What's it like - to eject from the aircraft

• How does it feel - to eject from the plane

What's it like - to eject from the aircraft

Captain Darren Weese, 29 years old, the pilot BBC:

"Bailout - the best way to test your body to the test. Sometimes people die at the same time. Or lose limbs: arms and legs torn off or bent into an arc. I personally became smaller in size: it was 174 cm, and became a 2 cm shorter. It was a training flight in Virginia. I piloted the F-15E (American fighter). On board were me and my arrow Krusty. We go to the low level, a high speed. And suddenly I see: Right flashed vulture. Immediately the car strongly shook, and there was an explosion. This bird was sucked into the engine. After a couple of seconds and starboard tail flame appeared. I begin to climb, but the car does not give in and collapses on the right wing. It is necessary to pass the buck. I announce on the radio slave to stay away, and I give the command: "Leave the plane!"

On both sides of the chair arm. I pull for them. The mechanism is triggered - fired off a glass cockpit. Now it is noisy, the wind whips. Take off the rear seat - Krusty emissions. I stay in the car alone - seems to be on forever, although it was less than a second. I clench the handle. Eyes closed. I tensed - I know now this amusement park will begin! I hear: radiruet slave controllers that we are forced to eject. And departing from the cabin itself.

I do not know how to describe it. You sit in the chair, which is fastened to the rocket. And startuesh of the aircraft, which flies at a speed of 480 km / h. Yes, the chair really fastened rocket engine. He you push out of the plane and still carries 60 meters through the air on a jet-powered. In general, to gain altitude with an acceleration of 22 g. If we compare with attractions, there is a maximum acceleration of 2 g. I feel as if I am in a half ton of weight. Legs, back and ass were heavy. Acceleration presses me in his chair, trying to bend in an arc - forced to bury his forehead on his knees. It feels as if you pulled hard on a bunch of enemies are beaten with fists, pulling in all directions at once. I feel the helmet strap hit in the chin. Helmet directly rips off the head. The skin on the chin burst under pressure from the inside. I already groaned. And then, as expected, the chair toss me in the air. I first open my eyes. I see: chair flies. Automatically opens the parachute. Rate falls. Slings strongly pulled my shoulders. Then I fly smoothly. The entire process - from the moment I pulled the handle to opening the parachute - lasted three or four seconds. He opened his eyes, looked around Krusty: there he goes down on a parachute. I look the other way - burning plane stuck in the ground. As luck would have it, about the only home in this wild mountain terrain. Fortunately, no one was hurt. "