Rules of life of Tiger Woods

Rules of life of Tiger Woods

Note: Tiger Woods is not superhuman.

I fucking junkie, and golf - my drug.

I do not like when people find golf some erotic overtones. Yes, this game is the fact that elegantly dressed men pushing the small white balls in tight black holes. No subtext. All. Point.

Hockey - a game for the Whites. Basketball - the game for Black. A golf course is designed for those whites who dressed like black pimps.

I'd like people to be fascinated in golf is not surrounding his lifestyle, and the game itself.

I play golf, to live, and, if you think about it what I once even dared to ask: get paid for what I love.

Golf - this is what I do. But this is not what I am. I hate it when I perceived only as the guy with the stick.

I do not think I'm the Great Black Hope. I'm just a golfer, in whose veins flows the blood of black. And Asian too.

I do not want to be the best black golfer. I just want to be the best player.

Very often, the only thing that pushes you to victory, is the desire to kick someone's ass.

You should not have any friends in the sport. Whatever you may be friends in real life, in sport, in a time when the competition starts, you have to want to kill this man. And then, all the code is complete, you can again shake hands and go, for example, to dinner.

Many argue that the most important thing in a victory - a victory. Nonsense. The most important thing to win - that's over what she won.

Anyone can pick up a stick and send the ball into the sky. Some may get it to land where it is required. The units know what they need. Never force your children to play sports. I did not force anybody. My father never told me, 'Go and play. Rather, I asked him, can I go gamble?

I have always tried to feel sorry for everyone who gets the ball in the head.

In an idiotic film, I saw the following scene: a hefty guy tied another, beaten and lean, to a chair. There was such a disturbing music, and so on, and this hefty guy says what skinny: "I am now poshiba your head, but I respect the last wishes. Tell me, what do you choose - a baseball bat or a golf club "And then this guy says," stick "?. I still can not understand it. Had he decided that since he had a better chance? What he had hoped?

I can not imagine what would be said putter, if he could speak.

If you can not laugh at yourself, you will never be right to laugh at others.

Me someone said you have an aura, man. But damn it's not an aura. I just want to win.

No matter how many times you win, because every time - special.

Life is like a gas stove. You can add fire and you can subtract. You can even turn it off altogether. But if you do so - you are an idiot.

I do not like and can not cook. And I am going to learn not earlier than pizza delivery will be a criminal offense.

Good physical condition is not always on the right of the selected sport. Very often it is just the right choice of restaurant.

Growth in golf is not more important than the weight in chess. If you take the top five players in the world, I'll be there the shortest.

I'm attracted to the mountains and the snow. There, I can guarantee a break from golf. Life consists not only of course.

Today, golf is played, even the blind, and this kind of thing, which I almost can not believe it. One day, in some of the NBA game, Michael Jordan scored a three-pointer ball with his eyes closed. This is certainly an achievement. But this is basketball. You even can not imagine how hard it is to play with your eyes closed in golf. So I take my hat off to all those who can not see, but playing golf. Well, before the one-eyed too. As for me, if I screwed up one eye, I can never make a right punch.

It is foolish to blame the ball. He just does what you ask him.

If someone thinks he can easily kick me in ping-pong, it's great wrong.

Cool when you do about a computer game. As a child, I did not mean to keep dreaming about it - I do not even think that was possible. I remember how, with all the guys we were playing video games, and how, played enough in one, are dreaming to get a new one. But I never suspected that once got hold of such a game, the protagonist of which I will be myself.

You can always get better.

You can never give up in order to become a model for behavior.

Banal thing, but among the few people who I consider it necessary to thank, in the first place are my father and mother.

You can never beat 11 out of 10, but you should always try.

If you get tired from walk - run.

The ball must be in the hole.