Alexander Zhulin: photos, biography, personal life and sports career

Every dance, every rental in figure skating - is history. During his career, Alexander Zhulin - champion of the USSR, Europe and the World Figure Skating coach - put a lot of stories on ice. But there is one that is impossible to think, it is the most important. This is the story of his life, his family, his career.

Alexander Zhulin: photos, biography, personal life and sports career


Alexander Zhulin was born in Kaliningrad, Moscow Region July 20, 1963 in the family of Vyacheslav Zhulin and Hope Chevitaevoy. The name he received in honor of his grandfather on the paternal side. Up to five years Sasha grew up, like all children, without thinking about the sport. Caring about the health of her grandson, the grandmother brought him to the rink in figure skating. The child is so easy to learn and the first steps on the ice, and the rotation and sliding of the coaches paid attention to it.

Four years later, Sasha Zhulin invited to Moscow in the sports school, taking into account its sporting results that the boy was just wonderful. He lived and studied in a boarding school at the sports school. It can be said from this time Sasha grew up and started his own, without parental care, life.

Sports career

From fourth grade Alexander Zhulin participated in sports competitions and championships as a single skater. And in 17 years, he moved to pair skating, and his partner became the first Maya Usov. Not just these guys occupied the highest step of the podium in the various competitions, world and European championships, riding for almost 10 years together.

Alexander Zhulin: photos, biography, personal life and sports career

To win the top award at the Olympics a couple could not, so they decided to end his career after Lillehammerskoy Olympics in 1994, took her silver. Having survived a two-day stress, Alexander said to myself that a lot of athletes like to have silver, but they do not have it, but in their couple has. So you need to enjoy this victory, take it, and not to offend God, his pride. After graduating from amateur skating, four years of steam performed in professional shows held in the United States and Russia.


An important event that occurred in the late 90's in the biography of Alexander Zhulin - it is his decision to become a coach and train Olympic champions. His first couple - Roman Kostomarov and Tatiana Navka. The ambitious coach put students fairly high standard - the gold at the upcoming Olympics.

Alexander Zhulin: photos, biography, personal life and sports career

Zhulin - demanding and even strict coach. This life he smiling. It seems that this man can not only cry, but even raise his voice, but he was getting another ice. He does not tolerate laziness in training and coaching assignments failure. According to Alexander, the coach and put in order, that he knows how to make a champion figure skater.

European champions in 2011 - Nathalie Pechalat and Fabian Bourzat - also trained under the guidance of Zhulin. Alexander participated in a sports career and single dancer Alexander Abt.

From my life Zhulin

In sports biography of Alexander Zhulin personal life was in full view of everyone. Handsome guy could not touch the hearts of fans. The first love affair with Alexander was a partner - Maya mustache. In May 1986, the partners became a family, but their marriage broke up after four years, although the pair and continued to perform and at the Olympic Games, and after them in various ice shows, up to the decision to leave Alexander to coaching.

Alexander Zhulin: photos, biography, personal life and sports career

In the life of every athlete has a lot of different events and interesting facts. Alexander Zhulin not the exception but rather the rule in the cycle of sporting life. So, Tatiana Navka was not only the student, but also became the wife of Alexander. Their love story began during workouts pair Navka - Kostomarov in the United States. His married couple registered in one of the notary offices of America in the winter 2000. And in May, he had a daughter, Sasha. Tatiana thought her career was over skater, but deep down, she still wanted to go on the ice. And after delivery, two weeks later, Navka start immediately to prepare for the Olympics. She knew it would be difficult, because after the grueling workouts at home waiting for her little girl, which you need to pay attention.

Olympic medal in Turin

Prepare for serious competitions like Zhulin said, "in polnogi" impossible, especially for the Olympics. It is understood and Navka and Kostomarov. Hard rhythm of life continues for a long six years. All these years Navka torn between workouts and daughter. But the strong-willed Tatiana promised coach-husband, that gold would be theirs. And in the end they took the gold medal at the Olympics in Turin, Italy.

Alexander Zhulin: photos, biography, personal life and sports career

Tatiana told me that thanks to Alexander, she fell in love with ice and madly in love with figure skating, which does not leave until now. But my husband and they divorced in 2010, after living together for 14 years. Each of them has developed a new family.

So, in 2011 in the personal life of Alexander Zhulin has changed. He fell in love with his pupil Natalia Mikhailov, who soon became his wife. in the family he was born the second daughter of Zhulin in two years - Katusha. Says Alexander, Natasha has a huge feeling of love. It envelops him and his daughter.

TV show

In addition to coaching, Zhulin began to think about its further implementation. Talented man never rests on his laurels, he goes on, looking for ... Another outstanding event in the biography of Alexander Zhulin happened in 2006, when television was launched immediately loved by all of the project "Stars on Ice". Its author was Ilya Averbukh, a good friend of Alexander, and the main judge of the competition - Tatiana Tarasova. Here and could themselves in new ways to implement Alexander - as the director. He makes the statement number and selects a music that skaters could not even imagine that you can dance. As a former dancer, Zhulin preparing rooms for the show, not amazing complexity and fashion. Its rooms are fascinating, it can in a short time to make such statement, from which it is impossible to tear your eyes. Alexander Zhulin on projects - not so much a coach and director.

Alexander Zhulin: photos, biography, personal life and sports career

Because of his figure skating, as well as Navka, fell in love with the participants of television projects. And help him in this by many famous skaters are going to the professionals who helped to open up to its partners in the project "Stars on Ice", "Ice Age" and "Ice Age. Cup of professionals."

Zhulin creates the impression of a very quiet person, but this impression is deceptive. Worth seeing his numbers, to understand how much the passions raging in the soul of a skater. He has his own style, his own handwriting. One gets the impression that the ice dance each couple tells their love story - a short and bright. Alexander told me that his role in the project is the idea of ​​inventing, music selection and formulation steps that are consistent with this music. But most importantly, that the story was interesting for the audience, remembered and loved. And the songs that were born on the ice in the formulation Zhulin - are masterpieces.

And yet what Zhulin?

Alexander Zhulin accustomed to injuries and professional and personal. He is said to his friends, The Steadfast Tin Soldier. Even if he has that something goes wrong, he'll never show. Always restrained, smiling, though there were plenty of passion in his life. Even once he had committed the error over time, Alexander said no errors, and steps forward.

Alexander Zhulin: photos, biography, personal life and sports career

His approach to everything that happens in this life, - peace of mind. He has always been the lack of free time, but for Alexander Zhulin children - holy! So, he tried the most of free time to spend with her daughter Alexandra. About daughter always tells with tenderness, and proud to have a child 10 years old started practicing tennis. Now an adult daughter and was sympathetic to the changes in the personal life of Alexander Zhulin. In the biography of her father, new events, new family, her sister - Kate. The girl and her mother's new family is also a sister - Nadia.