6 most unlucky (or, conversely, lucky) people on Earth

The destiny of man sometimes bizarre and whimsical. Some go to the light, eating "something wrong" for dinner and someone manages to survive in three shipwrecks. Most often, these people shun and believe they bring bad luck, but if you think that when a person does not take any car accident or rattlesnakes, nor lightning, nor even nuclear bombs can be, in fact, this is the real "minions of fortune" and "fortune's favorites"?

1. The Japanese, who suffered from the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

6 most unlucky (or, conversely, lucky) people on Earth

6 August 1945, the year Tsutomu Yamaguchi was in Hiroshima on the affairs connected with the work. He was going to leave the city, and was already on the road when he suddenly remembered that he forgot to affix a stamp, formally allows him to travel. Yamaguchi returned to the office, and then hurried away from Hiroshima. When he came out of the tram, about three kilometers away exploded "Kid" - dumped nuclear charge by the Americans.

With the explosion in Tsutomu burst eardrums, for some time it is almost completely blind and suffered serious burns. After spending the night in the shelter, the Japanese went home ... in Nagasaki.

A few days later Yamaguchi was sitting in the office of his boss and told of the horrors he experienced during the bombing of Hiroshima. Just at the same time, the United States dropped a second bomb, "Fat Man". The epicenter was also about three kilometers away from the building, but this time the Japanese hardly hurt.

Tsutomu Yamaguchi died in his native Nagasaki of stomach cancer in 2010, the year.

2 ocean liner stewardess, survived the crash on the "Britannica", "Olympic" and "Titanic"

6 most unlucky (or, conversely, lucky) people on Earth

6 most unlucky (or, conversely, lucky) people on ZemleVayolet Jessop in 1911, the year survived the crash of one of the most luxurious ocean liners of that time, "Olympic": 23-year-old girl working on it a flight attendant until the huge ship is not faced with the armored cruiser "Hawke" around the Isle of Wight. "Olympic" was a huge hole, but the captain managed to keep the ship afloat, and passengers, and most of the staff, including Miss Jessop, were evacuated.

For many it remains an unexpected event ended successfully, but the story of Violet had just begun.

A year later, she boarded another ship companies (that she belonged to the "Olympic") "White Star Line", perhaps the most famous ship in the world - "Titanic". On the sad story is now known all over the world, and a flight attendant Jessop was among the passengers who managed to escape from the ship to the lifeboat.

During the First World War served as a stewardess Violet Jessop on a floating hospital "Britannicus" (coincidentally also owned by "White Star Line"). In the Aegean Sea, near the island of Kea, the ship hit a mine and sank immediately, as almost all the windows were open. Tenacious flight attendant was able to get out of the ship and avoid the death of the screws "Britannica". After the third crash it for many years worked as a flight attendant and died of heart failure in 1971.

3. Women, who hit five hurricanes

6 most unlucky (or, conversely, lucky) people on Earth

The American Melanie Martinez knows them inside out: Betsy, John, George, Katrina and Isaac. This is not the names of friends and hurricane names that consistently destroyed homes Melanie in chronological order in 1965 by the state of Louisiana, where Martinez lived until now, passed the "Betsy", in 1985 it was hurricane "Juan" It came the turn of "George" in 1998, and the infamous "Katrina" was raging in 2005. In 2012, the history of American women interested in the famous American reality show "Hideous Houses" (A & E channel), which allocated $ 20 thousand on repairs, but it was not possible to cheat fate: only a few months after the completion of construction work "to visit," Melanie looked hurricane the first category of "Isaac."

The woman refused to leave their homes, she said in an interview: "I was born here. This is my house".

4. A resident of Florida, which stung the rattlesnake struck by lightning, and then was bitten by a shark

6 most unlucky (or, conversely, lucky) people on Earth

Erik Norrie is no stranger to unlikely event he nearly died in a shark attack, and journalists to communicate with him, said that earlier it was struck by lightning and bitten by a rattlesnake.

July 29, 2013 Norrie-year rested in the Bahamas and was keen on underwater fishing when the shark swam up to him and grabbed a piece of leg. In-law Eric, who was nearby, helped him fend off the predator and get to the shore, where he managed to provide quality medical care. In the words of Eric, he's not the first time finds himself in an extreme situation, but always tries to keep his presence of mind.

5. The Briton, who survived in 16 disasters

6 most unlucky (or, conversely, lucky) people on Earth

6 most unlucky (or, conversely, lucky) people on Zemle54-year-old John Lyne nationals was referred to as "John-disaster" and is considered the most unlucky person in the UK.

The Briton also known as the man managed to get there at the same time in two accidents: as a child he fell off the wagon and he was immediately moved delivery van.

As a teenager, John fell from a tree and broke his arm, and, when he drove out of the hospital, the bus had an accident, and Leon was again broken arm - in another place, and they say that it happened on Friday 13th. In 2006, Englishman once again riveted the attention of the press, has failed to work in one of the hatches (it is the employee of one of the large industrial enterprises).

Reporters calculated that Lyne in my entire life 16 times found himself in a variety of deadly history, including the collapse of the mine, lightning and three car accident.

6. The American, who robbed, stabbed in the chest with a knife, while two snakes bite and struck by lightning

American John Wade Agan came to the attention of journalists in 2011, the year when it was struck by lightning while he was talking on the landline at home in Florida.

As it turned out, before 47-year-old Agana was another interesting case: American robbed right in his car (John worked as a taxi driver) and locked in the trunk.

In 2008, the year Agan has experienced a deep stab wound in the chest, and in 2009, he said, it attacked and bitten two snakes at once. Well, if that's true, John rightfully can compete with its English namesake for the nickname "Man-disaster."