Fashionable men's hairstyles for short hair this season

Modern men's hairstyle

Today, men's hairstyles for short hair are the most popular choice among the stronger sex. Fashion changes almost every day, and with it new ideas to create a model of male haircuts.

Fashionable men's hairstyles for short hair this season

What are the men's hairstyles for short hair?

  • For men who do not want a long time to tinker with stacking, there is the best option - a haircut nalyso. This is practical, because in the morning is not necessary to comb and easy to heat.
  • As a short haircut, but now it is quite popular and gives the man the image of a fighter. One of the most popular hairstyles is the hairstyle tomboy. The highlight of that at very short length of the bangs hair remains long. Such an option will look very fashionable, stylish and original, especially on light-colored hair.
  • are not less relevant hairstyle called "poluboks" and "boxing". Hairstyle "poluboks" lies in the fact that in the parietal region of the hair is long and the other short hair.
  • Hairstyle "box" is somewhat similar to "poluboks" but a little harder and with shorter hair.

Fashionable men's hairstyles for short hair this season

Men's hairstyles for short hair and a method of stacking Even short hair requires daily care and styling treatments. So, what are the simple and affordable techniques that you can follow to make a hairstyle from the usual fashionable hairstyle? To do this, you can:

  • in the front to give your hair a "standing" position, placing their gel;
  • to create a type of "ruffled";
  • the creation of "wet" effect on the hair;
  • haircut "cap" (the entire circumference of the hair are the same length, and the tips of Mills).

Technology men's hairstyle according to the type and shape of the face

  • The oval face. Typically, the face oval is accompanied by massive cheekbones. For this type of person will look perfectly uniform short hair on the sides and rear. Whiskey is better to leave the average length. If everything you are the owner of a low forehead, then in this case it is necessary to wear bangs medium length, which not only effectively hides the hairline, but also gives volume to the hair on his head.
  • Fashionable men's hairstyles for short hair this season

    elongated type of person. In this case, perform a short cut on the sides (two to three centimeters), side parting and volume on top. If you want to hide a high forehead, bangs should be cut out and make it thinned (profiling). With short hair you can experiment, as well as long. For the young men aspiring to look impressive and show their unique and vivid style, suitable hairstyle with element of Iroquois.

  • broad face. For young people with a broad skull shape is fine ultra short haircut. To date fashion to emphasize their individuality by applying a variety of patterns using special equipment is gaining momentum, so the types of men's hairstyles are constantly improved and give each holder of the individual image.
  • For any type of person. There are several way to compromise, in which a man does not pay special attention to their hair can look stylish and fashionable. To do this, use men's hairstyles for short hair with bangs. Such detail hairstyles every man can change at any time and thus to express your personality and temperament. For each type of appearance you need to use a specific hair style that emphasizes the dignity and hide flaws appearance. stylist's advice will help determine the choice of the type of hair, the most suitable for you.