Rules of Life by Robert Redford

• Rules of Life Robert Redford

Rules of Life by Robert Redford

I always feel embarrassed when they show a movie with my participation.

How did I can think about the continuation of "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid"? The boys were killed at the end. What is, in your opinion, can be - a film about ghosts, or what?

EVERYONE WHO now so likes to shoot a sequel, would do well to learn to take a closer look of the originals.

TODAY viewers need the industry much more than the film industry needs audiences.

I will not be an actor, would be a baseball player. To amuse your ego.

When I grew up, I was obsessed with the sport. Everything said, it does not matter you win or lose; matter how you play. But I quickly realized that it was a lie. You can be the last scum on the planet, but if you win, everything is forgotten.

Sports in general - a great metaphor for life. But of all the sports it is golf seems to me the most pure example, because in this game you both are fighting against yourself and against nature.

Golf has become such a perfect, regular. Perfect grass on the perfect field. And I for one do not like a golf cart. Now you will not even be allowed in some clubs, unless you have a golf cart or caddy (assistant player that carries him during the game tools -. Esquire). And I do not have neither one nor the other. I like to walk and do everything yourself.

I live in the mountains, and two, three or four hours a day spend on a horse. In some days I can get lost, but I'm still happy. But sometimes I have to hang around in the office and answer any questions. I can hold out as a day or two, sometimes three, but then everything starts to annoy me - the car, the motorway, huge houses and out of control, urban construction. I have a car, the name of which is not necessary to say, because I am considered an environmentalist. But the Porsche 550 Spyder in 1955 - this is the best sports car has ever done before.

I still love speed. I can have breakfast at in the Napa Valley, and then drive without stopping, 720 miles to dine in Salt Lake City. In general, I just like to move. I get antsy when will not have to go.

I Miser HUNDREDS acres around his house, and now I have enough space to feel at one with nature. Actually, this is life. What is happening in the city - it is rather the existence. I grew up in Los Angeles among the lower strata of the working class. Basically, it was the Latin Americans or the Japanese, but I got on well with all and know all. Here in the mountains, I like most is that I do not know anyone around.

For me, there is nothing magic about the place where the rainbow rests on the Earth. I never really wanted to be a celebrity, and I never dreamed of Hollywood. I was there, you could say, was born.

As a director, I do not appreciate yourself as an actor. As an actor, I have what I do not put myself as a filmmaker.

I would like to make movies and more, but with one condition: to do between them big enough breaks to enjoy life.

I expressed my attitude to the FBI in "Incident at Oglala" (a documentary in 1992 about the crossfire between the FBI and the fighters for the rights of Indians -. Esquire), I expressed my attitude to the CIA in the "Three days of the Condor", and I expressed my attitude to the presidency in the film "All the President's Men." I did everything I could, - revealed truth fashionable thing. Understand how serious celebrity adhere to some views, it is very easy. See if they will remain at the opinion, when the lights go down and turn off the microphone in the studio. Most of the stars are changing their views as often as switching speed in the car. In today's show they stand for animal rights, tomorrow - against obesity, even the day after tomorrow for something. That's why I have little respect for anyone really.

Once I was worried great career. But now I care about only three things: my family, the environment and the problem of the Indians.

I LOVE WESTERN and hate it when someone says that this is an outdated genre, or run out of normal Indians, or any other crap. Western - it's part of American history, so that they will always be.

Here, in my country, we did not know how to draw conclusions from the lessons that story over and over again gives us.

I grew up in a time when Nixon was the senator from California, and the governor was Earl Warren (initiator premises in the camp lived in the United States to top the World War II Japanese -. Esquire). But to a certain point, they just seemed to me a boring guy in a suit who does not may be of interest. Then, when I was twenty-odd, I went to France to study art and Parisian radicals quickly to the right my brains. I said: "How can you not be interested in American politics, if you live in such a powerful country?" INFORMATION everywhere today, so focus on something attention getting harder and harder. You have to teach your brain to work faster, but that does not necessarily make you smarter.

EVENTS in my childhood was a little, because the money we have almost was not. On Saturdays, parents used to take me to the movies, and on Wednesday - the library. And it was so important to me - to go into the building and take the book, which for a while became mine.

I turned down the role in "The Graduate" (1967 film that made Dustin Hoffman the famous -. Esquire) because even in his youth was not like twenty college graduate who has never fucked.

To be a good actor who first need to be observant.

The woman on the covers of magazines are too similar to be named.

There was one lady who in the late sixties was obsessed with me. She pursued me here and there. In the end, she was detained, and in her purse found a gun. Then - whether at the end of the eighties, or in the early nineties - I was at some show at the "Egyptian Theater" (one of the most famous Hollywood cinema -. Esquire). There also came a guy from Tennessee with a single purpose - to kill me. His twisted near the banks with a gun in his hand. He immediately confessed and said, "Well, you have me. I would in fact really killed him. "

LIFE mostly sadness, and happiness - by chance appeared for a moment, and immediately disappeared. Since retrieving something from every moment. Someone in a difficult moment goes to a therapist. I'm going to Utah.

I was on board a small private plane flying from Santa Fe in Santa Rosa, when the engine failed. Nine minutes later he could not run again. During those nine minutes, I experienced everything and went to the main question: what is going to be like. But I never knew what it was like. Still not found.

Never stop at the sign that says: "Success". Do not stop! Click on the gas, click on the gas.

Even where you ride every day, you can always find a new way.

MOVIE stay, and who are the critics, no one will remember.

Humor, skill, intelligence, sexuality. In that order.