One day in Minsk sex shop

Vulgar outfits, latex puppets and huge dildos? I also thought it was - and there is a store of the intimate goods. But after a day out in one of the sex shops in Minsk, it was much more modest.

Guide to the world of revelation became 19-year-old Natasha. A year ago, she herself could not go to the store because of the age limit, and now a consultant working here. Today she expertly tells how people behave when buying sex products.

One day in Minsk sex shop

"The main thing - do not be rude and smile in all circumstances"

- This work I have found through your site, among other things, - Natasha laughs. - normal for my age salary (400 cu..), An unusual scope and generally cool. I love to communicate with people, but to be all the time would not have been in the office. And the vision of the ports on the computer much. Here, I have agreed to take after the distribution of the trade college degree. Therefore, we can say that I got a job on a specialty. Now especially do not want to take no work experience, but I still have a small child. Mother looks after him my boyfriend, and I can work from 10 to 19, with one day off on Mondays. Long learning was not: quickly familiarized with the goods, have learned to use the cash register, said that the main thing - do not be rude to visitors, and a cute smile. Yes, I could not be rude, closed, or vice versa, obsessive. Naturally the same thing is that if a person came here, then a specific purpose and is waiting for support. My task - not to frighten the customer and offer to help in time. Usually the person as little as 30 seconds to examine the entire range and come to have a particular showcase.

One day in Minsk sex shop

"Most come in the morning, and mostly retired"

At hour 10 hours 30 minutes. Diligently writing in a notebook I kept glancing at the door: if anyone will go and who will be the first visitor? Natasha, dokrashivaya nails scarlet lacquer, soothes:

- Before dinner, there will be many buyers. Basically drop here in the morning, and often seniors (men 55 to 65 years). Come, see and so confidently asked, "Maybe there is something exciting for potency?" There was one interesting uncle, who bought a vibrator to her friend from Russia. He told me that he experienced psychologist, and his woman - known person and very shy to go on such stores. So he would bring her a gift. Another grandfather came from newspaper clippings and spoke at length about his youth. Also often come and young men, but they usually know what they want, and to seek advice when in doubt in the amount of clothes, toys as material. Couples come rarely or on holidays. Basically, all alone. Sometimes, kids running around, who were asked to take a picture of them with a man's body for "VKontakte". But there I was immediately cast out as punks who tries to stick his head through the curtain and see something of the color film pasted glass. Normal people still majority. It is also interesting that as soon as I put on my running shoes, you see me as a girlfriend or granddaughter: ask humbly, silently all considered. But on the heels I - a woman! Now: what do you advise? And what do you think? But she liked it? You start to talk, to offer. And it is very important not to criticize strongly the fact that initially liked. We must offer an alternative better, but only mildly. For example, the role of underwear often ask the waitress costume, or flight attendants. I offer these accessories, which can have multiple roles. Here, for example, a maid: removed the apron - and the dealer at the casino. Or corset with delicate accents - it's all a great option for a club party. I love all fashionable and, if opened his case, it would deal with unusual erotic lingerie. Bright, cheerful, with rhinestones. I would create an entire gallery of clothes. And then we have a very modest people, all shy and blush. Those who went to work in Moscow and saw how many such stores, behave in a sex shop freely. Or seconded go here as home. Our same guy squirt surprised way, and then it will be a long time to clarify, whether the truth is his girlfriend experience? However, make no mistake, even!

One day in Minsk sex shop

"Even the children can play, if they find the course"

From contemplation and want to have to go to practice: touch, twist, to compare materials.

- I am here myself personally did not tried yet and the guy did not gave such - Natasha explains. - More, of course, know how it would be in theory, but imagine how it will behave there - is even possible. Look, - takes it from the top shelf is not the caterpillar, not a worm - it is a toy. The most popular model for women. It is made of silicone, smooth, sometimes bright spring colors. Due to the form (worm, dolphin, herringbone) no one would guess that it's a vibrator. Rather massager. Even kids can play, if they find, of course. they cost a million rubles, are easy to clean with soap and they often take the shower. It is also very much in demand different balls that train women and help the muscles back in shape after childbirth. There is a large diameter (2, 5-3 cm), but I suggest to start with a smaller ball and then try to hold small. They cost 250-300 thousand. Often the interests of the Chinese "Realistika". If you look at the model without vibration, it can be found for 300 thousand rubles, but for the 800 are already on the leg. But they are, I do not advise to buy, or, if bought infrequently used. Maximum will be enough for 3-4 months, and even smells strongly absorb. With vibrators phallus and even a lot of questions. For example, will the guy and the girl choose for her giant 20-22 cm long and 5 cm in volume I say. "She then you will not feel better at all Take less standard, because orgasm is enough 12-15 see.". Or girls: twist, twirl, I see that doubt. Then I suggest we make a working model on the delicate skin at the elbow. Immediately it becomes clear how it will be there. Yet it would be good to the vibrator, even if it is from enhanced latex or CyberSkin which is considered to be more elastic, buy water-based lubricant. Only without silicone, which spoils the appearance of the toy. I pay attention to the box, which flaunts a pale pink stone.

- How to store jewelry, beautiful.

- And this is the decoration, just special, - hints Natasha. - They are, incidentally, is also taken. They are versatile and cost between $ 200 thousand for the cheap models, gifts for 800 thousand. Another fine linen is (from 45 to 100 in. E.), All kinds of fishnet stockings and panties, mesh coveralls. And, of course, handcuffs. They all had a boom during the holidays when the rest of popular goods in my revenue has more than five million!

One day in Minsk sex shop


"No, no, let's still a virgin,"

Which became rapidly girl age 20 who a second ago finished talking on the phone, and became our first customer.

- Girls, I sell vaginal balls. And the girlfriend ordered over the Internet, and she brought two huge. Even I was scared. That's such - shows it on samples of windows, and she reaches out to another, two small balls resembling pearls in a box.

- These excellent - approves the choice of Natasha - only if potreniruetes well. They have a diameter of 2 cm, and it is necessary to manage to not fall. But this is easy to squeeze and sitting, and lying down, and walking.

- Pearls I like more, and the muscles in my order - opens the purse girl to pay, and adds: - You give me another package to the box was not visible.

Natasha also immediately records the purchase of a special balance sheet notebook:

- I started working, I do not get used to the customers, and to report thereon. I never liked to keep a diary, and then write but write.

The phone rang:

- I still orders and e-shop make out - quickly explains Natasha. - Hello? - you hear a man's voice, and the conversation due to the small room perfectly tapped.

- A virgin vibration are available? - interested in men.

- Yes, there is, it is worth 455,000, - Natasha explains.

- And how it normal?

- Well, how do you say - the girl gets up and goes to another model. - I would advise to take a million doll. She and the material better and longer enough.

- Oh, no, let's virgin - obviously because of the price did not change his mind man.

While Natasha calls back to the courier about the delivery, I compare two models to the touch. That's really true, in the sex-dependent goods "price-quality" does not explicitly happens: Doll in a million is very natural, even too much.

One day in Minsk sex shop

Twenty minutes later, we have a new visitor: man 27 years old came to see the role costume. Natasha offered him a versatile option "maid-stewardess-dealer." Man approved and another eye on "Bunny" 65 y. e.

- Too nice. And it looks like? - he reached out to a combination with a strict silhouette.

And then, saving not fully dried nail polish Natasha models show me. Business-something: removed the windows, twisted, twirled, slightly stretched, to show the fabric and universal size.

- I Understood, understood - interrupted my boyfriend debut - we have something similar.

- And how is sitting? - continues the conversation Natasha.

- well! How else? - at the exit, he said, promising to stop by the other day.

One day in Minsk sex shop

Just another ten minutes confident gait directly to the stand with Realistika and similar toys came another buyer.

- A "vivayb" do you have?

- Not now, but in general they are expensive.

- And what was being offered? - I wondered guy. - Look at this: the quality and different in shape, and a guarantee of 5 years. She will love it!

- And what they have with attachments? There are interesting?

- They have something to eat, but do not advise. Antennae, pimples distract and only stretched inside. Not the feelings. This one has a nice, velvety, - gives the model Natasha touched the guy.

- And you only in rubles or currency can be? - interested in men.

- Better for rubles, - it surprises me Natasha.

- Well, then I'll come later and exchanged.

In my mind Natasha understood the question: "I do not want unnecessary problems It is worth to the camera, and check I have to beat out in rubles.".

- And do not fear that he will not come back?

- Of course not. I happened people came and questioned several times. It seems that has not come, and they are 5-6 day dare to buy. It's okay, do not worry.

I admit, I really imbued with her sympathy. Realizing that her salary is directly related to the percentage of sales. With a small child, at age 19, in a strange city, with nice and friendly. I would like everything to be in her good.

- And to be honest, you feel that you are helping people, perhaps even to establish someone's personal life? - I ask goodbye.

- No, I just want us to be not ashamed of sex shops. My boyfriend when I stayed there for three weeks and all embarrassed, told me: "You have worked as a consultant, and there is no difference, what to sell This is a job, nothing more.". Of course, now I am convinced that there are very interesting. Here, for example, to take at least the purchase of household appliances. Well, you have chosen, a little something or other models of delivery came. Nothing wrong. If the vibrator is not suitable or balls, like the girl, already very disappointing. So I try to make people upset. I even have a new tattoo in the subject positive. Look here - it shows a colorful pattern just above the hip. - It's a gun - a symbol of protection and confidence, and then oranges - tenderness, gentleness, bright and rich colors. This is the whole I am a little sorry for the past, but I believe that waiting for me but good!