This insanely real world - the second top-April 10,

Spring comes to an end, now comes the summer, and in the human and animal world still reigns March Madness, surprising and positive developments taking place in all corners of the globe and affect everyone from savvy Russian drivers to not less clever Siamese cats and crows.

Let's see what we prepared last April. All interesting incident posted on the degree of irrationality and singularity of the 10-th place in the direction of the first.

10th - "strategic weapon №1"

Named the country where live the "skaters" girl.

This insanely real world - the second top-April 10,

The German researchers of this issue is not even too lazy to draw a special "bust card" of the world. History is silent on how the data were obtained, but the results are as follows: the most spectacular busts (average size - more D, then there are more Russian №4) - Russia's women, Finland, Sweden and Norway. For Severyanka followed by American, Colombian and Venezuelan resident: in these countries, the average bra size - D.

Dimension C is typical Canadian, Brazilian, the representative of Argentina, Chile, is British, French women, Italians, women from Poland, Ukraine, Romania. Even more modest bust B in meksikanok, residents of the north of Africa, Kazakhstan, India, Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan. And the most modest dimensions possess a resident of South-East Asia.

This insanely real world - the second top-April 10,

On the map:

- Red - a country where the average breast size is larger than the 4th (or more than the size of D on an international scale)

- Dark gray zone - a country where the average bra size D (4th Russian)

- Gray - size C (Russian 3rd)

- Pink - average breast size B (Russian №2) - White highlighted in the country, where the average breast size - not more than A (Russian №1).

But otherwise a galloping horse to stop?

9th place - "Take a cake shelf"

In Mexico, a computer game to teach to falsify the election results.

This insanely real world - the second top-April 10,

It has developed one of the local companies. Game called "Election War" will identify 33 "relatively honest ways of" rigging, as well as to identify professional fraudsters.

Users to demonstrate some of the techniques of fraud, and displays video from the polling stations. To win the game, you need to use as much as possible ways of fraud, the spoils of victory "their" candidate, as well as to provoke an unexpected malfunction of the vote-counting system.

The most popular ways of rigging the voting results are techniques such as "pregnant ballot box" (stuffing a large number of pre-marked ballots), "Carousel", "cakes" (for the "right" to give human voice fed free of charge), as well as "mad mouse" ( a situation where the address of the polling station suddenly changed without warning voters).

"I'm not a magician, I'm just learning…"

8 place - "In the ear - and shkolushku"

Danish authorities awaken schoolchildren in the mornings.

This insanely real world - the second top-April 10,

When faced with the problem of absenteeism lessons, Fredericksburg authorities decided to follow the example of the municipality of Nyborg. As a result, the commune staff will, whose task will consist in the fact that students attend school regularly and on time.

In particular, such an employee will be in the house truants, wake them up and carry out a conversation with themselves and their parents. According to the chairman of the city committee of the faculty, "children who do not go to school - it is the weakest link in society. If you guys have the ability, but they do not develop them at school, then later simply fail in life. " However, the project, there were also critics who believe that the state should not take on the role of parents.

"Tea, coffee in bed does not want to?"

7 place - "Ride" for free "

Crow ride on an eagle's back.

This insanely real world - the second top-April 10, This insanely real world - the second top-April 10,

South Korean photographer Kim Hench decided to take pictures of birds taking food that people leave for them. However, he could not think that will take a photo, which circled the world's media and blogs.

And he managed to pull off - no more, no less - when a crow an eagle swept back. Both birds, which are usually at war with each other for food, for some time, decided to call a truce and maybe even become friends.

Who? Turuk Mukti!

6 place - "Zombie Marathon"

In the Philippines passed the championship on the zombies escape.

This insanely real world - the second top-April 10,

In an unusual race with obstacles was attended by about 5000 people. According to the organizers of the tournament, they try to get rid of athletes from the boredom and monotony that accompany long-distance runners.

To this end, throughout the route we were placed about 200 actors portraying zombies. They hid behind trees and bushes and the long rocky climbs to surprise runners.

On the belt of each of the participants were assigned three tapes, the loss of each of which symbolized the bite. If a runner is lost all the tapes - he was declared "dead" and has retired from the struggle for prizes. In this case, the victims threatened with disqualification categorically forbidden by the attack of zombies, hit them or throwing various objects.

The number of those wishing to stay "living dead", I think, going wild. Full benefits package, integrity and fun to boot! Download video

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5 place - "Little Red Riding Hood 2: Concrete Jungle"

Small German rode through the city on a bicycle to visit his grandmother.

This insanely real world - the second top-April 10,

A few days ago police Hamelin received a report of a child who several times crossed the same street. As it turned out, it was a two-year Noah Joel, who resigned in a backpack favorite sweets, sat on a toy bike and headed across town to his grandmother, was in the hospital.

However, he did not know the road, so I was forced to ride back and forth - the truth, five kilometers from the house. Sam the kid complains that his bike was not equipped with a satellite navigation system.

In the 2 years are not a bike without wheels stabilizers? Impressive!

4th place - "Brazilian Rapunzel"

12-year-old girl sold her hair to buy his parents a house.

This insanely real world - the second top-April 10, This insanely real world - the second top-April 10,

Young resident of Rio de Janeiro Natasha Moraes de Andrade for the last time to cut still in its infancy. As a result, her hair length has reached more than 1, 5 meters.

Each week, she had 4 hours to wash their luxurious locks, and in their daily combing took another 1, 5. In addition, the parents could not include the home fans, as they feared that the hair will tighten daughter in it.

Natasha finally decided to take a haircut, the more that the hair of such length and quality, she was offered 5000 dollars. With this money, her parents are going to build a new house - with a separate room for Natasha.

This is what power the fan once was?

3rd place - "Bear flying squirrel"

Hungry Bear alarmed campus.

This insanely real world - the second top-April 10,

In the US Boulder Wildlife Service evacuated brown predator, who appeared on the territory of the University of Colorado. The adult male, weighing about 100 kilograms, had wandered into the territory of the campus in search of food. His first noticed an employee of the University. She drops a coin in a parking meter when she saw next to his hairy paw foot. At first she took the animal for a big dog like a St. Bernard. Realizing what was wrong, the employee fled.

Bear is probably too scared and prefer to escape to a nearby tree. He climbed to a height of about four meters. Special services were forced to shoot him with a tranquilizer dart. Several minutes later, a bear spread out gracefully landed on a soft mat under a tree, where finally fell asleep. Thereafter, it was transferred into the cell and taken back to the forest.

Wild country, through the streets bears walk ...

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2 nd place - "Mission Possible"

Artful Siamese cat has learned to open the refrigerator

This insanely real world - the second top-April 10,

pet named Oscar drags him from the frozen steaks, fish sticks and other products. His favorite video is his little mistress. Movie looked more than a million users. To get to the coveted trophy, Oscar first opens the freezer door, then jump up and hang on the handle, keeping its front paws. Once the refrigerator door is opened, the cat jumps down to the floor, and then with new forces already jumping into the open the freezer, where it is waiting for a tasty treat.

It remains to learn to cover up his tracks, and the trick is done!

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1st place - "The power of the mind"

The driver, a physicist at the US avoid a penalty, citing four pages of scientific calculations.

This insanely real world - the second top-April 10,

Russian Dmitry Kryukov was able to achieve this because of their knowledge of physics and mathematics: the man is a professor at the University of California. He was accused that he did not stop at the stop line, but in the court of the Russian was able to scientifically prove their innocence. As proof Kryukov introduced complex calculations on 4 pages. He applied quantities such as distance police from the scene, the linear and angular speed of the vehicle - a combination of both, according to Kryukov, distorted "perception is reality" guard so that he mistakenly thought that the professor drove STOP without a stop.

The judge believed the physics and cleared him of the charges. However, this story is not over: after the trial the professor has published evidence on the university website (

). At the same time, he noted that in the document there is a mistake, and offered to find her all comers.

Here, truly, Russian never give up!

In this review of the second half of April is coming to an end. What slaughter charge keeps the May? Find out very soon, so stay tuned!

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