the manufacturer does not recommend the use of funds to women during pregnancy and lactation. Hormonal changes sometimes causes adverse reaction to any conditioning agents despite their therapeutic action.

The views of experts

Trichologists reviews about the shampoo "Vichy" from hair loss are positive. Indeed, in its creation was attended not only cosmeticians, but also doctors. They believe that the shampoo "Vichy" - an effective tool for combating hair loss, and refer it to the therapeutic formulations. Therefore, you can buy it in pharmacies. From the first day of application of means comes into the fight against hair loss.

Experts note that the shampoo can not only restore hair, but also to get rid of their abundant loss. It does not contain substances that have a negative effect on the hair follicles. The main advantage, reviews, shampoo "Vichy Derkos" hair loss is the lack of it components, which can cause allergies.

Experts say that regular use of funds in the early stages of hair loss will help remove the symptoms, unless the disease is not caused by genetic factors, or other pathologies.

Customer Reviews

Real reviews about the shampoo "Vichy" from hair loss are evidence of its positive effects, very often it is considered a leader among the products to combat hair loss.

Many people are very satisfied with the tool. They noted a significant decrease in the number of fallen hairs. The results will appear in a few weeks of use.

Satisfied customers pleasant aroma and texture agents, as well as its convenient dispenser. The effect is achieved when used correctly. Shampoo "Vichy" is best applied courses, and then take a break.

The negative aspects include, according to reviews, shampoo price "Vichy" from hair loss, which is quite high.

Some customers say that means, despite the high cost, does not always have the desired effect. It is bad foams and after it impossible to wash hair. Point and a temporary effect "Vichy", after receiving his hair begins to crumble with greater force.

Negative feedbacks sparse, mostly satisfied buyers received effect.

Shampoo "Vichy" - a tool that effectively helps to get rid of hair loss problems. After its use hair acquire healthy and beautiful appearance. According to reviews, the price of shampoo "Vichy" hair loss can range from 700 to 1100 rubles. Preparations in capsules are even more expensive.