What is it - freeze to death on the run

What is it - freeze to death on the run

Vladimir Gorbach, entrepreneur 46 years:

"I served in the railway troops, in the Krasnoyarsk region between Minusinsk and Abakan. We were there to pour some track. We had KrAZ, the battery was only one machine. Plant like this: put one KrAZ that with a battery, and he started to drag other KrAZ the taiga, on the road. 20 minutes dragged and wound up with the pusher. And then he has worked as long as the engine does not spill until he died. One month stood, the other half stood. If you are stalled - all good-bye. Stalled on the track - and hello. While working in the spring, summer, autumn - well, no big deal. But in winter it was terribly. Stall on the road in the forest - a horror film. And I survived.

I served a year, was already a junior sergeant, platoon leader, and positions of senior setter production part. And it happened that I almost stopped the car to drive. It then played a fatal role. One March evening, I was on duty at the company. Duty platoon why something worked the night shift, and I had to take them with food. But it was a resounding name - the food. The tank is filled with water after the tea, the tank is usually not even washed, I throw a little unpeeled potatoes, herring black-brown appearance, which is already 20 years somewhere in the warehouse marinated and then cooked it all swill. Herring with potatoes removed - it was the second, and the first - brown, black and crimson slurry. Even the bread was given. He was frozen and soggy. It cut with an ax.

And two cans with these delicacies duty driver had to take the night shift. But the driver was so tired that I just did not realize already, without even talking to nothing. And as I sat in the room and felt fine, I decided to go and feel sorry for him. A frost were minus 35. Since I was working in the room and went to the track only intermittently, I was dressed in a so-called summer Hebei. We call this form of the Glass because it was actually synthetic and shone like glass. Under Steklyashka it was winter clothes, and on his feet - tarpaulin boots. In general, it was a summer clothes. All the soldiers who worked outside, working in the boots, the boots were without galoshes. Therefore, we were forbidden to warm up, standing by the fire closer than one and a half meters, because then melted snow on the boots, and they became wet. Fires, by the way, were burning around the clock. Burned dozens of tons of brand new tires for KrAZ. Yes, we have basked - tires.

In general, I sat in KrAZ and drove to the track. Go to the place of deposition of soil, where they worked the guys had a little more than ten kilometers. I arrived at the place, unloaded cans, smoked a cigarette and went back. A five kilometers was a slide on which it was necessary to include a lower gear. KrAZ third and fifth gears are arranged in parallel, it is easy to confuse. And I'm not driving experience - stuck fifth gear safely and immediately stalled in the middle of the taiga. No battery. All de-energized. The car became cool. I sat for 10 minutes - already negative in the cockpit. And then I pierced the wild fear. For one second. I realized that I'm in her glass and linen one. I remembered, as has already been one of the moron part and cold, and at this point just out of the car. I calculated that up to the trailer because of the nature of the terrain longer run. To the part - six or seven kilometers. And I ran. And I have not even had no caps, nothing. This The Glass in the cold becomes one second really like glass, so to me, in fact, there was one underwear. I was very sporty and thought quietly for an hour the six kilometers. But I ran some of the taiga. Imagine The local roads? It is not expensive, it's just cut through the woods and rolled gryazische which froze as frozen. This is similar to a surface coated with some kind of giant diamonds, with huge potholes, smashed cars for years. KrAZ this road for 11 kilometers was probably two hours.

Somewhere in 40 minutes of running, I realized that I sailed specifically because not feel his legs. These were just two decks, two pieces of wood or even the heaviest pieces of iron that hit the ground. Footcloths already lost by the time. But rewind I could not have them, because they understood that if I stop, I skiff. Only run. In addition, I have completely frostbitten ears. Then I pulled the shirt out of his pants and put it on his head - just clocked up, because I realized that somehow come running without ears. I left her in my arms, in the back like that and wrapped clocked on the head, shook. And I looked out only the nose and eyes. But I had already seen the bad, because I have instead of eyes were just two of snow drifts.

I ran and ran and at some point I realized: I do not understand what is happening. Ahead I saw nothing. Consciousness includes fragments. I do not know how much time has passed, I do not know how I run - a hundred meters or one kilometer. The only thing I knew that part somewhere very close, and I was still pushed forward.

Breathing became very painful. If my chest was com - first fire, then ice. And then I stopped feeling the larynx. Then something interesting happened with the consciousness - it is undivided. There was one, very harmful, saying: "Vladimir, Come let us run." And there was another, soft and pleasant, good Samaritan, who said: "Everything has been. Have a rest. Do not worry. You will find. For you will come. You have already done their job. " And third, I ran with them. And I do not stop. Then I completely ceased to feel the body - no arms, no legs. I felt that I - a large organ, such a strange, flying somewhere. The last thing I saw - a star. Star in the fog. But not from heaven. We at the checkpoint was light, and there was some kind of barrier, which was kind of the star. And this is what I saw. At this point I somehow knew that my mission is over, and just passed out. I passed out at the barrier, because the body has decided that I reached the goal.

When I was still running, and consciousness mutilos, I had a thought: what will tell parents say - died in the fighting duties or died a heroic death? I even had a thought: what if I give a posthumous Hero of the Soviet Union? I was 19 years old, I was raised in the Soviet Union, and the star of the hero was so coveted. Even when I was running for some reason, it seemed to calm, remembering frogs in suspended animation: a hundred years, they are - and nothing else. And I will be nothing. Remembered mammoth Dima, and that dogs otela his trunk. Full salad was in my head. Generally I thought of cold-blooded. And it was all like a movie of some sort. And then, when he fell, some seconds had seen pictures of family - and the past and the present and the future. For example, I saw a photo of his brother, but as if he had 70 years. The old man, but I do understand that this is it. And then - all.

What happened next? We had kombatovoz, a soldier who went back and forth, because it was where a woman. It was five in the morning, and he returned to the unit. Since the terrible road, he drove slowly and painfully. I lay across the road like a log. He feared that the strike, and stopped to discard the log from the road, and saw me. He took me by the collar Zavoloka quickly into a car and brought to the part.

I came around at 10 o'clock in the morning. Naturally, I froze all the limbs. They put me on the bed. Guys have fallen off my blankets wrapped, drink hot tea. Then there was pain. Everywhere. Legs. Hands. The eyes are not opened, the ears were burning. At first I did not understand, and then I saw a soldier and knew where I was. I became immediately very tormented that I was punished because I went over the other and threw the car. I frostbitten, of course, all the toes and on the hands, ears and nose. Until the evening of the incident command hide, and then they took me to Minusinsk and placed in the medical unit. I have a few days in terror waiting for that amputated fingers. They were black. And doctors decide every day - to cut off fingers or not, and teased me Meresyev. Ears were also completely black. But with gangrene cost. I was unharmed. Since the end of September to the end of May, I wear fur boots and woolen gloves, because, even when the temperature is plus 5-7, I have numb fingers, legs, arms. And I do not have a T-shirt with collar. I'm at work wearing a suit with shirt and tie and always unbutton the top button. Otherwise it is impossible. I was then prescribed seven days guardhouse. But not a day I certainly have not sat. Exactly 10 years later, I was sergeant in the Israeli army. And there was so hot that one could die. But the heat, for me, it is better to the cold. "