The square is different from the bob-bob: description, features and recommendations

For years, at the peak of popularity of women's haircuts are bob and square. You may have heard about the intermediate version of a bob-bob. Deciding to make yourself a haircut, you'll want to see her photo, to decide how it suits you. But often it happens that it is difficult to find images haircuts bob-bob, and fashion magazines contain many very different conflicting information. Why is this happening? The bean is different from a penalty? In fact, the difference though quite blurred, but it is. In this article we will talk about these haircuts and tell, what is the difference between them.

The square is different from the bob-bob: description, features and recommendations


The name of this hairstyle perfectly familiar to many ladies. Kara is one of the most versatile hairstyles for women of any age. Thanks to the many nuances that can be created from the hair, this hairstyle can hide flaws full cheeks or face shape and emphasize the advantages of appearance. Imagine this hairstyle, you can mentally, if you remember the image of Cleopatra embodied Elizabeth Taylor screen. It is such a haircut, with thick bangs graphics, smooth parting and clipped one length hair is the classic bob.

Bob - hairstyle "under the boy"

The second most popular among the hairstyles for short hair can be called a bob haircut. It is a feature grange, rebelliousness and some eccentric, unlike a quiet and balanced square. However bob hairstyle allows you to look elegant and refined.

Which option to choose, so that it is perfectly in tune with what is given by nature? Below we describe what the bean is different from the square and from other variants of the hairstyle. You will be able to choose the style that is right for you and will make you irresistible.

The square is different from the bob-bob: description, features and recommendations

How to distinguish the square

This is a classic hairstyle for a long time, but the unprecedented spread among the women received after World War II. In those days the fashion demanded simplicity but with a hint of femininity. The great advantage of the square is its extraordinary versatility. For this hairstyle is easy to care for - short hair is easier to wash and dry, this hairstyle does not require stacking skills. If you choose a square, your hair will always look neat, no matter whether you are a strict business lady or a romantic young girl. The average length of hair allows for a given shearing them curled and even make a neat weave. Therefore, if you want to change something on your head, pay attention to the hairstyle.

Features haircuts bob

How not to be confused with Bob bob? Again, the first haircut is a classic. The second provides a lot more opportunity to experiment both for the hairdresser and the client. Bob has no clear features. But they are, when it comes to grooming the square. Knowing all three features, you can easily learn this haircut:

1. Hair presupposes the existence of any bangs - a smooth, symmetric or oblique.

2. For this hairstyle parted required. It can be a side or center.

3. Four of a Kind is not intended gradation and layering. Strands for this shearing may be elongated in a straight chin area over the entire circumference of the head.

Sometimes the difference between a square and a bean quite symbolic, but in some cases, when grading or bangs can completely transform the appearance, you need to make a choice in the direction of the correct haircut. Let's see what a bob haircut is different from squares of different kinds.

The square is different from the bob-bob: description, features and recommendations


This haircut has appeared a little later than the quads. Many consider the pioneer of hairstyles bob actress Irene Castle. She was known not only for its creativity, but imposing appearance. Irene mop of hair was recognizable, but, in the opinion of the actress, prevented her from performing. In one wonderful day, Irene grabbed all his own hair with scissors, creating an almost boyish hairstyle on the head. It is, Bob is popularly called haircut "a boy".

Features haircuts bob

After learning the nuances of what has this hairstyle, you can easily tell the difference between a bean from a penalty. Firstly, the bangs. In Shape it must necessarily be present. It does not matter what it looks like - a straight, forward, graphic, or torn, the main thing that it was, as the classic bob requires that the forehead was covered. Bob on this score does not dictate any conditions. Lady hairdresser or in a particular case can decide want bangs or not. The second difference is that classic bob can be layered or graded. If you want to add some interesting elements of hair, then the choice is made clear in the direction of the cut.

The third thing that distinguishes the bean from the square - the presence of an open neck. This nuance is important for girls with tattoos on his neck, which wants to unobtrusively demonstrate to society.

The square is different from the bob-bob: description, features and recommendations

Mowing elongation

This is a very fashionable option quads. Suitable hairstyle owners of such circular or full persons, as by lengthening the front of the hair is pulled face visually. Going from the front to the back of strands may be abrupt or more gradual.

What is different from the bean to the elongation of the square? First of all, the fact that this hairstyle are no strict rules regarding the strands. Bob does not involve straight lines, so you can perform lengthening or a few strands on both sides, or you can create asymmetry. This hairstyle is always eye-catcher and helps to create an extravagant look. If we talk about classical clipping elongation, such a hairstyle looks best on a perfectly smooth on the nature of the hair. For a hairstyle bob is not fundamentally. This hairstyle can be performed on any hair, even curly, and also to make the elongation of strands.

on the leg of a Kind

In this variant hairstyles neck left open. If the client has a low growth of hair, then shaved neck. What is different from the bob square on the leg? Perhaps this kind of classical performance is most similar to a bean. When the latest version of hairstyles hair is much shorter to the top, at the expense of the established amount.

The square is different from the bob-bob: description, features and recommendations

square graded

This is another modern version of classic hairstyles. What is different from the graduated bob bob? If you approach the classic version, the graduated bob can not be, in principle, otherwise it is a different hairstyle. Bob is impossible to imagine without the grades and levels. This gives freedom in the performance of the bulk stacking. Bob haircut helps to correct the shape of the face due to the volume and uplift the hair at the roots. If you want to understand what you see in front of him, a penalty or a bean, determine how many layers in this hairstyle. In the square there is only one layer, it can not be changed, except to make a square with extension or experiment with a bang. Lay a hairstyle via ironing. Bob suggests a vast field for experimentation. Symmetry, asymmetry, the different layers, the extension - this is all its features.

The square is different from the bob-bob: description, features and recommendations


What is the difference grairovany bob-bob by pixies? These two hairstyles are suitable for girls with large features, which tend to focus on the expressive eyes and lips. Pixie haircut in fashion for more than half a century, and made it fashionable actress Audrey Hepburn. This hairstyle is especially good that in a matter of minutes helping to transform itself from a prude to rebel, and vice versa. Pixie haircut is performed on short, medium and long hair.

A distinctive feature of this hairstyle is that it looks better with shorter strands. pixie hairstyles lines are smooth and clear, and the styling should look sloppy. Furthermore, this hairstyle characteristic vystriganie one temple or temples (in the case of creating asymmetry).


Acquainted with these two separate hairstyles, dismantled, it looks like hair when combined. The square is different from the bob-bob? Description bob haircut necessarily includes shorn crown to create volume. It is this trait has adopted hairstyle bob-bob. Hair length is not specified for it, but most of the wizard choose an average length or construct something on short hair with the extension. It is interesting to look long bob-bob. Hair in this case have a cut below her shoulders.

The square is different from the bob-bob: description, features and recommendations


Considering the vague difference between haircuts bob and bob, do not be surprised if your master does not know what exactly is the difference. Modern barbers increasingly moving away from the classic performance in the direction of fashion and all sorts of innovations. And Bob, and bob are now on the crest of popularity. You can not go wrong if you choose for yourself one of these hairstyles. Bob is more versatile and interesting, as it provides a huge field for the imagination. You can create several layers for haircuts, asymmetry or very voluminous crown. Kare requires rigor lines, parting and the presence of a bang. this hairstyle does not provide volume.