10 historical facts about contraception

• 10 historical facts about contraception

10 historical facts about contraception

1. At all times, the popularity enjoyed spermicides - means that violate the chemical environment of the vagina, which contributed to the destruction of the sperm. In ancient Egypt acted crocodile dung as a spermicide. To prevent pregnancy Egyptian cotton mixed with honey and a mixture of manure and before the act of love.

2. In ancient Greece, such tampons were made of elephant dung. In addition, the Greek women were "tab" of spider - arthropods thrust inward alive.

3. But the most harmful spermicides used in ancient China - it was introduced into the vagina mercury.

4. In ancient Russia has been the most common method of syringing urine - your own or partner. Of course, the effects of such experiments could be all sorts, including death. But the effectiveness of the use of spermicides, to prevent pregnancy, does not exceed 50% even now.

5. To avoid conception, ancient and drank infusions of various herbs. Welded juniper, spurge, burdock, pea, ginger and even mandrake (most of these plants has weak contraceptive properties). 6. The most persistent for 4 days after the act of chewing parsley. There were also more reliable recipes. For example, men drank an infusion of cotton extract. But then it turned out that it causes infertility, so it ceased to apply.

7. The condom - not a modern product. It was used by ancient Greeks. According to legend, the wife of the king of Crete, Minos created the first condom from the bladder goats, to protect themselves from the royal sperm, which supposedly consisted of snakes and scorpions. In ancient Africa, condoms are made from crocodile skin. In Europe - from the intestines of livestock and cotton. In China - silk. Naturally, when condoms were reusable. They are washed and then soaked in a special spermicidal solution, dried and stacked in a box, and then fetched as required.

8. 4 thousand. Years ago and we started to use intrauterine contraception. That women themselves are not only laid - silver beads, rings, springs. Cleopatra, for example, used sponges soaked in wine vinegar, - gets double protection. 9. There were absolutely inexplicable method. For example, in medieval Europe it was believed that a woman can become pregnant only when reaching orgasm at the same time with a man. Also, some "experts" were convinced that the woman can become pregnant only during menstruation, and all the rest of the time it is protected.

10. In the USSR, with the contraceptive situation was bad, because the government policy was aimed at the birth of children: the more - the better. Therefore, women are used as a means of prevention, and slices of lemon, and soap, and aspirin, potassium permanganate douche, vinegar. As a result of the country due to lack of affordable contraception has been an incredible number of abortions.