9 most popular and best-selling books in the world

Some books in millions of copies, and more recently, in connection with the development of printing and mass culture, it has become particularly noticeable. However, there are books that are gaining a lot of popularity for different reasons than the others. We have compiled a list of the most popular books in the world.

1. The Bible

9 most popular and best-selling books in the world

The most salable and widely read book in the world is, of course, the Bible. According to the "Guinness Book of Records", its circulation today is six billion copies, of course, if you count from the beginning of the last century and does not take into account the precious manuscript copies - according to some sources, one copy is printed every second. A first printed edition of the Bible yet been published in English in 1538, the year.

Bible translated into almost all languages ​​of the world (including even Klingon) and regularly re-released in most countries, as well as Christianity in one form or another professes a significant number of people, it is - an important object of worship, it is not surprising that no advertising campaign books are not necessary. By the way, the Koran or the Bhagavad-gita is significantly inferior to it by the number of sales.

There is another sad fact: the Bible, which clearly says "Thou shalt not steal", most often stolen in bookstores.

2. Mao Zedong Quotes

9 most popular and best-selling books in the world

Circulation "quote" though much inferior to the Bible, but still commands respect, too - today there are about 900 million tons of hard copies. In the West, "Quotations," better known as the "red book", as traditionally re-released in a red cover. The book is easy to carry, it fits in your pocket - is likely to fan Mao was able to become familiar with its sayings at any time. The book was first published in 1966 in China. It contains excerpts from speeches of official policy. In the days of his leadership, even organized special mugs and allocated operating hours studying the book. Basically it says about communism, patriotism, the people's power, and other such things.

Now the compulsory study of "quote" in China dropped, but the book continues to be popular. Given that China boasts the largest population of any country in the world and the Communist regime, it is not so surprising.

3. The Lord of the Rings

9 most popular and best-selling books in the world

Author - JRR Tolkien.

In third place - the trilogy "Lord of the Rings," all three parts - "Fellowship of the Ring," "The Two Towers" and "Return of the King" - traditionally published in one large volume. According to the latest edition of the book is about 100 million copies. In addition, the "Lord of the Rings" can be called one of the most popular or even the religious books of XX-th century, and a worldwide vote epic novel was ranked first among the best works in the genre of fantasy XX-th century.

It is sad, but his popular book owes not only the skill of the author and beautifully described in her fictional events, but also piracy. The fact is that in 1960, when the book first appeared in the UK, US savvy publishers have found that in the US book does not fall under the protection of copyright law. And as in the UK, she has won the love of readers almost instantly, then publish it was more expedient than in the US. Tolkien was the first American edition of payments and has not received, but it is known on another continent gained tremendous - the book quickly became the subject of the "cult" among American youth at that time. I must say that that is what it still is, but now it several times re-read young people all over the world, and adults like the book. It is often presented as a gift for the holidays, and it is thanks to her world, including in Russia, a new youth movement - roleplayers.

By the way, "The Hobbit, or There and Back Again", the first novel of Tolkien, a little behind the novel's popularity and the number of sales.

4. Guinness World Records

9 most popular and best-selling books in the world

Circulation "Guinness World Records" is about 100 million copies, and it is issued annually since 1955 year. Curiously, the five thousand copies were sold in the first year, and circulation grew with each passing year.

Interestingly, the idea of ​​publishing a collection of human achievements, a record of the world of animals and values ​​emerged during the usual dispute: Beaver, managing director of the largest brewing companies, argued with his friend about what the bird flies faster - the golden plover or the grouse. And then he came up with the idea in mind that such disputes can only be resolved if there is an authoritative source. After a long work on the various facts and records the first collection was published.

"Guinness World Records" - the world's first reference, received such popularity.

5. The Little Prince

9 most popular and best-selling books in the world

Author - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

"The Little Prince" was first published in 1943 and immediately gained popularity. Saint-Exupéry himself spoke of it, that is a book written for children but for adults. A quote from his statement: "After all adults were once children, only a few of them remember it." The book really says about a very complex things in the simplest words. Retell it can not be - can only be read. Tale quite short, so it will not leave a lot of reading time and a pleasant feeling of catharsis will be long.

A very important part of the book - illustrations by the author made personally. They - addition of text, and is often found in it a reference to it. Currently, "The Little Prince" is translated into 100 languages ​​of the world and is often referred to in popular culture.

6. The Da Vinci Code

9 most popular and best-selling books in the world

Author - Dan Brown

The novel "The Da Vinci Code" after almost immediately became an international bestseller. In just a few years, its circulation reached more than 81 million copies of the novel has been translated into 44 languages, as well as a book, movie filmed.

The book is written in the genre of intellectual detective thriller. On a wave of popularity over the next decade in light out dozens, if not hundreds, of novels, written in the same way, but they have not gained such popularity. Probably, the point here is that Brown, as they say, the reader touched a nerve - affected close and not indifferent to the subject for most people, and touched expertly.

Brown's character - an ordinary man does not possess any superpowers, who suddenly unravels the greatest mystery - after a long work is the Holy Grail. However, in the novel pseudo-ideas put forward by many, but the overall fabric of the novel it does not spoil. But the popularity of the book added that she spoke out against Archbishop Angelo Amato (Angelo Amato). Despite the fact that since its first publication it has been almost ten years, buy it until now.

7. Twilight. Saga

9 most popular and best-selling books in the world

Thread - Stephenie Meyer

Unfortunately, the arguments to explain the commercial success of the book series "Twilight," we find it difficult, but the fact remains: the first book in the series sold over 100 thousand copies, and subsequent books - and even more. In addition, the book has received many prestigious awards, and Hollywood soon took a popular series into service.

But critics commended the "Twilight" very restrained - they have not received high ratings. Stephen King, for example, spoke about the book is strictly negative, noting that it is perfect for young girls due to the combination of the safe in her love and sex.

Anyway, the author has the right not to listen to anybody - novels won the love of the readers, and in the light of other books already out, is not related to "the twilight saga" and the circulation of their no less.

8. The Alchemist

9 most popular and best-selling books in the world

The author - Paulo Coelho

"The Alchemist" was the best-selling novel written in Portuguese. To date, the circulation in the millions of copies of his novel translated into 67 languages ​​and is published in 117 countries around the world. In the form of fairy tales, parables Coelho promotes the idea of ​​self-knowledge and the pursuit of their dreams. After reading a lot of people recognized that the book inspired them to great deeds, which they otherwise would never have dared to do.

The obvious advantage of the novel is that it is written in plain language: it does not have difficult terms, the author simply says that everything to achieve the dream you already have. However, reviews still inconsistent: in a sense of the experienced reader can arise that could be said even simpler and much shorter as meaning, in spite of the metaphor is obvious and "chewed".

9. Harry Potter

9 most popular and best-selling books in the world

Thread - JK Rowling.

The total amount of copies of all seven novels about the young wizard Harry Potter was about 450-year-thousand copies and has brought billions of dollars to the author. Already the first book has earned the recognition of readers, along with the approval of critics and film the situation only worsened. What books, we will not recount - probably all if you do not read it, watching movies shot on them.

It is noteworthy that the Harry Potter books gave rise to the emergence of cultural communities: for the fans even held special events, however, each time to mark the release of the next book. In addition, on a wave of popularity, as is the case with "The Da Vinci Code" and "Twilight," a host of imitators, but as practice shows, the original is valued more copies. Books received numerous awards and honors, and in some US states even been included in the school curriculum.