Rules of Life of Sir Elton John

• The rules of life of Sir Elton John

Rules of Life of Sir Elton John

ROCK AND ROLL Well at least the fact that a man like me can become a star.

GLORY attracts psycho. Princess Diana, Gianni Versace, John Lennon, Michael Jackson - they're all dead, and two were shot. I have never had a bodyguard. Never - until then, until some psycho killed Gianni.

SOME ASPECTS OF CREATIVITY seem to me intimidating. For example, I feel uneasy when I see that my music will outlive me.

I used to flirt with death GREAT - unprotected sex, a lot of drugs and alcohol. I had to pick up HIV in the eighties and early nineties to die like Freddie Mercury, Rock Hudson (American actor), and many of my friends and loved ones. But I was lucky.

Yes, I use drugs, I buy tons of colors, scandals, wear silly clothes and collect points. But I always knew why I'm here. Ask the same question of Lindsay Lohan and Justin Bieber, and you will see that they do not understand what they do and why. I feel sorry for them because they are lost in themselves and do not think about it.

I HATE known, ours and theirs. Fame - as alcohol, if you are, you need it more intoxicated.

The only dependence, which I never suffered - is gambling.

Once I tried to commit suicide, but it was suicide vudiallenovskom style: I opened the gas, but forgot to close the window. In my life there were many good moments, which I had forgotten.

Wacky world: everything about everyone today knows everything.

I no scribbling in the "Twitter", I do not have to "Facebook", and I do not have a mobile phone. If you're always available, no room for secrets.

I fervently Luddite when it comes to music. I can only compose at the piano.

INTERNET deprived people of the opportunity to be with one another, live chat and come up with something new. Today, people are less likely to gather in the studio, but instead sit at home and create new music, which is sometimes quite good, but the music will not live long. All I want to say about it - communicate. Communicate, to go out and do something, instead of hanging around on social networks. I hope the next generation of musicians will turn away from the Internet, and we get a very different music. In the meantime, I would have just turned off the Internet of five years - to see what happens.

Ever wanted to smash the guitar on someone's head. It is a pity, because the piano is impossible.

Before, I was a pianist who sang, now I became a singer who plays the piano.

What people see when they look at me? Glasses, homosexual orientation, "Watford" (an English football club, owned by Elton John), the constant tantrums and flowers. And I'm actually a musical phenomenon, heard?

TODAY MY HOME DEPENDENCE - is work. If this year I will play 120 concerts, the next I want to play 130. Perhaps it's killing me, but I am proud that in a year I had some two hundred flights. I want my children understand the value of money. When Zachary (three year old son of Elton John) will pick up his first car, I want it to be the same car, as once I had a - a good used car with no luxury and no frills. And no one will bring him to the car on a platter.

FOR THE FIRST CHRISTMAS David and gave Zechariah only garden swing, but from our friends, he received a mountain of gifts that a box does not even have seen the floor, but in order to unpack all of this would require a couple of days. In the end, when we have put the minimum order, David said: "It's just obscene. No child in the world does not deserve such a heap of gifts. " So we left the swing, and the rest was sent to the Ukrainian boarding school (in 2009 Elton John and David Furnish have tried to adopt a boy with HIV from Ukrainian boarding school, but the authorities refused to issue adoption, referring to the fact that Ukraine does not recognize same-sex marriages).

Is a universal size difference between calling someone your partner and call someone your husband. The word "partner" should lay up for those with whom you play tennis.

NOW IN RUSSIA say that they have never had a homosexual. Apparently, not even worth reminding that Tchaikovsky and Nureyev were gay.

I first came to RUSSIA in 1979 and immediately realized that watching my every move. I was assigned to the interpreter, and it was quite obvious - why. But it ended up that we had with him was a good sex - right on the roof of my hotel. Sometimes flying over the Alps, I think that the snow caps - this is all the cocaine I sniff.

Music has healing powers. For a few hours it can cause you to leave your body, so you can finally take a look at ourselves.

Anyone who jumps on stage to the phonograms and takes 75 pounds per ticket, should be shot without hesitation.

Wherever I come - In heaven or hell - me exactly vsuchat medal for what I had to give concerts during the life of a hundred countries.

FAITH, is filled with individual, compassionate and majestic, but organized religion, as a rule, turns people into a crowd of angry lemmings.

Jesus simply wanted people to love and forgive.

It's amazing, but when you become a father, all that once annoyed you in children - screaming and crying - suddenly begins to like and even soothing.

There is a starry-APPROVAL: love heals. It seems that it is true.

I LOVE GARDENS, but hate working in the garden - as well as any other person, whose grandmother as a child forced to weed out a lot.

ME sixty-six, and I'm still alive.