10 countries in which Europeans often look for brides

Curious rating made by Europeans

If you are alone and can not meet the woman of their dreams in their country, you can take a chance and buy the image of a bride. In the Internet age, you can easily get acquainted with a woman who lives at the other end of the earth, and to marry her.

There are hundreds of sites that enrolled women from Third World countries seeking to marry a man from the West. Some countries from the point of view of European suitors are most attractive for search of brides. We would like to tell you about them - and do not forget that the best in the ranking, compiled by Europeans, is the last country.

1. Vietnam

10 countries in which Europeans often look for brides

Vietnam has long been a focus of attention of the West, which only increased when US soldiers spotted the elegant beauty and exquisite manners of Vietnamese women. During the war, interracial marriages are commonplace, which gave rise to the stereotype that all Vietnamese women - beautiful, delicate and exotic. It is these traits often come to mind when viewing photos men Asian brides.

However, the reality can be cruel, because men often find that most brides from Vietnam are not interested in a long love Americans. But, of course, on the websites of these fantasies is still supported for the sake of a successful business.

This "market" is relatively new bride, making it more promising in comparison with the Philippines and Thailand. This is combined with traditional Asian features puts Vietnamese ladies in the place of honor among brides in exotic countries.

The disadvantage is the lack of development of the market, since the marriage business in Vietnam has just appeared. Most of the girls living in rural areas with poor transport infrastructure and limited access to the Internet.

2. Brazil

10 countries in which Europeans often look for brides

The Brazilian women are very different. In particular, the sites are constantly emerging beauties with huge eyes. Because of this, there was a stereotype that all Brazilians are, and it's only on hand the marriage business.

Many emigrants say a huge impact on Brazilian society has Catholicism, so that women are free to choose, whom to marry. The flip side is that Brazilians are usually very independent, so long will not be tolerated in the majority, even with the traditional place of the family, boring relationship.

Brazil among the countries of South America is the most diverse ethnic composition: among Brazilians have white, Hispanic, Indian and Africans, so that the bride can choose to suit every taste.

The disadvantage is that the Brazilian often do not speak any language other than Portuguese, which is pretty bad for a woman who is going to marry a European. Unfortunately, the negative factors are clearly more than positive, so that among the marriage business, Brazil is still not on the highest line of the rating.

3. China

10 countries in which Europeans often look for brides

For those who are looking for traditional Asian beauty, an ideal place to select a bride is China, because the country is very small Métis. Almost all of the Chinese women have a classic Asian appearance, but many men find that their behavior and attitude towards life often fall short of the ideal. Contrary to stereotypes, the Chinese women often aggressive, though respectful - it is a compromise.

In addition, on websites and in the movies, you can find out information about rare that the majority of Chinese women have never left their home country. Thus, they are not very adapted to the world outside of China and are often not aware of another language. So get used to the Western culture, many girls will not be easy, therefore, will not be easy and their husbands. However, unlike Japan and South Korea, the Chinese woman married to a white man adds its prestige family.

So, for anyone who is a fan of the traditional Asian beauty, Chinese porcelain dolls can be a good wives. Among the shortcomings can be noted a language barrier and limited access to the Internet.

4. India

10 countries in which Europeans often look for brides

The emigration of Indians to the West after World War II led to the emergence of large Indian community in the cold northern climate, but all government and scientific studies claim that these mini-cities in India were unfavorable to the full integration in the host country, and thus come from India have retained many of their own traditions.

One of these traditions - arranged marriage. Some naive people take this ancient matchmaking scheme for the manifestation of the wedding industry, but the main difference is the intermediary. More often than marriages for young people is their parents or community elders.

As for the marriage business, the mediator tries to find a bride to the client that he would like. However, the similarity between these two methods is still there, and if you are willing to make friends with the parents of his beloved, the chances of a successful marriage is very high.

As a general rule, difficult to find a bride without a mediator. Also, oddly enough, many Indian women are not ready to leave the familiar environment.

5. Thailand

10 countries in which Europeans often look for brides

The high level of poverty, a large number of single women and female beauty make Thailand attractive market. In addition, the Thai belief in the superiority of social people with fair skin - the brighter, the better - maybe in the long run only help suitors. The skin of the Thai people generally darker than the Europeans, so that the average Western person receives an automatic advantage. However, at the Thai brides have and negative traits. The bottom line is that Thai women do not have a good reputation as wives - in fact, they are the least reliable of all the brides of third world countries. The most common complaints that these girls are a bit out of this world, and this difference in culture and education of making conversation with them rather dull affair.

In addition, the majority of potential suitors looking for women with a strong maternal instinct, and secretly a disadvantage in this respect: they can take care of their appearance and of themselves, but completely forget about raising children and taking care of the house. As a result, the divorce rate is extremely high. Nevertheless, western grooms flock to Thailand to find a wife - a girl is easy to leave the country.

6. Ukraine

10 countries in which Europeans often look for brides

This is a state in Eastern Europe, is famous worldwide for its beautiful women. A number of obvious advantages of putting them on one of the highest places in the ranking of brides.

Ukrainian women, tend to get a good education - can keep the conversation going, know foreign languages ​​and are able to quite easily find a job in their new homeland. In addition, they are not afraid to leave the country and start a new life. In the end, Ukraine - the birthplace of militant Cossacks, and while the men were at war, women did everything else.

So, Ukraine - one of the largest markets in the world of marriage. The disadvantage is that the Ukrainians will not tolerate a lack of suitors, including those from other European countries. These women are not too romantic and not too shy.

Also, if you try to buy the exotic, the Ukrainians are not too good option - in fact, apparently they are not too different from the majority of European women. However, temperament and sensual Slavic accent may make the heart of most grooms often clogged. The proximity of Europe and the Middle East allows easy Ukrainian women to leave the country, and these are the factors that negate the obstacles like language barriers.

7. The Dominican Republic

10 countries in which Europeans often look for brides

This women brides market is not so much - only about two million. However, the Dominican quite demanding: a lonely pathetic loser hardly will make an impression on them, so if you want to please the Dominican bride, will have to sweat.

Although, maybe it's worth it: the Dominican have a reputation for exceptional chefs and hard-working women. In addition, for the most part they are - a modest and quiet, which is often of great importance for foreign brides who are usually too quiet and modest people.

Dominican men are prized by the Dominican is not too high, because, as a rule, at least they are rich and ambitious than Western men, and especially not true that the Dominican insults. Therefore, if you think adultery rate, take care of the Dominican bride can not even begin.

Women of the Dominican Republic are the most beautiful girls of all countries in the Caribbean, but they are not very attractive to Americans because basically have dark skin. But the Europeans like them more.

Dominican society has no taboo to enter into interracial marriages. In addition, it easy to get acquainted with girls thanks to the developed infrastructure and tourism.

8. Colombia

10 countries in which Europeans often look for brides

rating of Colombian women in the wedding industry is growing rapidly. In the 1980s, drug trafficking and communism makes this country not too attractive for foreign suitors, but now the situation has changed radically. Colombia tops the list of countries in South America, because senoritas have a special reputation beauties with a sports figure professional dancers. In addition, many Colombian men were killed in the war or were in prison, so that the struggle for a man in Colombia is very fierce. Also kolumbiek not confuse the age difference between the spouses, the elderly and the bride will be easy to find a beautiful young wife.

By the way, the beautiful Colombian their fellow-men is not much of a value. They do not bother to marital fidelity, so that in conjunction with the Catholic restrictions on contraception and abortion in Colombia, a growing number of young single mothers seeking financial security. If the wife with the child you do not mind, you can easily search for a bride in Colombia.

Obstacle could be the language barrier and the fact that Colombia is far enough away from Europe.

9. The Philippines

10 countries in which Europeans often look for brides

Filipino women from all the other Asians is different in that it is easy to leave the country. Employment abroad in the Philippines has become a serious business that helps girls a lot easier to leave the family nest - both physically and emotionally. Most Filipino servants working in other countries, making it easier to put them in contact with foreigners.

Although the divorce rate in the Philippines is quite low, the poverty rate is high, so the foreign man is regarded as a reasonable way to get a reliable roof over their heads. In addition, a Filipina, by their own admission, like white men. According to recent studies, Americans submitted Filipina caring and kind, while Filipinos are considered cruel and unfaithful.

Philippine culture is one of the most open in Asia. They have a close-knit family, however, there are certain taboo on the expression of feelings in public. But with fillipinkami meet easily, and that the country some time been occupied by US troops, means that almost all the girls speak English.

10. Russia

10 countries in which Europeans often look for brides

More than 500 dating sites at any time, offer you to get acquainted with almost 60 thousand Russian girls - this is almost the highest in the world. Of all the countries on the list in Russia, the level of education is highest, which means that Russians know foreign languages ​​and understand other cultures are more likely to find a job, and know how to cook and often good in bed.

Russian woman looks not too different from those of women from other countries in Europe - they look perfectly in the streets of any European town. However, when they start to talk with potential European suitors may want to take a wife all at once.