How to make the effect of wet hair and perfect look

Women always a special thrill watching their appearance. This concerns not only the choice of clothes and accessories, but also the ladies' hairstyles. To the woman looked even more impressive, it should not be the same all the time.

Be different

How to make the effect of wet hair and perfect look

Of course, one thing you can not radically change their wardrobe. Yes, and to abandon the long hair, even for trendy short hairstyle is ready, not every girl. In this case, you can do styling that helps to create an entirely new image. Such hair is considered "the effect of wet hair." It is always relevant and fashionable. In order for hair to look the most impressive and beautiful, a few simple rules you need to know. Many of the girls tried to put their own hair in this way. But, unfortunately, not all were able to achieve the desired result. Therefore, it is often asked: "How to make the effect of wet hair?". You have to understand that to create a beautiful and seductive hairstyle you will need several tools.

For curly hair First of all let's talk about how to make the effect of wet hair curly tresses. Many holders of curly hair drew attention to the fact that after their soul strands are just perfect. But it is necessary to dry as hair begins to resemble a pile of fluff. Therefore, in this case we can take the gel with the effect of wet hair and put it on all the length of the strands.

How to make the effect of wet hair and perfect look

Then it is necessary to comb their comb with large teeth and place as you like.

For short haircuts

If short haircut, the styling should be applied to the hands, and then clear the movements to give the right kind of hair. You can smooth the hair at the temples, ruffle fringe, put the individual strands feathers, etc. The main thing -.. Need to do a few movements of contraction, due to which the strand will look more natural.

For long hair

It left to talk about how to make the effect of wet hair owners of long and straight strands. Here there is a little secret: in this case, need a simple gum. Styling gel should be applied on hands and properly lubricate the hair, wrapped them in a bundle. R

How to make the effect of wet hair and perfect look

ezinka while attached at the roots. In this position, leave the hair for 30-40 minutes, and then dissolve the hair. But this in no case do not comb them, otherwise you will lose the effect. Complete the packing hairstyle, you can use a hair dryer and varnish.

Beauty Secrets "wet" hairstyle

Those who are interested in how to make the effect of wet hair, do not forget about this. Doing the packing, it is necessary to pay attention not only on the length of the locks, but also on their color. Brunettes can safely abundantly cover means hair styling. From this, their hair will benefit - the strand will look spectacular and beautiful. But the women and blondes must be carefully applied to the hair gel. Indeed, an excessive amount of money can turn her hair into a complete mess. And instead of the expected effect of wet hair you get unpresentable, matted strands.