Major news MAKS-2011

The biggest passenger airliner, a spacecraft capable refute the theory of the divine origin of life on Earth, and other lures.

Major news MAKS-2011

The Zhukovsky opened the tenth International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2011. The first three days farmed out to people in their suits that will establish business contacts and sign a multi-million contract, but by the weekend air show opens to the general public.

In total, the air show will be attended by 842 companies from 40 different countries. 241 aircraft, and the sky will rise more than 90 of them will be shown. Among the main lures for onlookers - the world's largest passenger airliner, the latest Russian fifth generation fighter aircraft, spacecraft, which could refute the theory of the divine origin of life on Earth.

Airbus A380, the largest aircraft

Major news MAKS-2011

Airbus A380 is currently the largest passenger aircraft in the world: the giant liner barely fit on three basketball courts, and its height exceeds the six-storey house.

In its very spacious modified A380 is capable of carrying more than 1,000 passengers. Now in the world there are only about a dozen of these ships, and none of them is flying in Russia. The latter circumstance is not surprising: in the country it could theoretically take only one airport - "Domodedovo".

However, Vice President Airbus Christopher Barclay said that already negotiating the possibility of exploitation A380 on routes "Aeroflot".

In Zhukovsky A380 will be available for inspection on the ground, and will perform a special program of demonstration flights.

The American military aircraft again in Zhukovsky

Major news MAKS-2011

American warplanes returned at MAKS after four-year break. Total Air and naval forces of the USA are 12 combat aircraft, including the existing fighter-bomber F-15E and the most massive fourth-generation fighter F-16C. Demonstrated for the first time have to retire the A-10 attack aircraft, which became one of the heroes of the war in the Persian Gulf. In flight static and can be viewed on the symbol of the Cold War, the cult American bomber bomber B-52, also known as Big Ugly Flying Fellow (there are, however, and more rough version).

Last time the B-52 used in the first months of the campaign in Iraq in 2003, but they are still in service - it is one of two models, stayed on the service in the Air Force continuously for more than half a century.

2050 through the eyes of the Airbus

Major news MAKS-2011

Airbus brought to the exhibition not only modern aircraft, but also the vision of the future of civil aviation. On special stands will demonstrate the company's designers fantasies of external and internal decoration of passenger aircraft in 2050.

Curved lines, panoramic roof, the use of fingerprints instead of the ticket and, if you believe the conceptual designs, plenty of legroom.

The Fighter T-50, almost rival the US "Raptor"

Major news MAKS-2011

The Fighter T-50 (PAK FA) design bureau "dry" entered the service of the Russian Air Force in 2016. Theoretically, it should compete with the US F-22 Raptor - so far the only combat aircraft of the fifth generation in the world.

So far, only created three prototypes of the T-50 (the US Army is one hundred and fifty F-22). Russian aircraft, as is commonly believed, meets all the requirements of the fifth generation, in particular the most advanced stealth-technology. At the same time, according to Russian authorities, the T-50 will cost 2-3 times less than their foreign counterparts.

Airshow in Zhukovsky - the first chance to see the T-50 live to the general public. However, look at the T-50 can only be in the air - in the land he is not present, the development has a high level of secrecy.

The first flight of the T-50 will be held on Thursday August 18th as part of the government's display. The fighter will also be in the skies over Zhukovsky on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

interplanetary spacecraft "Phobos-Grunt", the first after the disaster, "Mars-96"

Major news MAKS-2011

Roscosmos promises to show the layout of a spacecraft "Phobos-Grunt", which this winter is to go on an expedition to the eponymous satellite of Mars, and, going back, taking with him his soil samples. This will be the first interplanetary project of the Russian space industry since the launch failure "Mars-96", which is burned in the atmosphere within a few hours after the start.

The device under the program Living Interplanetary Flight Experiment will take a trip a few dozen bacteria in special protective capsules. Experiment will prove the possibility of interplanetary travel of living organisms, imprisoned in meteorites and comets. As a result, a strong argument in its favor can get panspermia hypothesis - about the cosmic origin of life on Earth.

Opponents Living Interplanetary Flight Experiment is not only creationists and theologians, but some scientists. If the mission "Phobos-Grunt" will end in failure and the unit falls onto the surface of Mars or Phobos, they reason, there is a risk of infection of terrestrial bacteria - a direct violation of international treaties on outer space: even if the bacteria then die, their DNA will remain, which will darken the picture researchers who will look for life on Mars.

the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the future of long-haul

Major news MAKS-2011

aircraft show the Boeing 787 Dreamliner - one of the most anticipated events in Zhukovsky. This widebody airliner, accommodating, depending on the model, the 210-290 passengers and designed to fly up to 14 000-15 000 km. The wings and fuselage are not made of aluminum, and of lightweight composite materials, which makes it absolutely unique. In the development rate has been made not to speed, and efficiency - a result of the Dreamliner consumes 20% less fuel than other aircraft of the same class. "Dreamliner" is considered the future of the long-haul.

Boeing started this project back in 2002, after being stopped work on ultrafast aircraft Sonic Cruiser. The liner was to be the first all-new model from the 1990s, when he was released by the Boeing 777. The first deliveries of All Nippon Airways Japan Airlines aircraft were scheduled for May 2008, but the development of the project was delayed due to which the aircraft was nicknamed "The Late-7 -7 ".

Since 2007, Boeing postponed several times beginning of the test and delivery times. As a result, the first flight of the Boeing 787 made only in December 2009, and in July of 2010, it was first shown at the air show in Farnborough. However, further delays began in November: during one of the test flights in the cabin there was smoke and the plane made an emergency landing. Dreamliner is now being certified, the recent test flights were completed just a few days ago.

Sukhoi Superjet 100, a failed competitor to Bombardier's

Major news MAKS-2011

The last Russian civilian aircraft travels on a variety of international aeronautical exhibition (GSS) Sukhoi Superjet 100 "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft" for quite some time - the premiere public flight took place in 2009 at the Paris Air Show "Le Bourget".

However, the commercial success of Sukhoi Superjet has not yet enjoyed. From foreign companies interested in them only the Indonesian PT Sky Aviation, which recently signed a contract for the supply of 12 aircraft. The GSS also planned in the next twenty years to sell about 1,000 aircraft, and to press the main competitors in the field of regional transport - Brazil's Embraer and Bombardier's French. The situation may change in the MAX? United Aircraft Corporation promised Zhukovsky conclude contracts to supply customers about 100 aircraft Sukhoi Superjet and MC-21. C what exactly customers will be contracted, is still unknown.

At an air show will feature two Superjet - experienced, who will participate in the Summer living program, and a copy of the Armenian "Armavia" - the first commercial operator of the aircraft.

"Russian Knights" and other aerial acrobats

Major news MAKS-2011

A characteristic feature of each MAKS are performance aerobatic teams. The last time they were marred by a collision during a training flight two Su-27 fighters from the group "Russian Knights".

The news that this year in sports flights will not accept EDO aircraft part "dry", as well as several foreign groups. The list of invited participants is limited by the Russian - "Russian Knights", "Swifts", "Falcons of Russia" and "Russia".

However, even in the truncated form of sports performance is quite spectacular.