Rules Sergei Mikhalkov life

• Sergei Mikhalkov's Rules of Life

Rules Sergei Mikhalkov life

The poet, died August 27, 2009

I can think about anything.

And I do not feel anything when I am criticized. I do not listen to criticism. I wrote the hymn. Others have written your own version. I do not know whether I was able to express what I felt then, but other verses are not accepted, and I - have taken.

My babysitter inadvertently turned the wheelchair where I lay, I have since stuttered. Stalin said to me: "Mikhalkov, not stutter! I've been told Molotov that he had ceased to stutter - and he stopped. " Stalin loved to joke.

There is one war photography: I'm on the sea, leaning, treat candy woman in a bathing suit. And what's strange? The war at this point - is in full swing, but life went on as usual.

I want to live and nothing to fear. I am 94 years old. At this age, you think only of one thing: probably would have ended - we want that people lived more safely on the ground and, in particular, in our country.

In women have always been attracted to the soul. If a woman lives for you - it means that it has a soul. And sometimes, she wants you to live for the sake of it. It's already a complex psychological study. I like the two films of Nikita Khrushchev: "Native" and "Oblomov". But actually I do not have the right nor to praise it or to curse. My son, Nikita, - he was an old man, he soon seventy.

Nothing is not reread, because so remember it all.

All my friends are dead bosom one - due to illness, the other - from an accident. I wanted to say, once with someone to meet famous people, and then you read the newspaper, watch, and he was already dead. I am surprised that some very bad people - I'm talking about politicians - have lived for a long time. But they, too, died.

In general, death is necessary to think the same way and the life.

I better remember what happened to me fifty years ago: a meeting with Stalin, the beginning of the war. And the bad - that was last year. Average deal with the elderly.

I knew Voroshilov, Mikoyan, Khrushchev, Beria, Molotov. I met with Stalin - he liked my poems - I did not say it, but he said it to others. My head is not spinning, because I'm a man with a sense of humor.

Humanity is at all times - in 1970, and now - by and large concerned with only one thing: no one wants war. Compared to this, the rest - stupidity.

Respect of military journalists working in Iraq. You do not shoot, and shoot at you. And risking life and reputation at the same time. I myself was a military journalist. I'm tired of advertising.

When I hear that the Russian national anthem is used instead of a call to the mobile phone, I'm not offended. I do not care about other people.

In vain scolded Harry Potter. I've read. No harm Harry Potter is not responsible. This is a very fascinating read.

A man should dress purely in what suits him - and it solves his wife.

It is hard to say that I'm worried. It's one thing when you see bad in 30 years. Other - when in 94 years. But we must be patient and work. The main thing for men - to live and work.

A writer - it always works.

Actor Ulyanov - a good kind man - himself ruined. Because being an actor - it is very difficult: it is necessary to skip all over himself.

I can not listen when I someone reads - it is necessary to read and to explore all.

Ernichestvo - disgusting quality. Ernichayu people nothing good to write.

With people my age do not want to say - nothing good to hear from them.