Rules of Life by Vladimir Dal

• Rules of Life by Vladimir Dal

Rules of Life by Vladimir Dal

I do not like, if I have to bow evaporated curve.

Germans are just mind-mind reach, and we are the eyes.

For it is not his fault that his head netuti eye and blame, if the occiput charter undertake to disassemble.

Do you want to or not to call the atmosphere "mirokolitseyu" and "kolozimitseyu" - it is your will.

Russian soldier as a wall climb, one can not shout "hurray" and "cheers" - the word Tatar; it is imperative verb "urmak" - beat.

Some postural bailiff, bringing about suicide tradesman, wrote: "In the survey turned out to be: the ceiling on the second shot through the floorboard dyroyu having its effect at a voltage in the north, for the bathroom, in the construction, is situated to the east. Teeth are often found near naulichnogo window, the other jaw as if the head of all removed. " Tell me, what's the point in this letter and what to write such rubbish that no one understands?

If the writer is accused of something, based on his writings, that he was allowed to justify the same: his writings.

Is not the same lies, the same is not true, and.

Per person ought to look in the eyes of native and not get to do any gold brocade scaffolding or on a pile of manure.

Really you think that if the head from the shoulders removed but put in his bosom, and will be intact?

I will always remember, generations spark of life hidden in my mind the impression that made on me the first Rogation dying (praying before the fight) and the first battle that I have seen. All as dead men, will be buried.

White light is the color of poppies, three bug but not shrimp izvedut it.

Woodcock - the most noble bird on the whole globe. She, being killed is not fragile and does not tremble in acrobatic obscene gestures, and die like Brutus, like Socrates.

All the stories and verbal assurances of dogs and seals do not deserve any trust.

You old people say: beware. Lie old men, their envy takes.

Agonizing illness impose on all printing gloom.

Sometimes it is useful to repeat the old truth and, especially, if it is so easy to forget.

Who wants to drink mare's milk, and should be in the lifestyle to follow the natives. For French cuisine does not suit it: with cakes and artificial sauces seem disgusting, and you drink it without hunting.

Having made friends with me in the desert, one Kyrgyz wanted me to serve and asked to take his camel. "What is he to me?" - I said. - "Why do you have a house?" - "Yes." - "So he will carry it!" - "My house is not folding, and stands stock-still in the same place." - "And so it will be a century?" - "As long as will not collapse, will stand." - "Oh, well bored in your house - the Kirghiz said, shaking his head sympathetically. - Look, take a camel, so try to transfer the house to its new location - will be fun. "

What do you know about do not ask.

I would have shone bright moon and stars - like myself want.