Shampoo Keune: species, tips on choosing and customer reviews

The Dutch company Keune was founded almost 100 years ago and is very popular among professional hairdressers and ordinary consumers. Keune shampoos have different directions and can meet many needs. Product packaging design makes them stand out on the shelves and allows them to be easily recognizable.


Cosmetic company was founded in 1922 by Jan Keune chemist in Amsterdam. This is the man who created the hot perm and became the first manufacturer in the Netherlands for a wave of hair products.

Some time later, Yang extended range of products, which was intended for professional hairdressers and created tools for cold perm. It was a major breakthrough in the beauty industry.

The company has released a whole range of organic shampoo Keune, which include various oils and herbal extracts. The natural ingredients in the composition of the organic line are directed to treatment, as well as make the process of washing the head of this aromatherapy. The range of company Keune is unique throughout the world and includes a truly unique tool.

Rules for hair Keune

The range is filled with lots of tools that make it easy to find the right line and mix multiple resources from different series. The manufacturer took care of the shampoo perfectly with a variety of products for the hair and the buyer could choose a suitable option.

Shampoo Keune: species, tips on choosing and customer reviews

The range includes the following lines:

  1. "Silk care." The line includes shampoo, conditioner, mask and two types of oil (for dry and hard, for normal and fine hair).
  2. So Pure - line with a completely natural composition. It includes a large number of funds that have different directions. You can find appropriate care for the components, as hair color and styling tools.
  3. Blend - means for hair styling that can be mixed together to obtain an effective and suitable product.
  4. Care Line - aimed at skin care scalp, causing hair to grow healthier and more beautiful. Care Line includes a plurality of lines that satisfy the various needs of customers.
  5. The line for men, which presents caring, styling products and hair dye.
  6. Coloring shampoos and paints with a high pigment content.

Dutch cosmetics company offers a wide range of care products and hair coloring, which conquered the hearts of millions of women and professional hairdressers.

Keune Platinum Blonde

Girls who clarified hair, you know that some time after staining they acquire a yellow tint. To save a platinum blonde color preference coloring shampoo Keune.

Shampoo Keune: species, tips on choosing and customer reviews

This shampoo not only adds a beautiful color, but also excellent care of hair, which are regularly exposed to chemical attack by the paint and lightening components. After a few performances, the girls say that the hair becomes much softer, hydration and nutrition are felt, they are less whipped.

Shampoo Keune, by all accounts, attracted not only excellent quality, but also the original design of the package. He purple hue, as well as most of the products aimed at combating yellowish hair. Fairly thick consistency, so has the cost-effective rate. After several applications, the color becomes beautiful platinum shade.

When shampooing you must apply it twice: once to cleanse the hair, and the second time to leave for a few minutes for best results. Shampoo is suitable dry, brittle, lighting along the length of the hair, which are prone to the appearance of a yellow color and are in need of intensive care.

Care Line Color Brilliance

Keune Care Line shampoo aims to preserve the brightness and saturation of color treated hair. The manufacturer claims that due to the presence of sun factors in the composition range protects even the color of sunlight.

Shampoo Keune: species, tips on choosing and customer reviews

The composition is full of active ingredients that not only preserve the color saturation, but also provide a high-performance care for damaged hair. Shampoo Keune, by all accounts, effectively cleans, and after using it is necessary to put the mask on the entire length of the strands.

This product is preferred to use a lot of beauty salons and professional hairdressers who argue that with the help of paint pigment is stored in the structure of a long time. Shampoo for those whose hair is prone to a rapid loss of pigment, resulting in dullness color, the need to apply the paint is reduced.

Shampoo for oily hair Care Line

Girls who have a fatty roots, say that this tool - this is a godsend. Seboreguliruyuschy Keune shampoo cleans and reduces the frequency of washing hair. It aims to combat copious sebum at the roots and intensive care tips.

Shampoo Keune: species, tips on choosing and customer reviews

Many shampoos seboreguliruyuschie desiccate the hair ends, which leads to breakage of the entire length. Composition Keune enables agent for fatty roots and dry ends. Girls say that the consistency of his gel and shampoo is incredibly beautiful aqua color that is a pleasure to use.

The product was washed hair the first time, and requires additional air conditioning humidification. However, caution should be used when a very sensitive scalp. The manufacturer recommends to combine shampoo Keune Care with a milder, thanks to this hair will not get used to it and remain fresh much longer.

Toning Shampoo So Pure

This line of products, whose composition is natural and does not have harmful components. Toning Shampoo is aimed at strengthening the roots and reducing hair loss and to stimulate their growth.

Shampoo Keune: species, tips on choosing and customer reviews

The design of this product is not as original as the other - this is the usual bottle of shampoo. In no part of Keune sulfates and other aggressive components, it is not so much foam, because of which increases the product flow. He is perfect for colored, dry, brittle hair, with abundant loss or during otraschivaniya.

The manufacturer claims that due to the presence of oil in the shampoo gently cleanses the hair and conditions the scalp. He cleans the roots and does not dry strands. After using the hair soft, smooth, easy to comb and shine appears. Reviews of shampoo Keune show that they are after prolonged use less fall and grow much faster.

Girls celebrate an incredible flavor. It is a mixture of different extracts and essential oils that make hair washing process in aromatherapy and create a feeling of visiting a beauty salon.

Shampoo Care Line Satin Oil

Ruler "Silk care," which, thanks to the large amount of oil in the composition, aims to care for very dry and brittle hair. When fatty roots recommended be used with caution, since it can cause increased sebum.

Shampoo Keune: species, tips on choosing and customer reviews

The shampoo pleasant consistence, strays into a thick foam and well-washes her hair. Aroma shampoo Keune, on responses of girls, with hints of honey and a banana and does not get tired during long-term use. It also seals the structure and protects them from the harmful effects of electronic devices and the sun. The manufacturer claims that the shampoo will suit girls with fragile and thin hair, as well as those who often makes the laying and use styling tools. It nourishes and does not allow them to deteriorate with constant exposure to them.

Dry shampoo

There are times when this product is a must: the greasy roots, in cases of emergency when you can not wash your hair or add volume. Dry shampoo Keune for many girls - a find that they are, if necessary.

Shampoo Keune: species, tips on choosing and customer reviews

He quickly absorbs dirt, gives hair freshness and resumes packing. It is necessary to spray the right amount of product to the roots, a few minutes later with the help of the fingertips massage movements to distribute on the scalp and comb your hair.

Means for a few minutes and gives a fresh shock of hair volume at the roots. Girls in a review about the shampoo Keune write that it is excellent for hair lacking volume. He has a white color, which does not remain on the roots of the qualitative distribution. Shampoo does not clog the pores of the scalp after the traditional washing of the hair.

Dry shampoo can not replace the shampoo. This tool, which is used in case of emergency and does not fulfill the functions that are declared in the traditional process of purification. The manufacturer says that the use of the cosmetic product shall be the interval between 2-3 during conventional washing hair. It does not dry and prolongs the resistance of the subsequent laying.


Male Keune shampoo is designed to combat the fat content of the scalp and eliminate dandruff, because men are more likely to suffer this problem. The structure includes a plurality of active components, which are carefully clean the hair and decrease the amount of dandruff after prolonged use.

Shampoo Keune: species, tips on choosing and customer reviews

The girls say that the shampoo can be used not only to young people, it effectively fights against scalp irritation in females. The manufacturer claims that the active ingredients eliminate all types of dandruff: dry and greasy.

After use, there is a feeling of purity, freshness, hair look good and shine. The effect of anti-dandruff visible already after the second use of shampoo. He does not dry the hair, but also not conducive to increased sebum.


Dutch cosmetics company Keune has established its products as a highly effective and really worthwhile. The manufacturer does not save on raw materials and buyers are getting a quality product that meets all requirements and performs its functions. A lot of beauty salons around the world prefer to shampoo Keune and note that each person with different needs to find the right tool for you.