Evromeh - what is it? Advantages and disadvantages

With the onset of cold weather almost every woman goes to the store to buy shoes. Today the choice is huge, constantly there is something new. In recent years it becomes very popular evromeh. What is it, we explain in this article.

What is it?

Perhaps many have heard, but not everyone knows what evromeh boots. For most women, the word unusual. But in fact, everything is quite simple.

Evromeh - what is it? Advantages and disadvantages

Manufacturers since called the shoes, which is insulated with only the lower part of it - in the foot area. These boots appeared initially in Europe as well as the winter there is softer and not so cold, so hence the name.

Such shoes are very comfortable to wear in the off-season, when there is not enough heat, but also the strong frost is gone. But we must not think that in winter are not evromeh. What it is, it is known to many. In such shoes a lot of fans. Evromeh on customer reviews, more lightweight, shoes look more elegant. For example, the classic winter boots, which are fully insulated, has the following drawback - they are visually make a foot wider than a few centimeters. For many women, this fact is critical. The boots with evromehom legs look more impressive. These shoes easily fastened, because the ankle is only a thin lining for those who like denim pants is an obvious plus.

How well are they warm?

Many buyers are interested in, whether in such shoes warm in winter. Of course, with a strong frost is best to put on a warm boots or shoes, but at 10-15 degrees evromeh perfectly retains heat.

In evroobuvi uses two types of fur: artificial and natural. Yes, natural warmer and more practical, and this is another plus evromeha. Indeed, in these boots, it is only at the bottom, which means that they will be cheaper than the classic.

Evromeh - what is it? Advantages and disadvantages

Judging by the reviews on the net, for many women, the question of whether to wear evromeh, has long been irrelevant. Many people know what it is - evromeh, appreciate it and are ready to use again and again. After all, these shoes are not only cheaper, it is warm enough and on foot, it looks much more elegant. Today's range of models allows every woman to choose a couple to your taste and satisfaction.

How to choose the

Selection rules are the same as for normal winter footwear. First you need to decide on the material. Of course, the leader is leather, it is practical, long serves and retains heat well. Suede is also good, but her special care is required, and in wet weather especially do not walk in it. Cheaper material - a synthetic leather, slightly inferior as the first two, but it compensates for this low price.

Evromeh - what is it? Advantages and disadvantages

After you select a specific model, it is desirable to examine the entire fittings for defects. And special attention should be paid to the sole, it must be thicker than one centimeter, and is made of rubber or polyurethane, these materials are wear-resistant and suitable for winter. And the more and better painted relief, the less will be slippery boots.

In addition to questions about why the use evromeh what it is and how much it warms, it was considered many advantages such shoes. It can be concluded that in a woman's wardrobe should contain several kinds of boots for every occasion, including a evromehom.