Revenge for sacking

A few interesting stories of vengeful employees.

Revenge for sacking

Paul Bentley, baker

This friend threatened to go on a vacation after F. Gump for the innocent trinket - Calendar with girls, adorned his workplace. No, well, who among us does not like to decorate jobs?

installation manager did not like this friend, she demonstratively tore calendar emissions.

Paul, wanting to protect the honor and dignity of girls (even if painted), came up with an insidious plan of revenge.

The fact that the bakery where he worked, specialized in the production of products for allergetikov. And, in particular, none of its product does not contain peanuts. And peanut traces. And suspicious objects that may give the impression of peanuts.

Because Paul Bentley bought a few bags of peanuts and scattered it quite a bit in a few places bakery.

Work stopped. Daily simple cleaning plants treated in the bakery 1200000 pounds. And Paul himself as a result of more and severance itself sued in the amount of 11,000 pounds.

Walter Powell, the programmer

This comrade was dismissed without good reason from the company BSAS (to combat illegal substances Foundation, Baltimore Division), where he was previously director of the IT-department.

His successor did not even bother to change passwords, and that was a fatal mistake.

One day, during some very serious presentation (on a 64-inch screen!), In the presence of all officials, sponsors and other bigwigs, the computer to which this most megaekran was connected, suddenly rebooted, and then instead of tables and graphs on the screen there was a much more interesting picture - a pornographic picture of a naked woman. This type of art is also not appreciated, Walter Powell was calculated by IP and sentenced to three years probation and a hundred hours of community service. Just in his apartment a few pistol silencers found.

Patrick Henry Sherrill, postman

Remember the game Postal? And just try to say you do not remember!

One day, back in 1986, August 19, in the small town of Edmond, all sighed quietly - careless, always late, delaying the delivery of regular mail postman PG Sherrill was fired.

However, this does not prevent him from 20 August 1986 to come to work. And gently to eight in the morning, as it should be.

After going behind the counter, he took from his pockets two pistols .45 caliber and opened fire. In total 14 people were killed that day (including his boss), and 6 more people were injured.

Interestingly, after the incident in the United States swept the whole epidemic of madness postmen - 20 more such cases!

Omar Ramirez-Sanchez, a programmer

Omar worked as a computer specialist in the showroom and has been programming the GPS-alarms. As usual, the day he was fired. Revenge it was ... well, at least, interesting.

At first, he copied all the information from the server.

He then several times during the night an alarm sound in the client machines. In the morning the evil, sleepy owners of cars waiting for the blocked central locks them "swallows". As a result of a comrade Omar suffered about 100 people.

And if the avenger limited to this small place, then nothing would have happened, but the newly-born kulhatsker decided to hack the payment system of the showroom ... and then it was calculated, and was sentenced to community service.

Donald Smith, gardener

Donald Smith sacked not someone out there, and the Rod Stewart!

It happened on the porch of the mansion mate Stuart. Upon learning this very lamentable news, Donald Smith fell into compost face, and ran into the garage, there grabbed the keys and stole a chic collection Dodge Viper. He rolled it up to the nearest bushes, which scratched the car quite a bit in a few places.

However, eventually I won anyway Rod Stewart - refurbished machine thanks to an amusing story was worth a lot more expensive.

Andy Scott, the waiter-trainee

Once the restaurant where he worked, Scott decided to hold a presentation ... himself, of course. Work in the kitchen was in full swing, hungry restaurant critics squabbled in the room, and the manager fired Scott. Offended Scott, care, including fire alarm.

And as it was in the United States, a simple howling things are not done. From holes in the ceiling popped out of the tube, from which began sprayed toxic compound, filling all - critics, manager, lobster, Australian steaks, lamb fillet, salmon carcass ...