A day in the life of the Russian homeless

Allow me to introduce - Radik Garimyanovich with terrible name Basayev, 45 years old. Ordinary Provincial bum with a solid "professional" experience. He lives in the city of Orsk, Orenburg region. Man shitty fate, unable to overcome their weaknesses and sank to the bottom of this, from which no longer rise.

A day in the life of the Russian homeless

Today it is fashionable to show off your day: when I woke up, I had breakfast both as driving to work, what he did. At Radhika is not possible to independently capture their day, and the thought of this he did not come, however, when I explained his plan, his eyes light up the light and he excitedly said: "It's good, it's right mate! Write to the people not to repeat my mistakes. "

Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to photograph the entire day this man, it was too leisurely schedule homeless, so most of the write down his words.

So, the first picture taken to show the clock on the screen touch mobile phone, but, as you know, at the Radika there is not something that the mobile phone, but also ordinary wristwatch (they simply do not need it). Radik rises early:

A day in the life of the Russian homeless

This is how it looks berth:

A day in the life of the Russian homeless

(There, behind fences, cardboard and rags usually sleeps Radik)

- As the rain, I'll go into the entrance. Not always allowed, but I go from not being driven.

Instead of breakfast a couple of sips of alcohol, which Radik buys at the nearby hostel. Drinking intelligently, only diluted. For chakushku now asking for 17 rubles, and "flEkon" (as in the English style says our hero) 35 rubles nor any restrictions on the sale in the night. Looking ahead, I will say that it is applied to alcohol regularly, and it is good for him a much more necessary than food.

A day in the life of the Russian homeless

Fortified so Radik takes his crutches, struggling to his feet and goes to "stump":

A day in the life of the Russian homeless A day in the life of the Russian homeless

"Stump" - a place on the porch in front of a grocery store. Here, he spends most of his time collecting alms. On the question of how much yield, says, "Enough. Always different. What is the mood of the people. " Our hero - a disaster for the store in advance. At first, they actively struggled with his presence: chased away, but he came back, called the police, but they came too and could not do anything. And what to do with? Shelters are overcrowded, and he does not need anyone there.

As a result, in this long struggle defeated Radik. Now with him resigned and is no longer being driven, the truth and the inside is not allowed. In this regard, it is a big problem - how to buy cigarettes. He sits on the stairs and asked passers-by: "mate! Help! Here, take the money and buy me a pack of "Optima" red ". Most refused, but someone is always compassionate, and rescues. It is symbolic, but the store near which he is on duty called "Fortune".

A day in the life of the Russian homeless

When it's time for lunch, Radik rises and goes to the Chkalovsky hospital they give free lunches:

A day in the life of the Russian homeless

He walks very slowly and with great difficulty. The reason for that happened five years ago, a stroke, which is great hit in the legs and predetermined his fate. The fact is that Radik not just homeless and homeless single. The rest of the urban homeless live in groups, so secure, it's easier to make and fun to drink. Radhika in the company do not accept, because it is not functional and there is no sense of it, though, and he from the local homeless people is not happy: - Rats are mostly. Ghouls are specific. I imagine them to not let, I do not talk. Once a passerby on the street fell, an attack he suffered epilepsy and bum came up and brushed his pockets. If I went to normal, I would beat him, dog.

A day in the life of the Russian homeless

Radik himself homeless people since 2002, since I returned from prison.

- That since the robot walk, wander, no longer a man. Allah is punishing me.

And punished for good reason.

- What I got?

- One hundred and second ...

- What is this?

- Trupozvon ...

- Kill someone?

- Yeah, man.

- As drunk?

- No. I was sober.

A day in the life of the Russian homeless

Then Radik says in my view dubious story that is more like a song Vysotsky:

Go with boyfriend, look stand, they stood silently unlikely, they stood silently unlikely, There were eight!

- At night, I walked two hours before. Bridge over Elshanka where YuUMZ. They meet. I then counted them was sixteen! Well, I clung to the railing, they ask: "have a smoke Maybe there's money?" Well, I'm one vsandalil, and the rest fled. On the right arm, just below the heart was. Knife ... - Radik pauses, and then, an afterthought, almost shouting - But I did not go anywhere! Then, because â was not, I was, I thought maybe someone from work will come back quick trigger. I stayed, did not go away! Then I took the cops and twelve vhrenachili. In the Krasnoyarsk Territory was sitting, was a stoker. I liked! I even did not want to leave. And then I came back and ...

A day in the life of the Russian homeless

(This is the place)

- The family that you had? - And how! His wife and daughter. My daughter is looking for me - here Radhika swollen eyes take dreamy - she became an adult, beautiful talk, high ... I graduated from the Institute! However, marriage is not yet published. Until. It can be seen that the daughters of the theme - it is the only thing that somehow touches his exhausted soul coarsened. He pauses, and then stretches zapazuhu and takes the familiar bottle of yogurt:

- you need to get drunk ...

After drinking, he lights a cigarette and returned to its former state.

A day in the life of the Russian homeless

- City supports you? Why do not you go to a shelter?

- I go sometimes, but there is this: lay and frees the bed. You need to go to another, and I go hard, legs cheap. Yes, and you need to work there, and which of my employee? I myself could barely drag my! So, just to smoke and I drink tea.

- Severe or used to have?

- I'm used to like where to go. Live still want to, although it is clear that Mike is my home (meaning the city cemetery in the village. Pervomaisky).

- Thank Medvedev! - unexpectedly produces Radick.

- Medvedev? For what?

- Support us, that's what!

- What is it like?

- Yes, that's it supports, mate. I go to Chkalovsky devour give. I do not need anything from him. Though he is not as humpback, the real freak ...

At the same time, our political discourse has been exhausted.

A day in the life of the Russian homeless

- The apartment where the cases? Lost?

- No, you're it! His wife left. I left everything, even clothes. I am such a person, you know ...

- Cops do not offend you?

- No, you! Cops know me, well done, guys! Hello, how they see. One cop, Rinat, I'm here, a new crutch presented! - Radik boasts a crutch - that I have long ago, but that he gave Rinat. Good man!

A day in the life of the Russian homeless

- When the war was, in the Orenburg raids came, so they pressed me. How to see the name, the first question is: "You are not by chance a relative of Shamil?" Yes, I would have killed him myself! - You yourself do you think, why do you have so life has developed?

- Young was stupid ... Play began just after the restructuring, and that's lost.

- And after the prison down why? That you broke?

Radik hopelessly waving. How can you explain that?

A day in the life of the Russian homeless

- What do you think you will continue? I am hoping for something?

- And what will happen? Up in the morning to live, and that is good. Me, brother, a little left, I understand. He lived like a dog, and shall die under a bush.

Radik heavily to his feet and goes to the "hemp":

A day in the life of the Russian homeless

After a couple of meters, he suddenly comes to the wall, and did not hesitate passers-by, unzips his pants and pees his feet, getting on pants and shoes:

A day in the life of the Russian homeless A day in the life of the Russian homeless

Frankly paying with Radik for the interview, I went to the car, but I was stopped by this man:

A day in the life of the Russian homeless A day in the life of the Russian homeless

- Hi, - he greeted me - and you're out of a newspaper?

- Hello, this is the material for the Internet.

Person with knowledge of the matter said, nodding his head.

- It Radik, - he said, pointing to my interlocutor - he in our hostel for alcohol often comes. Colorful personality!

- And you, then know him?

- I know how. Sick it all, even pity. They have very poor health drunks. My wife drinks a lot of years, I can not do anything. He leaves the house and drinks. And when he returns, look scary to her. Wounds were opened on your feet and do not inhale, rot.

- Here, the location is good - he says, pointing to "stump" - I myself once stood here. I do not beg, and the doors opened to customers. Well earned! Sometimes two hours 300-400 rubles gave !, - said happily, as if working Kako any top manager (yes, and then, I doubt that many of the tops with the intonation would be talking about his work) - Then , however, had to leave, there is the mafia who decides to stand, and who does not. I did not get involved. I curiously look at this man, and I understand that he came here not by chance. Here is a lively and timely example of a man who also has a complex fate. Dressed simply but clean. Shirt fresh, very smart, he speaks quickly, clearly, that after Radikovskogo mooing sounds almost like music. I asked him his name and ask to take a picture. Alexei, feeling calmer, suddenly said:

- Excuse me, but you can ask you a question? It's not just a matter of a test for intelligence.

- Ask - I say.

- This question, and you are able to walk up the head?

- I can, I always go.

- Wow! - quite childish surprised Alex - and when I was asked, I answered incorrectly! For a long time could not understand what's the catch!

Alex joyfully laughs and shakes my hand, we say goodbye and wished each other's health. I'm leaving, and Radik is to sit on the "stump". There is no reason to continue taking pictures of his day. After sitting for a few hours, he will buy a dorm brew and eye bay, falls asleep under the native bush.