Rules of Life of Francis Ford Coppola

• The rules of life of Francis Ford Coppola

Rules of Life of Francis Ford Coppola

I did not watch "The Sopranos." Punks not interest me.

How many can remember, we have always been on the table wine. He was even given to children. We, however, it was diluted with soda.

When I was growing up, we moved every six months. I changed the 24 schools. I had no friends. Firstly, I was always new. Second, my name is Francis - as a girl. And then there were the popular movies about Francis the Talking Mule.

I have more imagination than talent. I bake ideas. Just such a property.

Good for me - it's a lot. If anything I cook, then cook in abundance, and is too much.

I went with my father terribly. When I was about 12 or 13, I worked at the telegraph office. I knew the name of the director of music division Paramount Pictures - Luis Lipstoun. And he wrote: "Dear Mr. Coppola, you have chosen to write the music for the film. Come to LA immediately. Your Louis Lipstoun ". Then came the telegram on long ribbons, which had to be glued. I glued her as real, and delivered to the pope. As he was happy! And then I told him everything. He was beside himself. Children then beaten. Belt. But I know why I did it, I wanted him to get a telegram.

I admire people like Woody Allen, who wrote the script for a year. It's amazing. Always wanted to be able to do the same. Do not make a movie out of the book. Cinema should be written from scratch.

If in front of you is a piece of paper the first thing put on it the time, date and place.

We are very unsure of himself. Not only the young, all of us. When I write something, it never re-read once. I'm sure the writer has hormone hate to have just written. And one day you look at the text and say: "Oh, good."

The smaller the budget, the more the idea.

It seems to me, "Apocalypse Now" slightly expanded the notion that people can suffer in the movies.

Before the shooting of "The Godfather" I called the restaurant the actors, Marlon Brando sat at the head table at the right hand of Al Pacino, on the left, Jimmy Caan. My sister Thalia, who was supposed to play, Connie, served food. all soon began to refer to Marlon as a father: Kaan tried to impress him with jokes, Pacino - tense silence, and my sister was very frightened. This dinner turned them into characters.

In fact, the ending was very clear - Michael corrupted, that's all. Why do they want to take on?

The only thing they argued - is the name. They were against the "Godfather 2", it seemed that the audience it would be confusing. After all, if the film is called "The Return of the Wolf Man" or "Son of the Wolf Man." But it is with "The Godfather" went all the numbers in the names. I do a lot of things started. Balzac once said about a young writer, which is something he stole, "I almost shed a tear. I was so happy. " Because that's what we want.

I was sitting in my trailer, he worked on "The Godfather" - the second or third - and here they come knocking, "with Mr. Coppola wants to meet John Gotti" (the boss of one of the Mafia families of New York Gambino). I say: "That's impossible, I'm busy." There is a legend about vampires - they can not come to your house yourself, you need to invite them.

I was always very careful with other people's money, and with her - no.

Some people like to inspect the titles to the very end. Are you looking for relatives there?

When 45-year-old men say, "I am the head of the children when I succeed," - I say to them: "If zavedesh children - will achieve."

the highest praise for me - is "nothing like this had ever seen."

Things should be viewed from the perspective of your life expectancy.

What am I going to do? Something a little more ambitious. Or slightly less ambitious. Better than less. For me, more ambitious - it's less ambition.