Alexander Radulov: biography, personal life, photos, team and goals

Alexander Radulov - a professional Russian hockey player, Honored Master of Sports of Russia, was born on July 5, 1986 in Nizhny Tagil. He played in the CHL for "Salavat Yulaev", currently playing in the NHL for the club, "Dallas Stars" on the position of winger. Height athlete 186 cm, weight - 91 kg, age - 32 years. He - a lefty.

Early biography of Alexander Radulov

Alexander's father was the first hockey player "Sputnik" command, and then worked as a sports coach children. Mother worked on the "Uralvagonzavod", which now produces military, construction machinery and railway cars and later resigned in order to bring up children. The family had two sons, Alexander Radulov was the second, first name, Igor, he was born in 1982. Together, the children began to get involved in hockey, to be like his father, and lived in the city of Yaroslavl, where there is a sports boarding school, which played brothers.

Alexander Radulov: biography, personal life, photos, team and goals

After a while, the potential future star saw experienced coach Alexander Veyngardt, under whose leadership the team of young boys as part of a Radulov won the Cup "Hope of the Urals." At that time, Alexander was only 10 years old.

Start athletic career

When an athlete is 16 years old, he became an advocate for HC Moscow "Dynamo", which was originally in the second composition. It took 2 years, and in the 2003/2004 season Alexander Radulov made his debut for the bulk of the capital club in the top league KHL. It was the first and the last exit on the platform of the season, but then hockey players began to notice and count on the fact that he will be more likely to play at a high level. After the end of the season in the KHL, Radulov moved to Canada in 2004, where he was taken on a draft of the club "Quebec Remparts' of the QMJHL junior league. There he was able to spend a great season, becoming the third scorer with 75 points from 65 matches. In the same period he was able to put a few records of the club in scoring once he scored 7 goals and made 4 assists in a single match. Also reached the final of the President's Cup and won the Memorial Cup, becoming the top scorer of the season with 152 points, 61 of which scored a goal and made 91 transmission.

Alexander Radulov: biography, personal life, photos, team and goals

Start a career in the NHL

In 2004, Alexander Radulov goes to the club, "Nashville Predators", and in the 2006/2007 season began playing for the farm club, "Milwaukee Admirals". There he managed to score 18 points in 11 games. Debut in the first team, "Nashville" Alexander took place in 2006, on 21 October, followed by ice hockey regularly went to the site, played 64 matches for the season, for which scored 18 goals and made 19 assists. The next season was even more successful for him - a total of 58 points, including 26 goals and made 32 pass were scored.

Returning to his homeland in a new status

For "Salavat Yulaev" Alexander Radulov played from 2008 to 2012. During this period, he quickly became a leader, and then the captain of the team managed to win the Gagarin Cup. Three seasons become the best player in the CHL, the two - the top scorer, also scored the fastest goal in the history of Russian and Soviet hockey 6 seconds after the start of the match against "Yugra" command.

Since athlete had contractual obligations to the previous club of "Nashville," Radulov went to play at the end of the season 2011/2012, but was soon removed from his speeches for violating curfew. At that time, the team had to participate in the second round of the Stanley Cup. Later, at the end of the season the club has decided to abandon the services of a hockey player, so it was decided to return to the KHL, signing a contract with "CSKA" for 4 years.

Alexander Radulov: biography, personal life, photos, team and goals

The new high-profile victories were not long in coming, Alexander Radulov has quickly become the brightest star of CSKA Moscow. He has a strong influence on the final result of the season, he was the best scorer of the league and playoffs, received the prize of the most valuable and useful player.

Again the NHL

In North America we saw extreme success Radulov, and July 1, 2016 the player signs a contract, "Montreal Canadiens' team. During the season, he scored 54 points, was the second scorer after Captain Max Pacioretty. In the drawing Stanley Cup go far failed, "Montreal" lost "New York Rangers" in the first round in a bitter fight shestimatchevuyu.

A year later, Alexander goes into "Dallas Stars". During the contract period of 5 years paid to the player 31, 25 million dollars. The team played very dignified, became its leader, gaining 72 points for the first season, but to get to the playoffs his team did not succeed.

Alexander Radulov: biography, personal life, photos, team and goals

Achievements of the Russian national team

Prior to the game for the main squad, Alexander Radulov twice participated in the World Junior Championships.

For the first time in the adult national team athlete entered in 2007. Two of the largest victories for the national team Radulov won in 2008 and 2009. Then the Russian national hockey team twice became world champion. If Alexander could not really express themselves in the first draw, then in the second, he was the author of the decisive goals in the final against Canada. Later two more times played in the world championships and Olympic Games. After his dismissal from the post of Yury Bykov, head coach, he became less attracted to play, and recently refused to from all tournaments for the national team of Russia.

Alexander Radulov: biography, personal life, photos, team and goals

The style of the game

Hockey player Alexander Radulov has all the qualities pile forward. Due to a violent and abrupt character of his style of play rather reckless and cowboy than a strict and organized. Forward can act in conjunction with anyone that has repeatedly confirmed on ice, for his huge experience of playing for different teams and leagues. Due to the physical data, Alexander often uses power moves in the attack that always good for the team and himself. Wherever Radulov did not play, the team can always count on him, because the athlete is almost always becomes the top scorer and, despite their age, are more likely to take part in goals scored. It must be noted that for a sufficiently large body mass is often the player is dribbling in, swinging defenders, it is almost impossible to take away the puck. Very well see the field, he is able to quickly make a decision, when the situation requires.

Radulov is sports

Alexander Radulov: biography, personal life, photos, team and goals

In the privacy of Alexander Radulov things do not entirely successful. In 2015, the athlete got married, the wedding took place without much celebration among close relatives. Soon he had a son, who was named Makarov, but later the family split up. Gymnast Daria Dmitrieva and Alexander Radulov had lived together for two years and broke up in the summer of 2017.

By the nature of hockey is very excitable and expressive, often put up a fight with coaches and players during matches. With reporters is not always correct, sometimes allows himself to speak foul language against them. Favorite Football Club athlete - "Zenith" from St. Petersburg, a favorite vacation spot - Switzerland, Alexander believes that it is always possible to have a rest from hockey. Life always comes with only one slogan - "never stops!".