How to care for shoes

• How to care for shoes

Well-polished shoes - the key to success in career and love. It boots to the heads and the girls look at first (or even second) place. To remain in favor with both of these categories, follow these simple rules.

How to care for shoes

Buy colorless shoe polish, if you wear shoes in different colors

It will save you money on tools and new shoes (to restore the original color of the shoes, brushed cream of a different color, it is practically impossible).

Use creams and sprays do not

All means for cleaning shoes containing alcohol from which the skin dries and cracks. The creams alcohol content is less than sprays.

How to care for shoes

The pre-wipe with a damp cloth shoes

Then, lubricate nourishing cream shoes. Leather shoes, as well as facial skin, you need nutrition and hydration. Allow it to soak in before you continue cleaning.

Apply shoe polish with a soft cotton cloth or a special brush

If you use a rag, rub the cream in a circular motion. Do not overdo it with the number - if the funds are not enough, you can simply apply another layer.

Carefully rub the cream into all creases

But mainly concentrate on the toe and sides of the shoes.

How to care for shoes

Wait for 2 minutes until the cream is absorbed

If necessary, apply one or two layers.

Before you finish cleaning, add a little water in a cream

Apply diluted facility on shoes with light circular movements. This final layer of cream give special shoe shine.