20 most expensive billionaire homes

Forbes magazine has presented an annual ranking of the 20 most expensive homes of participants rating the world's billionaires in 2013. In compiling the list, we used data realtors, tax services, real estate owners registries and other sources.

20 most expensive billionaire homes

luxury real estate market in the past 12 months continued to recover from the effects of the global crisis. Analysts Savills, the activity of buyers in this segment was "so high in the last 7 years, prices have doubled."

Billionaires prefer to be discreet in the acquisition of housing. Often, they are building a chain of investment structures for hiding the ultimate beneficiary. For example, in London, the second value of a private residence after Buckingham Palace - Uitanherst - was purchased in 2008 for about $ 80 million As much as the new owner has invested in the renovation and expansion of the site.. British tabloids have speculated that the deal was for the wife of former Moscow Mayor Elena Baturina, but the court has made a businesswoman through refute this version. As a result, the estate and the property remains anonymous multimillionaire.

Few participants in Forbes ranking hesitant to admit buying a property for more than $ 100 million. Thus, in 2011 for an estate in California $ 100 million posted Russian Internet investor Yuri Milner.

In great demand among the billionaires is the real estate in New York and London. Everyone remembered buying daughter of the former owner of "BRIC" Ekaterina Rybolovleva apartment in Manhattan for $ 88 million most prestigious London apartment complex One Hyde Park with an average price of $ 12,000 per square meter also acquired Russian residents:. Housing there acquired developer Vladislav Doronin and chairman of the Board of Directors "Pharmstandard "Victor Haritonin.

The Manor

20 most expensive billionaire homes

Owner: Petra Ecclestone, daughter of Bernie Ecclestone (the state - $ 3, 8 billion)

Where is Los Angeles

Cost: $ 85 million (as of 2011)

Originally an estate of more than 5 hectares was put up for sale for $ 150 million. As a result, sellers had to make a discount to the new owner of the object was the founder of another heir, "Formula 1". The estate is equipped with all the amenities: room for care of dogs, five bars, a gift wrapping room, floral salon with a professional florist and a bowling alley.

15Central Park West

20 most expensive billionaire homes

Owner: Ekaterina Rybolovlev, the daughter of Dmitry Rybolovlev (state - $ 9, 1 billion)

Where is New York

Cost: $ 88 million (as of 2012)

The former owner of "BRIC" in the last year cranked loudest deal to buy properties in the New York market. An investment firm which is the beneficiary of the daughter of billionaire made, acquired apartments in the prestigious house on the outskirts of the metropolis of Central Park. Penthouse than 600 square meters was purchased structure Catherine student only 6 weeks after having been put on sale. In this case, the new owners did not bargain and acquired the object at the requested price. It turned out that a square meter apartment cost in the US record for the amount - $ 13,500.

Promised Land

20 most expensive billionaire homes

Owner: Oprah Winfrey (the state - $ 2, 8 billion)

Where is: Montecito, CA

Cost: $ 88 million

First Lady of the American TV bought the estate in California in 2001 for about $ 52 million. On an area of ​​more than 16 hectare estate house in the Georgian style, tea house, a greenhouse of 600 rose bushes and an outbuilding for staff.

Maison de L'Amite

20 most expensive billionaire homes

Owner: Dmitry Rybolovlev (state - $ 9, 1 billion)

Where is Palm Beach, Florida Cost: $ 95 million

House area of ​​33 000 sq. meters on the ocean once belonged to Donald Trump: 18 bedrooms and 22 bathrooms, a garage for 48 cars, a fitness center, home theater, library and wine cellar. Maison de L'Amite from French means "House of Friendship", but the name is not too accurate. In 2008 the house was bought by a Russian billionaire, paying for it a record for the state amounting to $ 95 million, but almost immediately the ex-wife of the former owner of "BRIC" Elena began to challenge in court the right to active, demanding that he moved to her property after divorce.

Kensington Palace Gardens

20 most expensive billionaire homes

Owner: Lakshmi Mittal (the state - $ 16, 5 billion)

Where is London

Cost: about $ 90 million (as of 2004)

Indian tycoon was in the rating and the second of his house in London's "street billionaires." The estate of more than 5 hectares he purchased from his father his neighbor Bernie Ecclestone and invest several million in reconstruction, renamed the object in the "Taj Mittal". In the house - 12 bedrooms, swimming pool and marble finishing, in the manufacture of which used sand from the same quarry as that of the construction of the Taj Mahal.

15Central Park West

20 most expensive billionaire homes

Owner: Daniel Loeb (the state - $ 1, 5 billion)

Where is New York

Cost: $ 45 million (as of 2008)

The famous investor a few years ago got one of the most exclusive apartments in New York - a penthouse area of ​​nearly 1000 square meters. m in a luxury house on the border of Central Park. Within a few years this property skyrocketed in price. It is rumored that Loeb had already put the apartment up for sale and hopes to gain for it to $ 100 million.

Kensington Palace Gardens

20 most expensive billionaire homes

Owner: Tamara Ecclestone, daughter of Bernie Ecclestone (the state - $ 3, 8 billion)

Where is London Cost: about $ 70 million (as of 2011) + a $ 30 million investment in the reconstruction of

The third resident of London "street billionaires" in the list was the successor of the business empire of the founder of the "Formula 1". Together with spent Tamara Ecclestone for $ 30 million estate reconstruction of the total value of the property is close to $ 100 million. The house consists of 55 rooms on its territory you can find a bath made of rock crystal, a private night club, swimming pool, beauty salon, spa for dogs and lift for cars.

Silicon Valley Mansion

20 most expensive billionaire homes

Owner: Yuri Milner (the state - $ 1, 1 billion)

Where is Los Altos Hills, California

Cost: $ 100 million (as of 2011)

Home of the famous venture investor is in the spirit of the French chateau of the XVIII century, and includes 5 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, a home cinema, spa services, swimming pools and flower greenhouses. Milner is not year-round living in the house with the family. The estate he visits only from time to time on vacation. On the one hand, it is a good investment in real estate, on the other - a decent waste of money: an annual tax, which Milner is obliged to pay is $ 600,000.

Further Lane de Menil

20 most expensive billionaire homes

Owner: Ron Baron (the state - $ 1, 6 billion)

Where is: East Hampton, New York

Cost: $ 103 million (as of 2007)

Renowned investor acquired more than 20 hectares of undeveloped ocean coast near Hampton at pre-crisis peak in real estate prices. The financial cataclysm made billionaire just postpone the construction plan on a site of your own home.

Mountain Home Road

20 most expensive billionaire homes

Owner: according to unofficial information, Masayoshi San (the state - $ 8, 6 billion)

Where is: Woodside, CA

Cost: $ 117, 5 million

Founder of Softbank, according to information from official registers of owners of real estate, he bought the most expensive house among his colleagues in the Forbes list. On the territory of the property in neo-classical style in an area of ​​836 square meters. meters away from the house colonnaded pool, library, garden furniture to relax, tennis court and garden.

Xanadu 2.0

20 most expensive billionaire homes

Owner: Bill Gates (the state - $ 67 billion)

Where it is located in Medina, Washington, USA

Cost: $ 120, 5 million

House Gates, as befits the Microsoft founder housing, packed with high-tech devices. Pool equipped with underwater music system in each room control panel with which you can control the temperature of the air, the music sounding background and lighting. The mansion is named "Xanadu 2.0" - in honor of the estate of Charles Foster Kane from the movie "Citizen Kane." The protagonist, a prototype of which was Randolph Hearst, made a career on the idea of ​​service to the community. However, it turns out in good faith to serve him always. Gates knew that Kane sometimes confused in terms of "service" and "ego", so called not just estate Xanadu and "Xanadu 2.0" - that is an improved version of Xanadu.

Blossom Estate

20 most expensive billionaire homes

Owner: Ken Griffin (the state - $ 4, 1 billion)

Where is Palm Beach, Florida

Cost: about $ 130 million (as of December 2012)

Known investor got four adjacent sites on the ocean coast with a total area of ​​about 3 hectares. Three of them have already been built at home. But the fourth went to Griffin in an incomplete "bundling" - from the demolished residential building.

Broken O Ranch

20 most expensive billionaire homes

The owner Stanley Kroenke (the state - $ 5 billion)

Where is: Augusta, Montana

Catalog value: $ 132, 5 million

The value of purchase: not disclosed

Montana State laws allow property owners to disclose accurate information about the cost of transactions. So much laid out for an area of ​​over 50 000 ha sports mogul and longtime opponent of Alisher Usmanov, is unknown. On the territory ranch has a huge master's house, swimming pool, stables, 4,500 head of cattle and vast farmland.

Kensington Palace Gardens

20 most expensive billionaire homes

Owner: Roman Abramovich (the state - $ 10, 2 billion) Where is London

Cost: about $ 140 million (as of 2011)

Chelsea host owns several large properties in the British capital, including the estate on the "street billionaires" in the neighborhood of Lakshmi Mittal. City officials have agreed on plans for a Russian buyer for the partial reconstruction of the house. In particular, Abramovich won the right to build on the estate of a tennis court, wellness center and museum vehicles. Among other notable assets billionaire - Chateau on the French Riviera and the estate on the island of St. Barts area under 30 hectares (his Abramovich bought for $ 90 million in 2009).

Ellison Estate

20 most expensive billionaire homes

Owner: Larry Ellison (the state - $ 43 billion)

Where is: Woodside, CA

Cost: $ 200 million

Founder and CEO of Oracle Corporation is one of the most passionate collectors of real estate in the world. His Californian mansion in the Japanese style, he built in 2004. On an area of ​​almost 10 hectares is located 10 residential and commercial buildings, an artificial lake, a tea house, a bathhouse and fish pond. The tax on estates today exceeds $ 70 million.

One Hyde Park

20 most expensive billionaire homes

The owner Rinat Akhmetov (the state - $ 15, 4 billion)

Where is London

Cost: $ 221 million (as of 2011)

Ukrainian tycoon two years ago bought the most expensive apartment in the world. This property is located in London's exclusive apartment complex, built in a prestigious area of ​​Knightsbridge. Housing area of ​​over 2,300 square meters equipped with bulletproof glass and a round the clock concierge service level of five-star hotels.

Kensington Palace Gardens

20 most expensive billionaire homes

Owner: Lakshmi Mittal (the state - $ 16, 5 billion)

Where is London

Cost: $ 222 million (as of 2008)

Indian metals magnate, according to unofficial information, has just three houses in the protected street that the residents of the British capital called "street billionaires." At Mittal's property portfolio includes, inter alia, an estate in the style of neogeorgianskom adjacent to the building of the Israeli Embassy. House tycoon is rumored to have bought for his son, the investor-billionaire Noam Gottesman.

Fair Field Estate

20 most expensive billionaire homes

Owner: Ira, Rene (the state - $ 6, 5 billion)

Where is: Sagaponak, NY, USA

Cost: about $ 248 million

Ira Rene - example for all those who are beginning to work on Wall Street. He worked long and hard in the employee investment corporation, then opened his own company - I.L. Rennert & Co, earned the first billion, he has built a luxury home on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and moved to his family. The mansion consists of three living rooms, three swimming pools, 29 bedrooms, 39 bathrooms, a gym, a conservatory and museum, which exhibits the art collection of Rene. Near the house - five tennis courts, and a helipad, which often complain about the noise of the neighbors. Recently, they even went on the offensive and filed a lawsuit against René family.

Villa Leopolda

20 most expensive billionaire homes

The owner Lily Safra (the state - $ 1, 2 billion)

Where it is: Cote d'Azur, France

Cost: $ 750 million (as of 2008)

Villa widow of banker Edmond Safra has 11 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms, located next to her pool, the beach, olive groves, lemon and cypress gardens. In the 1940s there was filmed a movie about ballet "The Red Shoes", in 1950 - a picture of Hitchcock's "To Catch a Thief." During the filming of "To Catch a Thief" actress Grace Kelly met her future husband - Prince Rainier III. In the new millennium estate flashed in the newspapers with the names of rich Russians. First he was going to buy Roman Abramovich, then Mikhail Prokhorov. Last practically laid out for a villa in the midst of the crisis of 2008, € 496 million, but then changed his mind and as a result was forced by the court to pay compensation to sellers.


Owner: Mukesh Ambani (the state - $ 21, 5 billion)

Where is: Mumbai, India

Cost: More than $ 1 billion

55-year-old founder and CEO of India's largest industrial conglomerate like to talk about the desire to soar. When Ambani planned to own a residential complex, the architects asked to express the idea of ​​the need for continued growth in structures. Since the Mumbai center will be a 27-storey building height of 173 meters, designed by the Chicago architectural Perkins & Wall Bureau. In fact, the house would easily fit all 60 floors, but the client insisted on high ceilings. The complex is called the Taj Mahal of the XXI century: the Hanging Gardens, a two-story fitness center, three helipads, a cinema for 50 people, an underground garage for 168 cars and an ice room with the gun, shooting snow. The billionaire is going to live here with his family - his wife, three children and mother. In Antilia operates 600 service personnel - at the rate of 100 people per family member. The name of the house was named after a ghost island, lost in the waters of the Atlantic.