Rules of life Javier Bardem

Rules of life Javier Bardem

When I see myself on the cover, I understand that the world has gone mad.

Neither Prize is not able to make you a really good actor. "Oscar" is necessary only in order to make the audience to come to the cinema.

Over the past few years, I became a good talk in English - well enough to understand that this language will never be my mother. When I say "I love you" or "I hate" in Spanish, so many things come to my mind, but when I say the same thing in English, in my mind blank.

I do not drive, and all around it seems to be something extraordinary. Everything, but not for me.

When the Coens called me "Old Men", I said to them: "Look, I'm not the actor who you want, I do not drive a car, almost do not speak in English and I hate violence in all its forms." And they laughed, saying: "That is why we have called you and".

I do not believe in God, but I believe in Al Pacino. If ever the phone rings and on the other end ask me if I wanted to play with him, I think I just go crazy.

I realized that dreams come true when the director Julian Schnabel showed Pacino my film "Before Night Falls." But nothing had happened. Just about three in the morning Spanish time Pacino called me from New York and said that he liked my work.

Over my hair in "No Country for Old Men" laughing all, and some even asked how I was not tired to wear this wig. But in fact it was my own hair.

There are only two films where I am holding a weapon. In the first, "Perdita Durango", I appeared in 1996, and it was very violent movie, after which I sworn never to do something like that. So when 11 years later, the Coens have invited me to play in "No Country for Old Men," a long time I tried to control myself and not to say "yes", although the Coens have always been my favorite directors. I never perceived as the Coen two people. When they work, they become one - a monster with two heads. And these heads scattered in compliments to each other and never argue. And when they say to you, they say, as one people.

I noticed that the people whom I consider talented - such as Milos Forman, Alejandro Amenabar, the Coens and Woody Allen - are working on the same principle: I do not know what I'm doing, I do not know how I do it, I just I try to do it - that's all.

Rules of life Javier Bardem

The main thing in the film - is the story. So consider everything. And it seems to me that the main thing - how you tell it.

In my childhood there was too much talk of politics and violence, and my uncle spent many years in prison because he was a fierce opponent of the Franco regime. But I like to live with that knowledge.

At some point you have to finally decide with your opinion. It is impossible to live all your life in the middle.

When the age of six I appeared with a tiny role in the "scoundrels" Fernando Fernan-Gomez (famous Spanish director), there was a scene where one guy jokingly threatened me with a gun. According to the script, I had to laugh, but I began to cry. And then the director said: "This is certainly not what I wanted, but I still like it." That day I realized that from that moment will always argue with directors.

I started playing rugby when I was nine, and played to twenty-three. Since then much has changed. In my time a little thin people played rugby, which almost went on the field with the ball. They are now worn as a gazelle, and it all looks more like a racing machine. But rugby has become more interesting.

Play rugby in Spain - it's like being a bullfighter in Japan. Sometimes I ask myself why I chose this profession absurd, and why did not go to Africa - to save someone's life. But the answer is simple: I'm a hypochondriac, and the bad out of the saviors of hypochondriacs.

Like many shy people, who no one seems shy, I'm very shy.

I believe that once people really were small monkeys. At the very least, every morning when I look in the mirror, I convey greetings to Darwin. At such moments, it is particularly evident rightness.

True beauty lies in the ugly - that's what I tell myself every day.

I'm not a luxury. Black caviar for me - two fried eggs, potatoes and ham. And all this - on a large plate.

Once I was the king of parties, but now I'm an old man. Couple of cocktails, and the more I do not need anything.

In twenty years, we all regret that we did in fourteen to thirty-three regret that did twenty-five, and closer to fifty, it seems, are beginning to feel sorry for all in a row. But what I realized: to hell with all this regret.

Rules of life Javier Bardem

In every man there is a constant struggle between who he is and what he should become. However, not all are able to observe this fight.

Our planet would be the best of all possible worlds, if everyone were honest in what they do. If I'm an actor, I have to be honest actor. But if I were a plumber, I hope, would be an honest plumber.

I'm doing a movie just because nothing else can do.

Someone said, the difference between an actor and a madman is that the actor is a return ticket, and a madman in just one. And I agree with that.

The most difficult - is to play the one who is still alive. This is the degree of responsibility that can easily drive you mad. Actors - like tomatoes on the market, because everyone has a price. And I'm the same tomato. But I'm the tomatoes that do not care how much it costs.

I would not want to show the doctors too often his penis.

I would prefer to die in silence. All other circumstances of death excite me much less.

Best of all, I remember the day when my father died.

The father left the family when I was very young, and I brought his mother and sister. So, we can say, I got the female education.

People believe that if two screen actor like each other, which means that in real life they love each other. Nobody even thinks that we simply pay money for it, and someone always insists on the set: "Play it diligently, you bastards, I do not believe you."

A movie - it's just a movie, as long as you do not do this movie that everyone will say, wow!

To be famous - it's such nonsense. Thank God, in a hat and sunglasses, I still can walk around unrecognized anywhere.

I like it when life points to the insignificance of what I'm doing.

I sing well - probably because I have a long neck.

Sometimes I catch myself on the fact that he would not mind to have the body of Brad Pitt.

I want to be remembered laughing.

No, I'm not Brad Pitt.

Rules of life Javier Bardem