Rules of life of Charles Darwin

Rules of life of Charles Darwin

I love wacky experiments. I myself put them constantly.

Ignorance breeds confidence more often than knowledge. It is those who know very little, and not those who know enough so confidently assert that this or that problem can not be solved by science.

Monkey after just try brandy, never more to it does not touch. And so it is much wiser than most people.

I was neither great speed considerations, nor wit.

Man tends to increase to a greater extent than his livelihood.

Apparently, my mind is inherent in some fatal feature, forcing me to express my approval and initial assumptions incorrect or unintelligible form.

I tried to read Shakespeare, and found it so intolerably dull that I almost puked.

As a child, I often wrote the notorious nonsense and, moreover, always only to be surprised by others. Once, for example, I plucked from the trees belonging to my father, a lot of excellent fruit, hid them in the bushes, and then ran headlong to spread the news that I found a warehouse of stolen fruit. If I saw an angel descended to earth to teach us what is good, and making on the basis of what other people see it, I have not gone mad, I would have believed in destiny.

If I could re-live my life, I have asked myself the right to read poetry and listen to music at least once a week.

It would be necessary to pass a law prohibiting novels with a sad ending. For my taste, none of the novel can not be considered a first-class, if it does not have at least one character, which can really fall in love, and if this character - a pretty woman, so much the better.

Owning extensive grassed name, we must remember that its smooth surface, which is so dependent on its beauty, there is mainly due to the fact that all the irregularities slowly leveled by worms. The entire surface layer of the soil at this estate was again pass, every few years, through the body of the worm.

How humiliating the slow progress of man.

It is said that hunting has an innate human pleasure - the rest of the instinctive passion. If so, then I am sure, and the pleasure of living in the open air, instead of being content with sky roof and the ground, instead of the table - some of the same feelings, the feelings of the savage. The difference between savage and civilized man - the same as the difference between wild and domesticated animals, and watch as a savage wondering how to see the lion in his desert, tiger, tearing prey in the jungle, or the rhinoceros roaming the wild plains of Africa.

Conscience is present with us as well as in lower animals, their social instincts. I really believe that we and they - are almost the same.

Man descended from hairy, tailed quadruped, probably possessed the habits of animals living in trees.

It's amazing what a lasting impression left in me many bugs caught me in Cambridge.

The child - a constant companion and a friend in old age, which is always going to feel an interest in only one - to be the object of love, to be the one with whom to play. Better than a dog, anyway.

Multiply, change, and let the strongest survive and the weak die.