4 most brazen swindler in history

4 most brazen swindler in history

We've all been victims of deception: with someone cabbie ripped off more than it was negotiated first, someone suddenly learned that beauty, with whom he had an affair a few months on the Internet - bored pimply teenager. Everyone has at least some kind of story, yes there will.

But there are people who build hype to a new level, and betray the trust of others with such ingenuity and audacity, that it's hard to believe.

1. The lawyer accuses Guatemalan president ... in his own murder

4 most brazen swindler in history

Rodrigo Roznberg was a successful lawyer in Guatemala with a Harvard education. In 2009, he was shot during a bike ride. Unfortunately for Guatemala, such events are not uncommon - shooting is almost as popular as cycling. But this was a special case. Rosenberg's funeral was shown a video recorded by a lawyer shortly before his death, which contained a variety of allegations to the Government and the statement that he is aware of the impending murder and blame it should be neither more nor less than the president of Guatemala.

Video hit the Internet and instantly spread across the network. Rosenberg was recognized as a martyr; Numerous politicians, representatives of the media and thousands of ordinary citizens called for the president to leave in good time. Serious crisis brewing.

The government has denied all charges, but the public, of course, this is only egged. Finally, in a respected newspaper scathing article in which these words were published: "The government remains only to say that Rodrigo ... he hired a killer who killed him."

It turned out - everything exactly and it was so.

As it is not absurd sounds, but Rosenberg did hire a hitman to murder his own. We do not get up there on the side of the government, and are not trying to protect one of the versions. The evidence was so clear and eloquent, that everything, including his own son Rosenberg, were forced to admit that the lawyer committed suicide to implement conspiratorial cunning plan to overthrow the government. To everyone's amazement, surfaced, such as the following facts:

The killer used a mobile phone purchased in person Rosenberg.

Rosenberg removed from your account exactly the same amount that was paid killer for a few days before his murder.

Rosenberg himself telephoned threats - from your own home.

Eventually, two ex-wife's relatives confessed that helped a lawyer to find the killer.

Why did he do it? The fact that Rosenberg had a romantic relationship with the daughter of one of the clients. Shortly before the events described and the client (who was involved in some dark deeds) and his daughter were shot. The lawyer was heartbroken and decided to punish him for his loss of all government, having achieved his overthrow just such an exotic way.

It almost worked.

2. whistleblowers brings to his company, and finds himself behind bars

4 most brazen swindler in history

Mark Vintakr held an important position of leadership in the company Archer Daniels Midland (ADM). Many even considered him worthy candidate for the presidency of the company. However, after it became known Vintakru Coy any illegal operations of the company, he decided to risk it for the sake of the truth of his career and became an FBI informant. Three years later he went to work hung with bugs, watched colleagues and bosses.

The evidence that was collected using Vintakra for the eyes and the ears was enough to send to jail the top managers of the international cartel, including Vice President Michael Andreas and ... Mark himself Vintakra.

It appeared that the gallant truth-seeker Vintakr many years embezzling millions of dollars of the company, which helped expose the fraud. When his role as an informant became known to the general public, the ADM leadership came as usually do in such cases, powerful corporations who are trying to threaten: that is, has tried to dig on his whistle-compromising as much as possible.

4 most brazen swindler in history

In the case of Vintakrom did not even have to dig very deep - many machinations, he cranked already being "brave" FBI informant, for which, incidentally, also demanded money. All he managed to steal something around nine million dollars. For this audacity, and he was deprived of immunity of witness, and went to prison for ten years. For comparison - those executives, which denounced Vintakr received only three years.

But this story was inspired by director Steven Soderbergh on the creation of the film "The Informant", where the role played by Matt Damon informer.

3. Savior of London is the villain

4 most brazen swindler in history

In the 18th century in England detective case was still in its infancy. The Government was virtually nothing to oppose criminals roam around the city and rob the house of respectable citizens. Fortunately, the Londoners had his "Batman" -zvali his Jonathan Wild.

If someone's house robbed, the victim with a list of missing things go straight to the Wild, who always returned the stolen property to the owner - for a fee, of course. Criminals, at which point the hero, without any proceedings were sent to the gallows - that was the general credibility of the hero.

The problem is that almost all thefts were organized by Wilde.

He was able to put together the largest at the time the criminal group. Thieves broke into the houses of citizens, robbed, and then Wilde almost sold to the owners of the property. And the latest in a burst of gratitude often gave Wilde even more than he required for his "heroic work".

Those criminals who refused to work under the Wild, or just people who somehow crossed his path, handed over to the authorities, and they are invariably on the gallows - which also strengthened the Wild's image as an uncompromising fighter against crime. According to a tip-off was executed at least 120 people.

4 most brazen swindler in history

In general, Wilde became a major crime boss in London, adored and revered by the people. In fact, it can be considered the father of both the police and in the modern sense, and organized crime.

Wilde got burned on nonsense. He was accused of stealing a skein of lace, but could not prove it. But it proves that he has received the award for the return of these same laces owner, without notifying the police. In 1725, Wilde was hanged.

4. An FBI agent earns on espionage, murder the widow and the kidnapping of the child

4 most brazen swindler in history

1920 in America were a time of gangsters, bootleggers and other criminals. Fortunately, ordinary citizens were someone to rely on - the brave guys from the Federal Bureau of Investigation were ready to help at any moment. One of these guys was a detective Gaston Means.

During the First World War Means nimble, even as a member of the detective agency, he managed to work on two fronts. In 1914, Britain proposed to his boss (the future head of the FBI) ​​William Burns to investigate the activities of Germans in New York. After a while, the Germans approached him with the opposite proposition. Burns urged Means, and friends began to work on both sides, merging customer information to each other. Both were enthusiastic and did not stint on the fees. Only the German Government Means received 100 000 dollars a year. And in 1917, when the US entered the war, Means wisely broke with the Germans and returned to the usual detective work.

Once hired Means rich young widow, and he has long been able to pull money out of it is not really doing anything. And when she suddenly zasobiralas married, and even seems to be beginning to suspect something, then "suddenly" died while hunting for rabbits. Means on trial so enthusiastically lied to the judge to believe that the woman somehow managed to accidentally shoot itself in the back. Having joined the FBI, Means began to shake money from illicit alcohol producers. But then his luck changed, he was accused of corruption, was arrested and jailed for two years. When he was released, this energetic gentleman managed to crank out a few more shenanigans:

1) co-wrote the best-selling book, stating that his "friend", and President Warren Harding (with whom he had never actually met) poisoned his wife.

4 most brazen swindler in history

2) Throw his collaborator.

3) I found a way to make a child abduction: persuaded wealthy parents, that is in contact with the kidnappers who are demanding a ransom of 100 000 dollars. Later it turned out that the child was murdered immediately after the kidnapping and Means just drove all the nose and pulled the money. He was arrested and imprisoned again. Money was never found.

In these stories pleases only one thing - all the crooks in the end got what they deserved. Always be so.