TehnoFresher - What will be the iPhone 5

Tomorrow, October 4, will be presented to the most, that neither is expected phone in 2011.

TehnoFresher - What will be the iPhone 5

Every time Apple is going to announce his creation around him is going to a lot of rumors on the internet there is a countless number of photos - prototypes, forums, discuss possible innovation and the astronauts did not want to fly into space, so as not to miss the presentation of an Apple device .

I was no exception and the next device - Apple iPhone 4S / 5. The paper collected almost all the rumors on the phone, from the earliest to the very recent, from mad to deliberate, well, let's start.

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Phone name

There are two versions of the name of the new model - a 4S box or 5. The first case is possible in two situations:

1) Update the old model (iPhone 5);

2) The cutting of the functions of the previous devaysa and selling versions of budget (which is unlikely to be, as it smacks of degradation, which is unusual for Apple).

The second option - if the new phone will present a complete upgrade of the old model, it is easy to guess, will receive the title of the second option.


Most of the company's followers and its products are sure that the unit will be different, different from the iPhone 4 case. This is indicated even online publishing. Engadget says that the device will be "complete rethinking" of previous iPhones. The Wall Street Journal, with reference to an experienced person transmits that the machine will be executed in the "other form factor" than iPhone 4. Other comrades suggest that the smartphone will simply become thinner. For example, a worker This is my next, Joshua Topolsky (Joshua Topolsky) said that the profile of the iPhone 5 will look like MacBook Air.


The possibility of issuing a smartphone in two color options are not even specified. Quite simply sure to buy the white iPhone will be the first day of sales.


Most likely, the next gadget will get a larger screen than its "younger brother". Considered variants increase with 3, 5 and 3, 7, and in some places and up to 4 inches. DigiTimes claims that Apple will use the so-called curved glass (curved glass), which is used in some smartphones, including the Nokia N9.


No man, eager to get the iPhone, has no doubt that the new purchase will run on dual-core processor A5.

The memory capacity of

Many believe that the "fifth" iPhone will be released in three versions - 16, 32 and 64 gigabytes of internal memory.


Most likely, the main grow to 8 megapixels, and the face with offensiveness 0 to 2. 3 and can be removed with a resolution of 1080p.

smartphone work in communication networks

I want to note the version that the iPhone 4S / 5 will be able to work in networks of two standards - GSM and CDMA. Blog Macotara (in Japan) convinces us that the smartphone will support HSDPA + technology and will transmit and receive data at speeds up to 21 megabits per second.

Voice control

Voiced an opinion about the implementation of the voice control in the phone. This theory has found new supporters after Apple revealed the name of the event, at which the new unit will be displayed - "Let's talk iPhone". Translate it can be different - like "let's talk about the iPhone," and "let's talk with the iPhones."

Contactless payments

You also can not exclude the possibility that the iPhone 5 will be added to an NFC chip, and the smartphone will support systems with contactless payments.

Today, it is all of the most interesting speculation about what the next device from Apple. The wait is long, and tomorrow we will know what it - iPhone 4S / 5

Vladimir Voronov, especially for our website